Reducing Business Impact of Technology Waves

The traditional rip-and-replace approach to software architecture transition is not sustainable. Technological advances improve the value of computing by unlocking new capabilities and improving the efficiency of solution delivery. Today, the cycle is repeating itself with cloud / SaaS offerings. How do you break the expense rip-and-replace cycle? With a platform that optimizes your data using composable applications, low-code, and integrations to reduce TCO and build long-term ROI.

Pulling the Digital Thread: Exploring the Transformation to the Digital Enterprise

Welcome to the first in our thought leadership speaker series exploring the digital enterprise's transformation from the perspective of the digital thread. We will be joined by recognized experts in their fields known for their innovative ideas and insights that will cut through the hype, question conventional thinking, and challenge you to think independently.

As the entire industrial sector (along with the world at large) races to digest the implications of digital transformation, enterprise teams – and in particular, engineers – are radically changing how they approach designing, manufacturing, launching, and servicing products. The importance of interconnected data and digital information frameworks (i.e., digital threads) becomes increasingly clear as teams collaborate and make decisions at a pace not imaginable only 10 years ago.

In this inaugural episode of Pulling the Digital Thread, we'll leverage recent global survey research and analyst commentary to guide a conversation about industry-shaping forces, including Generative AI in Digital Engineering, PLM strategies for supporting ESG Goals, SW-Defined Products, Next Generation Compliance, and more.


製品は複雑化が進み、企業がその設計や製造工程においてパートナーとコラボレーションする機会はますます増えています。そのような状況において、多くの企業は、Eメールやファイル共有システム、FTP(エフ・ティー・ピー)といった、セキュリティ対策が施されていないアドホックなツールや仕組みを使っています。今回のデモでは、Aras Innovatorを使って、サプライヤと効率的にコラボレーションし、さらにIP(アイ・ピー/知的所有権)も保護する方法についてご紹介します。

Extend Your Digital Thread: Sharing Secure Product Data with your Suppliers

Sharing engineering data outside of your organization with suppliers and partners can be a complex requirement to support. Product organizations rely on these companies to augment their existing operations. Learn from Leigh Young, Aras Product Manager, how our latest offering, Aras Supplier Management, enables secure, remote access to controlled subsets of your digital thread and related PLM information through configurable apps.

Don’t Waste Your Company’s Money – Unlock the Power of PLM

Join PwC Germany and Aras for a transformative webinar experience, "Don’t Waste Your Company’s Money – Unlock the Power of PLM". In this session, we address a critical issue for Boards worldwide - the inadvertent waste of valuable resources and money due to limited awareness of the capabilities of a holistic approach to Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). 

Our webinar will explore three essential themes to shed light on the transformative potential of PLM:

  1. PLM as a Holistic Strategy: Discover the power of PLM as a comprehensive strategy that can reshape your approach to product development and lifecycle management. Learn how integrating PLM can drive efficiency and innovation and provide a competitive advantage.
  2. The Board's Role in PLM Strategy: We firmly believe that Boards should be actively engaged in their company’s PLM strategy. Learn why optimizing processes holistically and connecting your tool landscape is essential for achieving success.
  3. Navigating Common Pitfalls: Gain insights into a prevalent pitfall – relegating PLM transformations to lower organizational levels without adequate change management. Learn how to implement a structured and effective organizational change management strategy and commitment to ensure that PLM initiatives yield maximum returns. 

This session features perspectives from two industry leaders, Aras and PwC Germany, representing both the tool developer and business integrator angles. Together, they will provide valuable insights on executing digital transformations effectively. Join us as we embark on a journey to maximize the benefits of PLM, drive innovation, and ensure sustainable growth.


