GE Minds + Machinees and Aras

Unlock your product legacy with the Digital Thread

Aras will be at Minds + Machines in Innovation Alley! Manufacturers are looking for approaches to master product complexity and unlock product knowledge for future growth. We'll be talking about strategies to get there with full lifecycle traceability and Digital Thread.

Our platform-based approach enables the Digital Thread by connecting siloed business systems across the extended enterprise for more efficient product development, design re-use, and access to critical information.

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Build your Digital Thread with Aras

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See How Aras is Helping Companies Enable the Digital Thread

The Digital Thread is the connection between a product and its digital assets. These connections provide teams with an integrated view of product information generated across disciplines and across the product's lifecycle.

See what some of our key customers are doing with the Aras PLM Platform:

Aras customers
Aras customers
Aras customers
Aras customers

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Aras PLM Platform White Paper

Why Your Business Needs the Digital Thread

In the era of complex products, manufacturers must rethink business processes. A platform-based approach connects siloed processes and systems to enable the Digital Thread.

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How Your Legacy PLM is Holding You Back

How your Legacy PLM is holding you back

Yesterday's systems aren't capable of managing today's product complexity. Manufacturers are turning to Product Innovation Platforms to connect people to information across silos and lay a foundation for the future.

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GE: EBOM & MBOM with Aras

GE Aviation creates a Digital Thread

GE Aviation had been relying on manual processes to translate engineering change into manufacturing change. See how they synchronized EBOM & MBOM across multiple manufacturing systems and locations for efficiency and error reduction.

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