Become an Aras OEM

For global ISVs and other solution providers that want to focus on their core business while getting to market fast with new digital offerings, Aras has developed an OEM licensing program.

OEM the Aras Platform

Whether you need a subset of the capabilities in our low-code platform or a full set of enterprise applications, our OEM approach provides you with new options.

You can embed the Aras technology in your products; rebrand, repackage, reconfigure and price appropriately for your market.

Aras technology is particularly attractive to global solution providers that want a modern platform to bring point tools together, expand their product lines, and surpass competitors quickly.

OEM Handshake

As global enterprise software providers move aggressively to enter new markets and deliver new functionality to customers, they have to consider how fast they can get to market with the right capabilities.

What Aras is doing by OEM licensing their platform technology and solutions is quite interesting because it gives ISVs a new option to consider that can help them move quickly and offer a competitive alternative.

- Robert Parker, Group Vice President, IDC

Advanced Technology

Advanced Technology – Open architecture based entirely web services which is cloud-ready and mobile-enabled and includes federated integration capabilities for seamless connectivity to other enterprise systems, cloud services and data sources.

Scales up and out for the largest global enterprises, yet light-weight for applications where footprint size matters.

Deployment Options

Proven Capabilities

  • Sophisticated workflow
  • Lifecycle state management
  • Simulation management
  • Configuration management
  • Project management
  • Requirements management
  • 3D visualization
  • Robust security
  • Replicated vaulting
  • Internationalization and more

Flexible Business Model

Offer subscriptions, sell licenses or monetize based on transactions or other formats. Introduce cloud options, offer traditional data center or hybrid configurations, with Aras the opportunities are endless. 

Strength in Numbers

When you license our technology, you become part of the Aras Community, a global network of technology creators and consumers who support, advance and proliferate the Aras platform. In fact, we established our licensing program to grow our community and bring our technology into new markets.

We believe that there is strength in numbers, as well as innovation and ingenuity. We are interested in partnering with global solution providers that have geographical or domain expertise who want to bring new, digital solutions to their customers rapidly.

Aras OEM Partners