Hotfix 033348

This is a hotfix to resolve an issue with cookies in Aras Innovator when the URL address contains a '.' character such as "" This issue affects some of the vault operations.

The versions of Aras Innovator affected by this issue are 9.4.0 SP3, 10.0 SP5, and 11.0 SP2.

Project Info

Owner: Aras Corporation Support

License Microsoft Public License

Supported Versions9.4.0 SP3, 10.0 SP5, 11.0 SP2

Created On August 07, 2015

Last Modified On 5/16/2016 8:46:05 PM

Build Contents
Build Hotfix033348-110SP2

Created On 12/14/2015
File Name File Size 3716377
Build Hotfix033348-100SP5

Created On 8/7/2015
File Name File Size 4992683
Build Hotfix033348-940SP3

Created On 8/7/2015
File Name File Size 4986675