Aras は、産業に関するグローバル調査を米国、欧州、日本のエグゼクティブレベルのエキスパート 835 人を対象に実施しました。米国、欧州、日本の企業の 80% は現在、様々な課題に対応している中、デジタル化と IT のモダナイゼーションの推進に重点的に取り組んでいます。最新のグローバル産業調査によれば、この取り組みが功を奏し、現在では 4 社中 3 社が前年に比べ、柔軟に対応できるようになっていると回答しています。DACH 地域(ドイツ、オーストリア、スイス)では、顧客志向と品質が向上していますが、スピードと透明性の面で改善の余地があります。今回は、この調査をもとに明らかになった世界の産業界における動向について発表します。ぜひ、Aras の最新グローバル調査「産業に関するグローバル調査:SPOTLIGHT ON THE FUTURE 2024」をご一読ください。

Shooting for the Stars: A PLM Tale in Space

For the development of complex systems such as space systems, concurrent engineering processes are being increasingly used to integrate different engineering teams. These processes are supported by and dependent on computer systems that enable reliable data exchange and design review, verification, and validation processes. However, it is a major challenge, in practice, to obtain the right data, at the right time and from the right stakeholder.

ECSS (European Cooperation for Space Standardization) is a collaboration among European space agencies to provide a coherent set of standards for use in all space systems developments and operations in the European community. ECSS recognized the importance of adopting a standardized approach to data sharing and proposed some standards. As there are many different families of space systems, each with different data and IT requirements, it is unfeasible to establish a single, central data repository for a space project.

Therefore, ECSS recommends a data standardization approach at the semantic level, using a global conceptual data model containing all meaningful data from all system disciplines and whose scope encompasses the entire space system lifecycle. This would be the basis of a "Space Systems Data Repository", which is a collection of different databases logically integrated into an interoperable architecture that allows data to be effectively and reliably exchanged among them.

The Aras Innovator platform provides the flexibility to define custom data models and an open architecture to connect multiple software systems and data sources into a unified platform. In this webinar, Rodrigo Britto Maria, Aras presales engineer for EMEA, will demonstrate why Aras Innovator is the perfect fit to implement a data management solution compliant with the ECSS standards for the space industry.

Operationalizing Sustainability with the Digital Thread

Sustainability is experiencing increased urgency in corporate strategies. Driven by regulation and customer demand, among other drivers, it is rapidly moving from a topic of discussion to a business imperative for manufacturers. It's time to take a systematic, data-driven approach and operationalize sustainability to drive strategic ESG improvements. Learn why, even though there is no single solution for sustainability, the right PLM solution is essential to support sustainability initiatives in your enterprise.


Aras の PLM ソフトウェアである Aras Innovator で、自社のビジネスや組織変革に取り組む先進企業のお客様事例をご覧ください。


航空・宇宙、エネルギー、産業機器、電力、車両および船舶業界向け機器製造を代表する川崎重工業株式会社が、新製品開発の効率化およびシステム関連費用の最適化のため、Aras Innovator を採用し、全社提供しています。

Bridging the Gap: Unifying PLM and ERP for Enhanced Systems Lifecycle Management

Manufacturing enterprises are often dominated by two major players in IT architecture: Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Rather than creating an 'either-or' scenario, the challenge is to create a harmonious interplay between these vital components. Key questions arise, such as:

  • Where is the engineering change management actioned?
  • Where are the different bills of materials managed?

These are not mere academic queries but critical strategic decisions that shape the efficiency and effectiveness of the enterprise.

In this illuminating webinar, Fraunhofer Institute for Mechatronic Systems Design (IEM), XPLM and Aras will present a live demonstration of the integration between Aras Innovator®, a leading PLM software, and SAP, a top-tier ERP system. This practical demonstration will not only showcase the mechanics of integration but also highlight the profound potential of digital continuity that can be unlocked when these systems work in concert.

Join us as we explore the opportunities and challenges of this integration, providing a comprehensive view of the digitized development process. The goal is to ensure a seamless, holistic management approach that spans all disciplines in your manufacturing enterprise.

