9.4 Local File Operations and Detaching from Aras

When Office files are managed by the Aras Office Connector, internal tracking properties are used so that the connector can keep track of which Aras Document the file is associated with. Because of this tracking information, any of the following actions will break the connection between the file and its Aras Document:

  • Renaming the file in the local working directory
  • Making a copy of the file in the local working directory (for the new copied file)
  • Using the standard Office Save As command

After these operations, if you use the Save to Aras command, it will treat it as a new file and bring up the Save to Aras dialog.

You can also directly detach the existing Office file in session from Aras, using the Detach command in the ribbon. This is useful, for example, if you want to transmit the file outside your company and don't wish to leave the Aras tracking information inside the file. Note that this command does not affect the Aras Document at all.