DATADVANACE is a software company specialized in predictive modeling, machine learning, and design optimization. Our mission is to deliver an efficient and flexible software tools – pSeven product line – to help companies decrease their design time and costs and enhance product performance by: • Decreasing design time due to company's design tools integration; • Ensuring process quality using validated workflows; • Enhancing product performance with multi-objective optimization; • Protecting your intellectual property through surrogate modeling. pSeven is a software platform for process integration, multidisciplinary design optimization and predictive modeling. pSeven key features are: seamless integration with third party commercial and in-house CAD/CAE software tools allowing to perform multidisciplinary analysis; full automation of simulation chain, as well as trade-off studies, optimization and data analysis; rich set of unique single, multi-objective and robust optimization algorithms; powerful machine-learning in-house algorithms; SmartSelection technology to automatically select the most efficient algorithms for a given problem; easy-to-use graphical user interface.
Aerospace, Auto, High Tech
Europe, Japan, Russia