Microsoft Office 2007 File Type Support

Aras Innovator 8.1.1 was released before Microsoft Office 2007 was released. This means that the mime types for Microsoft Word 2007, Microsoft Excel 2007, and Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 are not defined in the system. Impoting the attached package will add the file types for Microsoft Office 2007 documents and update the Microsoft Office 97-2003 documents.

This patch is specifically for 8.1.1, but may be should be compatible with previous versions of Aras Innovator as early as Aras Innovator 7.2. This patch is not needed in Aras Innovator 8.2.0 or higher, as it is included with the install.

Project Info

Owner: Aras Corporation Support

License Microsoft Public License

Supported Versions8.1.1

Created On July 31, 2008

Last Modified On 5/16/2014 8:54:45 AM

Build Contents
Build Tested for Aras Innovator 8.1.1 only.

Created On 9/9/2008
File Name File Size 3039