Hotfix for the dailyUpdate Method

This is a patch to resolve failure of "dailyUpdate" Method to execute successfully if there are Project items in various States besides Active.


Unzip and import the package using the SolutionsUpgrade Import tool. Be sure to use the Merge action.

Project Info

Owner: Aras Corporation Support

License Microsoft Public License

Supported Versions9.3.0

Created On July 29, 2011

Last Modified On 11/29/2012 7:48:12 PM

Build dailyUpdate patch for Aras Innovator 9.3.0 version-2

Created On 8/15/2011
9.3.0 v2
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Build dailyUpdate patch for Aras Innovator 9.3.0

Created On 8/15/2011
9.3.0 v1
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