IpX Refresher Seminar for CM2 Grads

IpX - Institute for Process Excellence

CM2-16 Refresher Seminar for CM2 Grads (CEUs offered by Purdue University)

Improvements to the CM2 model and implementation techniques have been continual. This update and refresher seminar serves to bring our CM2 grads up-to-date with the latest enhancements and re-energize their crusade to improve their business processes.

IpX brings decades of experience and capability across defense, aerospace, automotive, technology, software, and oil and gas industries to bear to help companies transform, thrive, and sustain while disrupting their markets. For us, it’s about unearthing and clarifying underlying issues where they exist and helping companies address their most challenging business concerns by partnering with the organization to develop and implement new processes and ways of working, and ultimately achieve step-change performance.

IpX recognizes business transformation can be disruptive but believes our True North Calibration Model offers a proven pragmatic methodology to guide decision making, manage the disruptive aspects of change, and reduce risk. These are achieved through inclusive engagement with key stakeholders at all levels. This philosophy requires direct, transparent and sometimes challenging interaction – all of which serves to build trust and shared purpose among IpX transformation experts and client staff – a true partnership.


IpX CM2 Certification (CM2-01 CM2-02)

IpX - Institute for Process Excellence

CEUs offered by Purdue University

CM2-01 Foundation of Operational Excellence

How an organization identifies, structures, links and assigns ownership to its requirements and internal processes directly affect its ability to successfully and efficiently perform the intended mission or achieve its business objectives. This course presents a structured and effective methodology for documenting, validating, releasing, and changing requirements. In addition to, it provides methods for reducing intervention resource costs. It addresses the process enhancements that an organization must make in order to accommodate change and keep all requirements clear, concise, and valid.

CM2-02 Requirements and the CM2 Baseline

Requirements management is the foundation for the Digital Thread. Organizations struggle with the ability to define and maintain the digital architecture needed to support Software, Hardware, Systems, Facilities and Infrastructure throughout the entire lifecycle. Configuration management is the major backbone of requirements management and requirements management is a major building block in the creation and management of the Digital Thread. This course establishes the roadmap that facilitates an organization’s ability to create a world-class enterprise Digital Thread and focuses on the foundational elements of requirements management including the structuring and ownership of all product, solution, and business requirements.


IpX CM2 Certification (CM2-03 CM2-04)

IpX - Institute for Process Excellence

CEUs offered by Purdue University

CM2-03 Fundamentals of Change Management

Organizations continually struggle to define a fast and efficient change management process. Many organizations have changed or replaced their change process multiple times without understanding the dynamics of change or the building blocks needed to facilitate change management. This course introduces a closed-loop change process and identifies several enabling building blocks that reside outside the scope of the change process. This course also addresses the cultural changes that must be understood and implemented to facilitate the needed improvements in the change process. The end goal is to always present the organization with requirements that are clear, concise and valid.

CM2-04 The CM2 Change Process

The inability of an organization to successfully manage the digital thread ties directly back to their inability to effectively manage change. Most organizations have subject matter experts (SMEs) identified for each key discipline, but rarely do organizations have a SME focused on the management of change. This course will address the importance of Enterprise Configuration Management and introduce the roles, responsibilities and workflows required for a world-class organization to efficiently manage change. Thereby ensuring that the digital thread remains intact throughout the entire lifecycle of the product/solution, and that the digital twin is accurate. It also introduces the power and efficiency of the CM2 closed-loop and fast-track change processes. Those processes are dependent on the building blocks and enabling principles defined in Course 01 through 03.


IpX CM2 Certification (CM2-05 CM2-06)

IpX - Institute for Process Excellence

CEUs offered by Purdue University

CM2-05 Optimizing the Digital Thread

To tap the power of the Digital Thread and to facilitate a true Digital Twin, all facets of the organization and all lifecycle phases are reliant upon the Enterprise Configuration Management (ECM) process. Activities driven through the Digital Thread impact the Digital Twin with a constant barrage of changes making the ability to manage the Digital Twin that much more complex. This course introduces critical additions to the process flows and roles previously defined in the ECM process and identifies the differences and challenges associated with managing the Digital Twin as it progresses through each of the lifecycle phases. 

CM2-06 Achieving Enterprise CM2 Implementation

Organizations continue to be disappointed with the results of efforts to implement improvements to legacy PDM, PLM, and/or ERP systems and struggle with the ability to achieve successful implementation. This course provides the path to achieving Enterprise Configuration Management (ECM), the enabling process needed to improve an organization’s tools and other core business processes. It includes a step-by-step simulation for establishing the proper foundation to successfully implement any identified tool or process improvement opportunity. lt also shows how to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of current business practices, where to focus attention, how to develop a transition plan, and how to manage and ensure that the project meets its stated goals and yields the intended results.


CMPIC 1 - CM Foundations

CM Certification training by the CMPIC www.cmpic.com and University of Houston. This course provides a detailed overview of CM Planning, Identification, Audit, Change Control, and Status Accounting and the role of configuration management in the organization.

Objectives: to learn the basic tenants of, and latest approaches to configuration management... including who is involved with and responsible for CM, how CM has evolved to its current state and how CM can reduce corrective action and assure consistent conformance

Learn more about CMPIC

CIMdata PLM Certification

For more than 25 years, CIMdata has been working within the industry, which today is called Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). Our consulting services and research expertise is known around the world for its best practice-based content. CIMdata has leveraged its knowledge and experience to create CIMdata PLM Leadership—the PLM industry’s most comprehensive non-biased education and training offering for today’s PLM professionals.

CIMdata’s Public PLM Certificate Program leverages CIMdata’s internationally recognized 5-day PLM Certificate Program for Industrial Organizations and PLM Solution Suppliers. This assessment-based certificate program satisfies the main PLM education requirements of medium and large enterprises. The program also satisfies the main requirements of PLM solution suppliers (i.e., PLM software and services organizations) and their employees who are responsible for providing PLM implementation services


CIMdata PLM Certification PDF