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XPLM is an independent IT provider and systems integrator in the Product Lifecycle Management sector. The company is characterized by a high degree of technical knowledge in the area of Product Lifecycle Management, a strong emphasis on quality, and a high level of commitment to the success of the customers in their markets. XPLM configures PLM systems and develop mature and integrated solutions for mechatronic, electric/electronic and software-based CAD tools. The development of the XPLM connectors is done in Germany; however they also have expert support staff available through branch offices around the world. Thereby they not only rely on experts in Germany but also support their customers through their branch offices located throughout the world.


XPLM is a certified Aras Partner, providing highly qualified complementary solutions and implementation experts with focused CAD/PLM skills and experience to ensure success. The XPLM Integration Platform provides CAD and PLM connectors for Aras Innovator with flexible deployment options to support your engineering best practices.

XPLM presents a next generation of CAx and PDM integrations, based on the XPLM Integration Platform. The CAD and ERP connectors offer Aras users an effective and intuitive integration. Data and structures of both Aras Innovator and CAD are integrated to provide the ability for bi-directional exchange of documents, CAD files, BOMs, parts (material masters), classification, item status and more. Robust customization capabilities are provided; yielding to lower support and maintenance costs. Available Integrations and add-ons

Available Integrations and add-ons


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