Kinnerton Confectionery


Produits de Grande Consommation,
Produits de Grande Consommation



Kinnerton Confectionery is Britain's largest manufacturer of chocolate and novelty confectionary. Over the past 30 years, Kinnerton has produced high quality bespoke and private label confectionary for leading retailers and famous brands in Britain, and turned over 200 licensed characters into delectable treats.


  • Created a custom data model to capture and manage new product information
  • Established processes and built automated workflows to underpin the product development process
  • Implemented a product versioning process with one single source of truth

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See how Kinnerton achieves better coordination, project control, and greater accuracy in their new product design processes with Aras.

Kinnerton Confectionary, Britain's largest manufacturer of chocolate and novelty confectionary, needed a way of organizing and streamlining its processes when new product development started getting out of control. Find out how an Aras pilot project grew into a full new product development process and changed the company's way of thinking by improving visibility enterprise-wide.