4.5 Save As to Aras

The Save As to Aras command is used to perform a “Save As” on a file already managed in Aras, and have it become a new file also managed in Aras. This command will only be available if your current Office file is already saved to Aras. When you use Save As to Aras you will get the same dialog as when saving a new file, but with different available options:

Aras Office Integration 1.0

Behaviors compared to creating a new document are:

Document Type

The Document Type of the original document is displayed. If this original Document Type requires a template, it cannot be changed, but if it does not require a template it can be changed

Document Template

The Document Template, if any, is displayed but cannot be changed, since the file exists already.

Link to

You can select any item to link to, based on valid item types for the Document Type

Title and Properties

Properties from the original file will initially be displayed, and you can edit them if desired

File Naming

The File Name field will appear only if the Document Type does not automatically rename the file. In this case, you can enter a file name for the new file. Otherwise, the renaming logic for the specific Document Type will be used.