"Always On" Professionals

Today's professionals can't afford to be disconnected. Whether on the factory floor or visiting customers, they need to securely participate in design discussions, sign-off changes, raise problem reports, etc.

Mobile User

Mobile Strategy

Aras's mobile apps drive global collaboration by providing engineers and the supply chain with secure access to the powerful PLM capabilities of Aras Innovator while away from their desk. With critical product information and processes available anywhere from the manufacturing floor to business meetings, Aras apps allow engineers to make fast, informed decisions while on the go.

In addition to the applications created in-house, Aras’s mobile strategy is aimed at driving the creation of user and partner-developed apps. Aras’s commitment to open-source solutions allows Aras partners and customers to further extend the apps developed in house – or build their own – empowering the creation of mobile solutions that are ideally suited for a company’s unique PLM needs.

Aras Flow® Mobile Tablet App

ArasĀ® Flow, an integrated mobile app, combines change workflows with discussion commenting, visualization and markup in a tablet format. Users can approve proposed product changes, redline documents, sketch new ideas and capture and add photos, audio and video.

With ArasĀ® Flow, cross-functional teams can communicate on-the-go to make decisions quickly.