Aras の PLM プラットフォームに IT 化された品質管理システムを構築

富士フイルム株式会社が、既存の Lotus Notes を終息させ、IT 化された最新の QMS の構築を Aras Innovator でどのように実現したか、また今後さらに幅広い領域において PLM を活用しようと取り組まれる同社の事例をご覧ください。

What's New

Aras Innovator の新機能や機能強化の最新情報をお送りします。特に、R27 から R29 にかけて強化された機能にフォーカスします。製造業にとって最も重要である「製品の情報やデータ」のビューイングやナビゲーションの強化により、Aras Innovator をお客様のビジネス変革にお役立ていただくことが可能になり、製品ライフサイクルでの適用範囲を拡大し、デジタル スレッドによって企業全体のコラボレーションの強化につながることをご紹介します。

- デジタルツインで未来を予測しシミュレーション

このデモでは、メンテナンス事業者や担当部門が、デジタルスレッドとデジタルツインを使用して高度なメンテナンス戦略を遂行する方法を示します。 Arasを使用すると、管理対象の資産のそれぞれに固有のデジタルツイン構成を確認できます。予期せぬダウンタイムが発生する前に、資産の運用状況を把握し、今後のメンテナンス予定・要件を特定できます。 また、メンテナンスを今すぐ行うべきか、延期するべきかを効率的に予測できるようになります。

デジタルスレッドの実践 2 - イノベーションを実現する、デジタル スレッドを通じたコラボレーション



このセッションでは、組織が Aras のプラットフォームを使用して統合された環境でコラボレーションする方法を示します。製品情報を一元的にまとめたデジタルスレッドが、製品ライフサイクル全体でチームをどのようにつなげるかをご理解いただけます。各部門・各エンジニアは担当業務に必要な専門アプリケーションを使用しながらも、これらのアプリケーションは Aras という共通のプラットフォームに接続されます。各アプリケーションで作成されたデータも本質的に接続されるため、製品開発時にコミュニケーションとコラボレーションを強化するために、それらのデータを簡単にさかのぼることが可能です。

デジタルスレッドの実践 1

このデモでは、システムズ シンキングを用いて、デジタルスレッドの中心にシステムモデルを位置付けます。



Aras の PLM を分かりやすく解説したサービス紹介動画です。

■ Aras とは?
Aras は、製品ライフサイクルマネジメント(PLM)ソリューションのリーディングプロバイダーです。Aras のテクノロジーは、強力なデジタルスレッドのバックボーンとローコード開発プラットフォーム上に構築され、柔軟なソリューションの迅速な提供を可能にします。Aras のプラットフォームおよび PLM アプリケーションは、製品ライフサイクル全体およびサプライチェーン全体を通じて、あらゆる部門・部署のユーザーを重要な製品データやプロセスと繋ぎます。

Aras の紹介動画|PLM なら Aras Japan

Aras の PLM を分かりやすく解説したサービス紹介動画です。

■ Aras とは?
Aras は、製品ライフサイクルマネジメント(PLM)ソリューションのリーディングプロバイダーです。Aras のテクノロジーは、強力なデジタルスレッドのバックボーンとローコード開発プラットフォーム上に構築され、柔軟なソリューションの迅速な提供を可能にします。Aras のプラットフォームおよび PLM アプリケーションは、製品ライフサイクル全体およびサプライチェーン全体を通じて、あらゆる部門・部署のユーザーを重要な製品データやプロセスと繋ぎます。

ALM and PLM: The Key to Success

Accelerate your new product introduction with the innovation twins Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). 

Products are getting smarter each year, increasing the ratio among software among hardware components, sub-systems, and the system in its entirety. People from different disciplines need to collaborate to make products and systems work reliably. Furthermore, the pressure to improve the innovation cycle is increasing challenging the market share achieved so far. The different engineering disciplines involved typically work within their specialized tools: software engineering in their ALM system, electrical engineering in data management tools, and mechanical engineers manage data in their PLM system. The know-how exchange between those silos is often poor and results in substantial manual overhead.

In our previous ALM and PLM webinars, we talked about the technology (ALM and PLM: The Innovation Twins) and the business case (ALM and PLM: The Business Case for the Marriage). In this webinar, BHC Consulting, PROSTEP and Aras focus the attention on the methodology and people. Without a good methodology, like Systems Engineering, the collaboration between the disciplines will be cumbersome - despite good ALM and PLM platforms, and sound connecting technology.

