With increasing customer demands for new products and services, Microsoft needed to scale across its processes and tools to support these growing businesses – devices and cloud. Making small changes was not an option and it required big and impactful transformations across people, processes, and tools and it was needed yesterday – transplanting the heart of the product development engine (PLM) while running a marathon.
In 2016, General Motors embarked on a project to replace the homegrown Change Management System with Aras Innovator. Since then, Aras Innovator has provided enhanced capabilities and a more robust workflow on a supported upgradeable framework. Hear highlights about the Aras and GM journey.
The Medical System business unit of Fujifilm serves a global customer base of hospital systems and clinics so that Fujifilm is required to comply multiple international regulations such as the audits of government and certifying body. In this session, Fujifilm will share its challenges and solutions in building more reliable Digital QMS with Aras Innovator for achieving faster and more traceable DHF.
An overview of the role of Aras Innovator in support of digital engineering initiatives at Sandia Labs as well as its envisioned future role as part of a comprehensive PLM vision currently under development.
MIT Lincoln Laboratory (MITLL) is in the process of deploying Aras Innovator as the backbone of its new model-based digital thread. As an FFRDC, the laboratory serves a number of sponsors in the aerospace and defense industries, and sits at the very beginning of the R&D process for those organizations.
The team from Purdue University Polytechnic Institute walkthrough the challenges and next steps when it comes to introducing PLM into the undergraduate curriculum.
There are a lot of myths when it comes to Digital Transformation and PLM. In this presentation, CEO and Founder Peter Schroer will explore those myths and bust them. Also, get an update on the Aras Community.
What’s the latest from Aras? A comprehensive update on all Aras products, including what’s been delivered in the past year and what’s planned in the next year or two.
This presentation will quickly cover the basic access control mechanisms - identities and permissions, then move into more advanced topics like the use of teams and roles, and demonstrate the more advanced mechanisms of MAC and DAC. Common scenarios will be used to describe how the techniques may be combined to provide the required access behavior. Finally, the performance implications of using these different techniques will be reviewed.
Hear about the Aras vision and plans for future releases. Aras is busier than ever, innovating on technology, PLM processes, and new applications. We’ll share all of our latest crazy ideas and show you how they’ll shape the future of PLM.
Definition and management of requirements is going through major methodology changes. Design complexity shifts requirement content from basic formatted text towards XML schema managed complex structures (structured content). This presentation will explore how Aras Requirements Engineering architecture allows to start exploring and implementing various methodologies for requirements modeling, reuse and traceability - approaches not possible previously.
Aras Innovator is a CAD-agnostic platform that understands how to manage design artifacts from all major CAD systems, providing engineers a single digital location to access and share the latest product information and files in real time.
Aras Component Engineering provides access to the 500M + components available in the IHS Markit CAPS database. This allows subscribers to search and compare components, download part details, compliance information as well as have access to Product Change Notices, End of Life notices and more. This presentation will provide an overview of Component Engineering and cover the latest enhancements.
Learn how the Aras Component Engineering Application, as part of the Aras PLM Platform, empowers Component Engineers with a single source of Electronic Component information - enabling them to make informed decisions on appropriate components to select from already purchased components or sourcing new components.
Managing data across disparate systems and business units is a common challenge to all organizations as they strive to create a single Digital Thread of connected enterprise data. The Aras PLM platform already enables organizations to federate data between Innovator and other systems, but we're striving to make it even easier with Aras Federation Services.
We all know finding data in PLM is not a simple task. You begin with a search and end up with lots of search results. You find yourself lost and wonder why there isn't a solution that is simple, easy to navigate and with better visualization. Aras Graph Navigation can help! With a graphical visualization of filtered search results, you can quickly identify what you are looking for and its relationship within the complex product structure. It will not only help you find data but its impact on relationships and other PLM information. See how Graph Navigation can be configured to meet your business needs.
Whether it has to do with mass property editing, multilingual entry, creating relationships, or keyboard-friendly workflows, let us know how we can make data input faster and more user-friendly for you.
Commercial flying aircraft are either flying or in maintenance at a base or line station. Technicians need the tools and systems to return the aircraft to service as efficiently as possible. Impresa MRO is one of those tools!
Aras Impresa MRO is a complete system for aviation maintenance that can support components, compex assemblies and airframe overhaul. From Order entry to Operations, Supply Chain to Finance, Labor Booking to Quoting & Invoicing, Tooling to Global OPerations, the application can support your organizations' structure and business processes. This presentation will provide you with a short overview of its capabilities.
This presentation describes the benefits of fully exploiting the Aras Innovator Office Connector to ensure accuracy and trust in our product specifications through automation.
Aras Manufacturing Process Planning gives manufacturing planners access to the Engineering Bills of Materials and the abiltiy to re-structure the EBOM to a Manufacturing BOM - including Phantoms and MBOM only parts. Authoring capabilities are included in MPP to allow creation of rich manufacturing instructions for the shop floor.
Although it had its roots as a simple, yet powerful graphical query mechanism for constructing custom queries, the Query Builder (and the Query Definitions created by it) has become the core mechanism for defining data structures used in many areas of Aras Innovator, including PLM Visualization and Configuration Tools. Learn about the Query Builder, hear about the enhancements in the past year, and see how it's used for defining Tree Grid and Graph Views, determining access rights, Part Effectivity, data migration, as well as our plans for its use in the near future.
Traditional siloed requirements solutions prevented the management of requirements as an integral part of the product development process and navigation of the underlying digital thread. Aras Requirements Engineering is the next generation of requirement management solutions, built on top of the Aras PLM platform. Basing Requirements Engineering on the Aras Innovator platform, provides the benefit of all the standard PLM services, such as Change and Configuration Management, Versioning, Standardized Workflow, Lifecycle, and Collaboration.
Aras Technical Documentation (Tech Docs) is a content authoring tool, fully integrated into Aras PLM that collectively provides component content management capability for topics-based, modular documentation. Tech Docs enables users from various disciplines to author, visualize, share, and publish information all within a central, controlled, and collaborative environment. If you're new to the application, discover Tech Docs and learn how this capability might be useful for your technical documentation needs. For those who haven't looked at Tech Docs in a while, see what has changed along with our plans for future enhancements.
Traditionally, disconnected data sources and difficulty finding the most relevant and up-to-date topic content has resulted in Technical Documentation not only requiring long lead-times, but also being error prone and expensive to produce. Aras Technical Documentation, built on the Aras Innovator platform, is a content authoring solution that takes a new approach to the creation of technical publications. Directly utilizing managed PLM content ensures the reduction of errors and reduced document creation times.
Aras Innovator 12 introduces an entirely new client experience with intuitive controls and improved navigational architecture to help you get work done faster. Learn about the user input that inspired the design, specific features included in version 12, and the approach Aras is taking to regularly include UX enhancements in future releases.
Learn about new features introduced in the Product Engineering application in Aras Innovator 12, such as effectivity management in BOM structures. We will provide an overview of the product roadmap, a demo of new features, and a preview of what we are building next.