Wednesday, October 27th at 1:00 p.m. ET

Why your PLM platform is fundamental for successful Digital Transformation.

With manufacturing enterprises spending $700B per year on their Digital Transformation, clearly there is heavy investment in innovative technologies and connected systems to plan for the future. However while 70% of these enterprises are already adapting a long-term digital strategy (FinancesOnline),less than 30% of these initiatives are successful (McKinsey).  What needs to be taken into account to implement a successful and cost effective Digital Transformation?

Come join a lively discussion between Mark Reisig, Vice President of Product Marketing, Aras and Pawel Chadzynski, Senior Product Manager, as they take you through Systems Thinking, its relevancy to Digital Transformation, and how the Aras Low-code Platform is designed to support both a system-centric design intent and collaboration around BOM-centric design data. The platform’s modeling approach to data and processes guarantees compatibility with the future technologies and provides low-cost upgrades of all customizations.

See how Digital Transformation with Aras can move your business from the past to a “forever tomorrow.”

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