Aras Component Engineering makes it easy to select and source the electronic components that best meet your requirements for performance, price, compliance, availability and lowest risk.

With Aras Component Engineering users have instant access to complete, current technical and pricing data, as well as obsolescence and compliance information, on over 100 million board-level components from leading manufacturers around the world — without launching multiple browsers or separate applications.

Aras Component Engineering embeds commercial component data from the IHS CAPS Universe database into the Aras PLM environment providing engineering and sourcing professionals with a single point of access to the information needed to design, procure and sustain your company's products, and meet business objectives.

Download Aras Component Engineering Open Edition.

Aras Component Engineering Standard Edition offers additional features and functionality, including parametric / faceted search, approved manufacturer and in-use parts indicators, manufacturer part reports and more.



Functionality and Features

  • Search by Manufacturer part number, name and keywords
  • Standardized Part Description across all part categories
  • Internal Part Requests (IPR) and Automated Workflows to quickly approve new components and suppliers
  • Download current Datasheets
  • Historical data on Legacy Parts


  • Quickly find the right components for new product designs
  • Reduce the risk of single-sourced purchasing
  • Eliminate time consuming manual searches across multiple databases and error-prone cutting & pasting
  • Make better, faster decisions based on current, complete component information
  • Turn component and supplier management into a competitive advantage
  • Add and use parts on the fly based on security authorization
  • Eliminate redundant parts and suppliers
  • Get datasheets from a single source

Aras Component Engineering is available in 3 Editions

FeaturesComing Soon-
Search by manufacturer part number, manufacturer name and keywords
Download the latest component datasheets
Standardized Part Description across all part categories
Side by Side Part Compare
Internal Part Requests (IPR)
Launch New Part approval workflows
View Manufacturer Part Information and Part Reports
Approved Manufacturers – red / yellow / green status indicators
In-use parts – red / yellow / green status indicators
Parametric / faceted search of over 100 million parts in 400+ categories
Environment Compliance Documentation for RoHS and REACH
 Certifications of Conflict Mineral Compliance / CMRT  
 Full Material Disclosure Data Sheets & Regulated Substances  
 Product Change Notices (PCN)  
 End of Life (EOL) Alerts  
 Availability PAID PAID PAID