Making the Connection

Synchronizing data between Teamcenter and Aras requires plugins on both Aras PLM as well as Teamcenter PDM. The plugins interface with the data models of the connected system. The data is transferred through a small application that manages the business rules and data matching - ensuring that data is properly aligned with the appropriate items and properties.

In most cases a firm's Teamcenter data models and business logic are bespoke, requiring the Teamcenter plugin to be customized, on site, for each unique database instance. The process of customizing the Teamcenter plugins is straightforward and involves working with your in-house experts to identify the necessary information. When complete, a Teamcenter plugin will contain the queries, triggers and workflow handlers needed to synchronize your data quickly and effectively.

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AESSiS's solution stores PLM data in a neutral format. The tool is configured to define the mapping i.e. how data should be represented in the target system in terms of target item types, relationship types and item properties. Business logic is also defined to control when data should be synchronized to the target system. Based on the configuration, the appropriate data is transferred/updated in the target system when required. Validation, logging and error handling are built in so administrators can be confident that the correct data has been transferred.

Success Stories

MAN Diesel

Teamcenter Integration project
Teamcenter Migration project


  • Establish Business modeling platform
  • CAD data synchronization
  • Sunset legacy applications
  • Rationalize existing tools


  • Leverage Aras flexibility
  • CAD data management
  • Sunset legacy PDM
  • Manage significant complexity and risk


  • deployed in 2014, on budget
  • 5M items synchronized
  • 30M BOMs synchronized


  • Deployed in 2016
  • Migrated 180K CAD & CAM masters
  • 20 year-old CAD files successfully migrated
  • World-class migration accuracy

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The PDM WebConnector is a configurable and scalable data exchange solution with an efficient service-oriented architecture that integrates Aras Innovator PLM with legacy PDM systems such as Teamcenter PDM. The connector provides a uniform platform for data exchange from and to different backend systems that is easy-to-use and highly secure, even for military initiatives. The PDM WebConnector also helps the companies to realize a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA).

The application framework and the process engine allow for customer-specific development and a high degree of automation. With PDM WebConnector a company is able to implement whole lifecycle management in Aras Innovator which includes internal divisions, partners, customers and suppliers.

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PROSTEP OpenPDM provides standard connectors to legacy PDM systems from different vendors, allowing you to create an end-to-end PLM process in Aras Innovator that offers a high standard of data quality, a greater degree of automation and a higher level of user acceptance.

OpenPDM supports both integration and migration, empowering your team to choose the most valuable path for your business. PLM Integration supports synchronizing part master data, assembly structures, documents and more - reducing manual work and increasing data quality and process reliability. Data is processed in the background with deep integration for a project-specific fit that is accepted by all users. PDM migration utilizes the deep integration to ensure precise migration of metadata. OpenPDM reduces your risk by allowing for processing migration in an "all in one shot" or incremental steps.

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