建設業界でも進むデジタルスレッドの活用 Aras Innovator で建物のライフサイクル全体での データ活用に挑む竹中工務店

大手建設会社の株式会社竹中工務店は、「Aras Innovator」を基盤としたデジタル活用に挑戦しています。労働集約型で生産性が上がりにくいという建設業界が抱える課題の解決に、データをライフサイクル全体で活用できるデジタルスレッドが有効と考え、製造業をモデルにして概念検証(PoC)を繰り返しているところです。このプロジェクトは、PLMが製造業に限定されず、他の産業にも有益な影響を与える可能性があるかどうかを探る注目すべき取り組みとなっています。ぜひ、詳細な事例をご覧ください。


EIZO株式会社は、Aras Innovator を活用して、開発と製造の間においてデジタルスレッドを構築することに成功しました。
高品質な映像機器の開発・生産・販売を手がけている同社は、その全ての業務を自社一貫体制で行っています。従来、PDM(製品設計データ管理)を用いていましたが、製品の多様化や情報の急増、そして世の中としての DX の推進を受けて、新しい PLM システムへの移行を検討した結果、Aras の Aras Innovator が選ばれました。

Addressing Sustainability Challenges with the Aras Platform

CIMdata commentary on addressing sustainability and the Aras platform's ability to do it.

Evolution or Revolution? Exploring Applied Generative AI and LLMs for Product Lifecycle Management

According to IDC surveys, leading organizations believe that Generative AI will have the greatest impact on manufacturing and product design and development in the next 18 months. Despite this, only 27% of companies actively leverage AI in their operations. The challenge is finding practical applications of Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) and gaining organizational buy-in on their use. 

Join experts from Aras, the Fraunhofer Institute, and AI Marketplace to explore applied AI use cases for product lifecycle management (PLM). 
This panel discussion will cover the basics of AI, Generative AI, and Large Language Models and their application in PLM.  We will focus on practical applications, including intelligent documentation, AI-augmented collaboration, and knowledge management. We will present a live demonstration that showcases the practical, tangible implementation of AI in a PLM system, providing experiential insight into the future of intelligent and interconnected product lifecycle management. 

How Technip Energies LS Replaced Legacy Engineering System Under 6 months with Agility

In this presentation, Guillaume Fong, Mechanical Engineer & PLM Product Owner of Technip Energies Loading Systems, shares his experiences on replacing an obsolete PDM system and bringing the management of As-Design and As-Built configurations, documents & geometries, engineering changes into Innovator, and how the system provides interfaces with Supply Chain & Manufacturing (ERP), Master Data Management, as well as several custom features.


このたび、お客様のご要望の強かった Aras Innovator のダッシュボードとレポーティングの機能が強化されました。それにより、レポート機能一式と、データの共有やさらに堅牢なコラボレーションをサポートするカスタム ダッシュボードが作成できるようになります。

今回のデモでは、Aras Innovator で利用可能な豊富なデータに幅広くアクセスできることによって、Aras Innovator をビジネス変革にさらに活用できる方法をご紹介します。


Aras Innovator を活用してビジネス課題の解決に取り組む業務シーンを、新製品開発を進める架空の企業(アルマジロ ロボット社)を舞台に、2部に分けて、デモンストレーションでご紹介します。

Part 1 では、製品設計での課題に注目し、システムエンジニアリングを用いた要件の整理や、シミュレーションを活用した仕様確定など、Aras Innovator が製品の設計最適化にどのように貢献できるかをご紹介します。

Armadilo part 2

Aras Innovator を活用してビジネス課題の解決に取り組む業務シーンを、新製品開発を進める架空の企業(アルマジロ ロボット社)を舞台に、2部に分けて、デモンストレーションでご紹介します。

Part 2 では、PaaS(Product-as-a-Service)として顧客に新製品をリリースして一年後、製品のセンサーが異常値を検知した場合に、原因究明や是正・予防措置など Aras Innovator が迅速な課題解決にどのように貢献できるかをご紹介します

Plant Engineering Meets Product Engineering in Capital Projects

If you are from a product company or an EPC engaged in project intensive industries, and interested in how other companies manage their project specific design information (tag information) versus the generic product specific information, EBOM (Engineering Bill Of Material). Are you looking into ways of moving from Engineer To Order (ETO) product deliveries towards more Configure To Order, then this webinar is for you.

