9.2 Item Links

As shown in section 4, you may link to an Aras item, such as Part or Project, at the time of first creating the Aras Document. It is also possible to add or remove additional item links after the initial creation using the Add or Remove Links command in the Document Info section of the ribbon. Notice the current number of existing links is shown in the ribbon:

Aras Office Integration 1.0

If there are already existing links, they will be displayed in the dialog, and you can click the red X to remove it. You can add any number of existing links by selecting the item type and then searching for and selecting the desired item. Clicking the Show Aras Item button next to the item will open the Aras form of that item (Internet Explorer only)

The advantage of creating the link during the initial creation of the Document is that you can drive the file name and Document number based on the linked item. If you create a link at a later time using Add or Remove Links, it does not affect the file name and Document number.