9.1 Property Mapping and Imbedding

Both Office and Aras Innovator have the concept of Properties, textual information which describes a Document (and in the case of Aras, other items as well). The Office Connector provides capability to map properties between the Office file and Aras Innovator, in both directions and at different points in the process. The options are:

Office Application Mapping Directions When
From Office File to Aras
From Aras to Office File
On Create (When Aras document first created)
On Update (Subsequent saves to Aras)
Outlook From Outlook Email to Aras On Create

The property mappings in use at your site are defined by your administrator. To illustrate the process, here are some examples for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint:

Office Property Aras Property Direction When
Title Name Office to Aras Create
Title Name Aras to Office Update
Subject Description Office to Aras Create, Update
Revision Revision Aras to Office Create, Update
Aras Document Document Number Aras to Office Create, Update

When properties are mapped from Office to Aras, it means that you have the ability to set the values from within the Office application, and they will be set into the Aras Document. There are two ways to set these properties:

From the Office application: Show the Document Properties panel, and enter values from there. Note that this includes properties that may not be mapped with Aras.

In Office 2007: Use the Prepare > Properties command

In Office 2010 and 2013: Use File > Info, then select the Properties pull-down and pick Show Document panel

Aras Office Integration 1.0

From the Aras Office Connector: Use the Properties command to display those properties that are mapped with Aras. There are two places the Properties command appears - from within the New Aras Document dialog, and in the ribbon. All properties mapped between Office and Aras (in both directions) are shown in this dialog, but only some will be editable. When accessing Properties from New Aras Document, you will be able to edit properties mapped from Office to Aras on "Create". When accessing Properties from the ribbon, you will be able to edit properties mapped from Office to Aras on "Update".

Aras Office Integration 1.0

When properties are mapped from Aras to Office, it means that you have the ability to set the values from Aras Innovator, and they will be set into the Office file. To do this you must edit the Document from within the Aras web client. Some Aras properties like "Revision" are automated within Aras and not directly editable.

Properties mapped from Aras to Office will also be updated in your Office file when you click the Refresh command in the Aras toolbar.

In MS-Word, properties may be imbedded within the file itself, allowing you to dynamically display properties coming from Aras within the Word file. This is done using Insert > Quick Parts > Document Property (for standard properties) and Insert > Quick Parts > Field... (for custom properties)