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Linking Requirements to Your Product and Engineering Data

Date: April 4, 2019 @ 11:00 AM ET


Requirements Engineering is the next generation solution for managing requirements within a PLM platform. The convergence of Requirements Engineering and Platform capabilities addresses a weakness in stand-alone requirements management products. Siloed tool sets prevent management of requirements as an integral part of the entire product design process and limits navigation of the underlying digital thread—traceability starting from stakeholder requirements all the way to an asset deployed in the field. 

By basing Requirements Engineering on Aras Innovator, a fully developed PLM platform, all requirements instantly become subject to the standard PLM services, such as configuration control, versioning, change management, workflow, lifecycle, and collaboration. This is in addition to being able to relate Requirements to design data (mechanical, electronic, or software) that is already managed by the same platform.

Join Pawel Chadzynski, Aras Sr. Director, Product Management, to learn how you can benefit from the convergence of the Aras Requirements Engineering application and its PLM platform. Specifically:

  •  How PLM platform services provide formal services for managing requirements configurations, changes, etc.
  • How requirements can be reused and revision-controlled individually or as a group (a requirement document)
  • How requirements can be formally traced to/from other requirements and to/from any element of a resulting detailed design
  • How requirement content can be structured (modeled) according to its purpose (classification)
  • How requirement document content can be presented as a single contiguous, formatted, and editable MS Word-like document of all related requirements
  • How a team of individuals can collaborate on requirements (content and relationships) under the PLM-enforced permissions and authorizations of the individual users

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