6.1 Search Dialog for Documents

Selecting the Open from Aras command will bring up a search dialog for Documents:

Aras Office Integration 1.0

Note: The columns displayed in the dialog are configurable by the administrator and so may appear different at your site.

Capabilities within this Search dialog include:

Blue Search Row

In the top blue-colored row, you can enter search criteria for any column. In the figure above you can see that “Preliminary” is entered for the State column, meaning that only Documents with State=Preliminary will be returned when executing the search. You may enter search criteria for multiple columns simultaneously, and you may use the asterisk “*” character as a wild card. Some examples:

  • a*b means anything starting with a and ending with b
  • *bolt* means anything with the word bolt in it
  • * means any non-blank value

Run Search

This will execute the search based on the values you’ve entered in the blue search row. In addition to the criteria you entered, the search results will automatically be filtered such that:

  • Only Documents managed by the Office Connector will be listed
  • Only Documents with "Authoring Tool" equal to your current Office application will be listed.

If no search criteria are entered in the blue bar, all Documents in Aras that are managed by Aras and with the matching Authoring Tool will be listed.

Clear Search Criteria

The Clear Search Criteria button will clear any search criteria you’ve entered in the blue search row, so that you may enter different criteria.

Item type

This lists the various Aras Item Types that you can search on. Only Item Types corresponding to your valid set of Document Types can be selected.

Saved Searches

The select list next to Clear Search Criteria allows you to select a pre-defined Saved Search. Saved Searches can be defined in the Aras Web Client using the Search > Save Search... command. Once defined they will appear in the list; if you select one it will immediate execute that saved search and show the criteria in the blue search row.

Note: The saved searches created from Advanced or AML search types in the Aras web client will not function in this search dialog.

The Saved searches selector will also automatically include “virtual saved searches” that correspond to each Document Type you have access to. These virtual saved searches are indicated by an asterisk in front of the name. So for the “Document / Product” Document Type, there will be a virtual saved search called “*Document / Product”. These virtual saved searches just provide an easy way to access all documents of a given type.

Column Sorting

Clicking on any column header in the search dialog will cause the search results to be sorted by that column. Clicking the same column again will reverse the order.