Reimagine How You Solve Your Business Challenges with PLM

A PLM system doesn't guarantee you are ready for any challenges affecting your company or your products. Since no one knows what the future will bring, it is impossible to build a PLM system, or any system for that matter, that will solve any future requirement that may come. You need a flexible, scalable platform that can quickly design, build, prototype, and launch new applications and features.

One example for the medical device industry was the introduction requirements for Unique Device Identification. When this requirement was introduced, no systems were ready for it, and no systems were designed to manage this requirement, which led to a lot of manual work, inefficiency, and loss of traceability.

Because of the flexibility of the Aras Innovator platform, we could quickly respond to this. Within two weeks, we had a fully functional solution that could help our customers manage this new requirement without investing in a new tool, adding mountains of manual work, and adding to the system landscape's complexity.

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