Bjorn Fidjeland from plmPartner will offer examples of how several companies have implemented solutions for managing both plant engineering and product engineering information in the same platform while utilizing master-data and product libraries to re-use product design data across capital projects.

ESG Digitalization: Remember, the "S" Stands for Social

ESG – Becoming data-centric to enable wise decisions for becoming a more environmentally friendly company and delivering sustainable products has been shown by us through different webinars and white papers. But digitalization must also incorporate the involved people besides transforming paper to data, creating a thread between data elements, and using visualization techniques. Notably, social aspects play a pivotal role within your supply chain, among your customers, and within your workforce.

In this webinar, we explored the “S” in ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) with Patrick O’Sullivan, Partner at the French consultancy, Findle. The company, founded in 2016 has great expertise in supply chain management, organizational dynamics, and change management. Considering the growing significance of social aspects for companies, customers and employees, we will explore how to integrate people effectively into Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). As we embrace new materials, alternative product design, and improved manufacturing processes to reduce carbon footprints, it becomes imperative that PLM prioritize the human element. Discover practical strategies and approaches for tackling this pivotal subject and learn how to harmonize social responsibility with your sustainability initiatives.

What's New in Aras Innovator

Hear from Aras SVP of Product Management, John Sperling, about the latest capabilities and enhancements to Aras Innovator.

Our product development team has been releasing application, connector, and platform updates, and now with our simplified release schedule, we deliver it all in easy-to-digest quarterly releases! This webinar covers updates from Release 27 to Release 29 that will support your digital transformation efforts, as well as enhanced collaboration across the enterprise with the digital thread. Expand your efforts to new areas of your product’s lifecycle and improve how users view and navigate your most important resource – product information!

Listen to John Sperling do a 30-minute overview and demonstration of all the new capabilities available to help continuously progress your digital transformation initiatives.

【事例集】先進事例に学ぶ Aras Innovator!お客様事例 5 選



  • 開発⇔製造のデジタルスレッド構築で
  • 製品開発プロセスの効率化に向けて
    Aras PLM によるサービスプラットフォームを全社提供
  • トヨタ モーター ヨーロッパにおける
    Toyota Motor Europe
  • Aras Innovator が支える
  • Aras Innovator の変化対応力を
Connecting People, Processes & Technology: Wipro's EDDM Solution for Draeger

Successfully managing the escalating complexity of designing and manufacturing modern software enabled products requires better cross-discipline collaboration and traceability across the product value network. Wipro’s NIMBLE framework enables organizations connecting heterogeneous applications. In this webinar Wipro will discuss its experience of implementing a customer specific Enterprise Data Dependency Management (EDDM), enabling an enterprise-wide Digital Thread in Aras Innovator for the Germany head quartered medical and safety devices major Dräger.

CrescoDT SMB

今月のデモシリーズは、株式会社クレスコ・デジタルテクノロジーズ様より、Aras で製造 BOM を扱うための統合 BOM 管理ソリューション(SMB)をご紹介します。

SMB は、EBOM と MBOM を統合的に管理すためのテンプレートで、MBOM アイテムタイプ、EBOM → MBOM 変換、MBOM 承認ワークフロー、ファントム作成、他システム連携機能など、EBOM から MBOM へフレキシブルに設計情報の反映を行い、製造工程へ連携するための必要十分な機能を提供します。SMB は BOP を前提 としておらず、MBOM 単体でのリビジョン管理、リリース管理を実現し、実業務に沿った運用が可能となります。ソリューションの詳細についてはこちらをご参照ください。

今回のデモシリーズでは、SMB が提供する EBOM → MBOM 変換を使用して容易に MBOM リリースする流れをデモンストレーションを交えてご紹介します。

Connect Product Roadmaps with EBOM management by using a Modular Information Model

In Product Development, Product Managers need to define and maintain a Product Roadmap. This work usually lacks system support and the means to communicate results in a digital format to other company functions, such as engineering and production, to organize the product data as items in “Bill of Materials” (BOMS). These items include costs, suppliers, drawings, certifications of safety compliance, etc., - data that is relevant for the domain that owns the system. 

