Nissan Motor Corporation





Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. adopted Aras Innovator as the development platform for electronic control systems. Aras Innovator contributed to Nissan’s success in streamlining configuration management, which became complicated by the expansion of electronic control functions of cars. Nissan cites three reasons for choosing Aras Innovator—it’s “easy to build,” “easy to align,” and “easy to connect.” With Aras, Nissan has realized the benefits of integrating with the alliance partner quickly, and constructing a digital thread is becoming a reality.


  • Elimination of the multiple systems to manage the control system, reduce mistakes, and ensure traceability
  • Improvement of quality and reduction of development man-hours by appropriate information management
  • Completed renovation of development platform for functional integration with an alliance partner in one year
  • By developing a configurator, more than 20,000 types of software components can be used in appropriate vehicles and devices
  • Promotion of traceability and information utilization by linking with MATLAB / Simulink


Aras Innovator は、 日産自動車株式会社の電子制御システムの開発基盤として採用されています。 その結果、クルマの電子制御機能の拡大で複雑化していた構成管理の効率化に成功しました。 同社の担当者は Aras Innovator を選んだ理由として、「 作りやすい」「握りやすい」「つなぎやすい」の 3 点を挙げています。この特長により、日産自動車は短期間でアライアンスパートナーとの機能統合を実現し、さらに長年目指してきた「デジタルスレッド」の構築が現実のものとなりはじめました。