Risk Management

Identify hazards and harm before they become a problem

Application Overview

It is mandated by law for companies to effectively identify all the potential risks, hazards, and harm that could occur while using a product before it enters the market. Risk Management in Aras Innovator helps risk managers identify, evaluate, analyze, assess, and mitigate potential product issues, hazards, and harm in a structured workflow.

Aras Risk Management Overview

From Identification, Assessment, and Management to Risk Reduction

The Risk Management application provides all functionalities you need to manage risk as part of the product development lifecycle. With a structured approach like the V-model product development process, you can:

  • Identify hazards and risk factors that can potentially cause harm during the entire product lifecycle.
  • Analyze and evaluate the risks associated with hazards.
  • Determine ways to eliminate issues, and if impossible, determine a way to limit the risk of the product issue.
Risk Reduction with Aras

Improve Risk Management with Aras