Building a future product family from a modular architecture, using a Modular Information Model, will improve this situation by offering a common denominator across the product information handling systems to align structure and data. This information model can be executed in the software PALMA, that has been specifically developed for this purpose. 

In this webinar, join Tobias Johansson and Johan Källgren from Modular Management, and Tomas Källberg from Aras customer Micropower, offering charging and battery solutions, to learn the reasoning for their choice of PALMA and the intended use case.

はじめての Aras Innovator

※本講演は Aras グローバルイベント「ACE 2023 Japan」で収録したものです。

Aras Innovator の概要をはじめ、導入企業のご紹介、DX の実現に求められること、そしてなぜ Aras が選ばれるのかをご紹介します。
PLM の導入や DX の推進を検討している方々の課題やあるべき姿に対し、Aras Innovator がどのような製品で、どのようなメリットがあるのかを営業の視点でわかりやすくお伝えします。

Unleash Efficiency with Dynamic Task Manager for Aras Project Management

Unlock the full potential of your project management processes. Watch this demo of Dynamic Task Manager (DTM), an innovative add-on module designed to transform project task management for Aras users.  

This demo: 

  • Showcases the seamless integration of DTM with Aras Innovator, empowering organizations to streamline project workflows, enhance decision-making, and foster collaboration. 
  • Guides you through the powerful capabilities of DTM, highlighting its dynamic and intuitive interface that simplifies project workflows and maximizes productivity. 
  • Demonstrates how DTM provides in-depth visibility, enabling efficient task management across multiple product development projects. 
  • Shares inspiring success stories from Kawasaki Heavy Industries and JAMCO Corporation, where DTM has transformed its project management practices. 

This demo delves into the implementation process at these customer sites, discussing the challenges encountered, strategies employed, and value attained to ensure a successful transition. See the demo now and take a transformative journey towards enhanced productivity and efficiency with Dynamic Task Manager (DTM).

Dashboards and Reporting: Enhanced capabilities increase collaboration

In response to our customers' evolving needs, Aras is excited to announce enhancements to Aras Dashboards and Reporting. Aras users will now have reporting capability and the ability to create custom dashboards to support data sharing and more robust collaboration. Join us to learn how you can better manage your business with greater access across the enterprise to the wealth of data already available in your Aras PLM platform.


レジリエントなエンタープライズエコシステムを構築するには、とてつもない変化、つまり新しい思考法、つながり、コラボレーションが必要になります。そのすべてにおいて、貴重でありながら誤解されているリソースである製品データへのアクセスが求められます。このデータは、企業内でアクセスする際に安全に保ちながら、必要とするすべての人が利用できるようにする必要があります。 この eBook では、組織にレジリエンスを生み出すための障壁、効果、解決策についてご覧いただけます。


今月のデモシリーズは、XPLM 社の XSPHERE をご紹介します。XSPHERE を使えば、サポート、システム、ソフトウェア、メカ設計、シミュレーション、購買など、分野やツールの壁を超えて、仕掛中の情報を使ったコラボレーションや成果物へのリンクを促進しながら、全体をひとつのビジネスとして結びつけることが可能になります。 今回のデモシリーズでは、XSPHERE の機能を使用することによってフェデレーションを伴ったデジタルスレッドが容易に実現できるところを、デモンストレーションを交えてご紹介します。
なお、今回は ACE 2023 Japan の講演を再編集してお届けします。




Aras Innovator: PLM Solution that Adapts to Your Business Requirements, Not the Other Way Around

Aras Innovator is a very feature-rich out-of-the-box PLM solution. It is able to cover the entire end-to-end lifecycle and can be used by any industry. Through the flexibility of the Aras Innovator platform, the system can be configured to fit the specific business process and requirements you have as a company so you don’t have to conform to a software author’s perception of how your business should be run. Instead, you get to keep what makes you unique and gives you the competitive advantage.

