7.3 Opening Old Versions

Whenever you use Open from Aras, you will always get the latest version saved in Aras. However, since the old versions are still managed in Aras, it is possible to open the old versions as well. This is done using the Get Version command, after you've already opened a file using Open from Aras. This is useful, for example, to compare an old version of a document to the latest one. Clicking Get Version will open a dialog like this; just click Run Search to show all versions:

Aras Office Integration 1.0

Select the desired version to open, and click OK.

Since the file stored with each Aras version has the same file name, some special handling is used to be able to have multiple files with the same filename active in Office at the same time. As described in section 3.4, Office files are managed locally in an Office sub-directory of the Aras working directory, for example "C:\ArasWork\Office". This is where the latest version will always reside. If you open an old version, it will create a sub-directory using the version number, and put the old version in there. For example, let's say there are three versions of a particular Document stored in Aras, and the filename is "myfile.docx". Then the user performs this sequence of commands:

Open from Aras

Version 3 file is stored as C:\ArasWork\Office\myfile.docx

Get Version

select version 2
Version 2 file is stored as C:\ArasWork\Office\2\myfile.docx

Get Version

select version 1
Version 1 file is stored as C:\ArasWork\Office\1\myfile.docx

After this sequence, all three versions will be active in Word at the same time, and you can use the Compare function in Word to compare one version to another. Note however that the ability to open multiple versions at the same time only works in Word and PowerPoint, it is not supported in Excel. If you use Get Version in Excel, the connector will prompt you if it is OK to close the current version first, so that the old version can be opened.

When you open an old version using Get Version, it will be indicated in the ribbon by a grey status icon like this:

Aras Office Integration 1.0

You will not be able to lock or save an old version back into Aras, it is read-only.