8.1 Creating Document Templates

A Document template in Aras is just a regular Document with the "Template" checkbox checked on. It contains an Office file that will be used as the basis of any new file created from the template. The Office file you use for the template can be either an actual Office template file format (like .dotx, .xltx, or .potx), or just a regular file format (like .docx, .xlsx, or .pptx). There are two methods for creating Document templates, either manually in the Aras web client, or by marking a Document created by the Office Connector as a template. Either method requires some work in the Aras web client; it is not possible to create a template completely using the Office Connector.

Creating a Document template manually

  • Create your template file in the Office application and save it locally
  • Log in to Aras web client
  • Create a new Document(or similar item defined as an Office Document Type)
  • Set the following properties:
    • Number
    • Name
    • Type
    • Authoring Tool
    • Template checkbox ON
  • Attach your template file on the Files tab
  • Save, unlock, and close the Document

Creating a Document template using the Office Connector

  • Create a Document using the connector, with either of these two approaches
    • Use New Aras Document to create a new file, then create the file contents, then Save to Aras
    • Create the file contents locally, then Save to Aras
  • Log in to the Aras web client
  • Search for the Document you just created, and open the form
  • Set the Template checkbox ON
  • Remove any viewable file, such as PDF, if it exists
  • Save, unlock, and close the Document

At this point, the template is ready to be used by the Office Connector. Regardless of the method used, you will end up with a Document that has the following key properties set:

Aras Office Integration 1.0

These properties are used for the following purposes:

Document Number and Name - Will be displayed together in the Document Template select list, when using New Aras Document. In this example, you will see "TPRD01 - Product Specification Template" in the select list.

Type - Sets which Document Type the template is for. The template will only be listed when that Document Type is selected in the New Aras Document dialog

Authoring Tool - Controls which Office application the template is to be used for. The template will only appear in the New Aras Document dialog when you are in that application

Template - Marks this Document as a template

File - The file