For some industries, there are specific use cases and regulatory requirements that are identical for all companies within that industry. To solve this, Aras has made industry solutions that targets the specific and unique requirements of regulated industries to provide a targeted solution that will give our customers best-of-breed solutions to ensure effective engineering and compliance to regulations.

PLM - Backbone for Digitization and Sustainability in Engineering

Downstream costs, use of resources and vehicle sustainability are expected to increase 70-80% in the development and process planning phase. It is up to engineering teams to determine the sustainability of an automobile, starting from its operational phase through recycling.  

SICK is implementing an interdisciplinary end-to-end PLM concept from development to pro-duction planning. Digitalization and sustainability are linked via the Digital Thread/Twin of the product in production. 

Manufacturers who can make themselves less dependent on raw material bottlenecks and skyrocketing raw material prices by using less or switching to recycled materials are set to achieve a significant advantage over the competition.

Let Business Value Drive Cloud PLM Transition

Recent research from Tech-Clarity reveals that approximately three-quarters of companies prioritize the cloud when selecting software. However, it is essential for companies to prioritize business value when considering cloud-based PLM solutions.
This webinar featuring Jim Brown, president of Tech-Clarity, and Bruce Bookbinder, product marketing manager at Aras who discuss how to align your SaaS PLM strategy with your business objectives and drive maximum value from your cloud solution.

Aras Named a Technology Leader in the 2023 SPARK Matrix for Product Lifecycle Management​

Quadrant Knowledge Solutions’ SPARK Matrix™ includes a detailed analysis of the global market dynamics, major trends, vendor landscape, and competitive positioning. The study provides a competitive analysis and ranking of the leading technology vendors through its SPARK Matrix. Aras was named one of the leaders due to Aras Innovator's:

  • Resilient model, consisting of five interconnected layers, allowing seamless modeling of business rules and requirements, using a customizable front end with minimal coding
  • A complete view of a product's history and its projected path, enabling businesses to make informed decisions
  • Adaptability to guide organizations with flexible and customizable solutions designed to meet their unique business needs
Software Defined Vehicles - Banking on CPU or the Cloud

Aras participated in the Software-defined Vehicle track session: “Software-defined Vehicle – Banking on CPU or the Cloud?” at AutoTech: Detroit 2023. In this panel discussion, moderated by Maite Bezerra, Automotive Expert, Wards Automotive, you can view our engaging discussion around the following questions:

  • What approaches offer accurate estimates of how much computing overhead to “leave” on major vehicle components to account for future enhancement?
  • How do we design hardware and software to be seamlessly updatable over time?
  • How much of the core vehicle computer platform should automakers use “off the shelf” from their suppliers instead of designing and sourcing their own?
  • Understanding the importance of data management and collaboration in order to keep pace and stay profitable.
Microsoft Office Connector

The Microsoft Office Connector for Aras Innovator extends the PLM connector benefits of Aras to users in Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook.

Micropower Improves the Organization of Product Data

Micropower, an autonomous producer of industrial battery chargers and systems, faced hurdles including struggling to locate the most current information and related data, encountering inconsistencies in data, and grappling with reduced search efficiency due to outdated information. The introduction of Aras Innovator brought forth a heightened comprehension of internal processes, resulting in minimized time dedicated to data management, and an overall enhancement in workflow efficiency. Through the adoption of the Aras Innovator High Tech Electronics Industry Solution, Micropower established a systematic tracking mechanism for the latest document revisions, simultaneously simplifying the data search and retrieval process.

