Sr. Software Solutions Engineer

PLM Posting#: HR-1365
Position Type: Full Time

What does Aras Development do?


Aras Development is responsible for developing, testing, supporting and maintaining a suite of applications based on Aras Innovator development framework.

We are a process oriented team with a focus on core engineering principles.   Our team of Software Solutions Engineers is focused on identifying and solving problems that can be found when working in an open development framework like Aras Innovator.




What is a Sr. Software Solutions Engineer?


At the core, a Sr. Software Solutions Engineer is a Software Developer.  However, a solutions engineer is the jack of all trades in our team.


·You will participate in collecting and defining requirements

·You will participate in developing and testing the product

·You will participate in customization of the product for customers

·You will help to establish and document procedures for new software features


Sr. Software Solutions Engineer is one of the most challenging jobs in our organization.  The main required quality of the candidate is his/her versatility.  A solutions engineer must be prepared to develop a wide range of skills and apply them to a variety of challenges in a single week.



What skills does a Sr. Software Solutions Engineer need?


We are looking for engineers with strong problem solving skills, and a grounding in engineering principles.


• 1-3 years of experience in a software development, technical support, QA or similar role

• Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and/or Engineering

Experience with C# and JavaScript

• Experience with SQL

• Experience working in a project driven environment

• Working knowledge of MS Windows

• Experience with Web Application development

• Excellent verbal and written communication skills

Motivated by a fast paced, team environment

Must be eligible to work in the U.S.A.