4.4 Save and Close

The Aras Office Connector includes a special save command called Save and Close which is used as a convenience to indicate that you're done working on a particular file, and you want to pass control back to Aras. To explain how this works, it is best to compare it against the Update Save explained above.

Behavior Update Save Save and Close
File saved to Aras Yes Yes
Reservation Lock Lock is kept ON (locked) Lock is set OFF (unlocked)
File in session? File is kept in active Office session File is closed from active Office session
Viewable creation (PDF, etc.) Option 1: Viewable created
Option 2: No viewable created
Option 1: Viewable created
Option 2: Viewable created
Remove local file No Optional

Note that the options described above are defined by your administrator, they are not user-selectable. The point is that you use Update Save (Save to Aras) when you intend to keep working on a file, and you use Save and Close when you are done with it. Of course you can always open the file again from Aras, after you use Save and Close.