North Sea Electronics Achieves Efficiency with Aras

North Sea Electronics AS (NSE) focuses on the advancement of high-temperature electronics tailored for challenging contexts, including downhole applications within the oil and gas sector. Given the demanding scenarios their products encounter, the implementation of a robust product revision management system is paramount for NSE. Through the utilization of the Aras Innovator High Tech Electronics Industry Solution, NSE has not only achieved a notable reduction in product design error costs but also a commendable boost in product profitability. This achievement stems from their more streamlined and efficient approach to product development. The enhanced visibility into processes and the accelerated pace of implementing product modifications empower NSE to respond swiftly to the dynamic shifts in both the market and customer demands.

Make Aras Innovator What You Want It To Be

Imperial Brands faced considerable hurdles with a fragmented product lifecycle system landscape. Siloed teams and disconnected tools hindered collaboration and efficiency across processes. Coping with vast data volumes and global regulations called for a comprehensive PLM overhaul. In this video, David Everson, Senior Manager PLM Process and Systems, Imperial Brands talks about how embracing the Aras PLM platform provided a feature-rich solution to tackle Imperial Brand's collaboration issues and fragmented systems.

Our PLM Journey: The Full End-to-End Digital Transformation of Imperial Brands’ Realization Processes

Imperial Brands collaborated with Tata Consultancy Services to implement Aras Innovator as a comprehensive Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution, enabling them to overcome systems and collaboration challenges and embark on a global-scale business transformation. During the ACE 2023 conference, David Everson, senior manager PLM process and systems at Imperial Brands, shares the remarkable journey of their digital transformation in his keynote presentation.

Streamlining Processes and Enabling Customization: Imperial Brands' PLM Transformation

Imperial Brands previously grappled with significant challenges due to a highly fragmented product lifecycle system landscape. Different teams and departments operated in silos, using disconnected tools and systems, hindering collaboration and efficiency in end-to-end processes. The need to manage vast data volumes and comply with diverse global regulations demanded a comprehensive PLM overhaul. Embracing the Aras PLM platform offered a feature-rich solution to address their collaboration issues and fragmented systems.

Aras Innovator Forms the Data Backbone at Mycronic

Mycronic, a prominent Swedish company, stands as a world leader, providing cutting-edge solutions for the high-tech industry, catering to assembly, display, and packaging needs. Their exceptional solutions find application in diverse fields, from flat screen TVs and displays to life-changing medical implants and even interplanetary space technology equipment.

Faced with the challenge of software end-of-life for their ENOVIA SmarTeam PLM solution, as well as the steep costs associated with other traditional PLM vendors, Mycronic made a strategic decision to adopt the Aras Innovator platform. The choice was driven by the platform's impressive array of functionalities and unparalleled flexibility, offering the ideal solution to meet their evolving needs.

L3 TRL Boosted Their Ability to Continually Improve Business Processes

L3 TRL Technology, a UK-based company and part of the leading US defense supplier L3 Technologies, specializes in electronic warfare and cyber security. Despite its agility, the company faced challenges in managing product development due to its smaller company ethos. This led to complexities in handling various product data and searching for the latest versions, causing inefficiencies and wasted time.

Fortunately, with the introduction of the Aras Innovator High Tech Electronics Industry Solution, L3 TRL witnessed a remarkable transformation. Internal collaboration and manufacturing release processes improved significantly, paving the way for scalable and efficient business operations.


Arasは、Aras Innovator のプラットフォームがもつ分かりやすい操作性や、下位互換性を維持しながらのアップグレードの容易性はそのままに、ローコード モデリングの取り組みをさらに進めています。本セッションでは、管理者とエンドユーザーのどちらもが活用できる、最新のユーザー体験による新しいフォームエディターをご紹介します。なお、今回は ACE 2023 Japan の内容を再編集してお届けします。

Delta V Aerospace Dramatically Reduces BOM Creation Time from 2 Days to 2 Minutes

Headquartered in South Africa, Delta V Aerospace stands as a youthful, vibrant, and independent aerospace design and development company. Renowned for their progressive and elegant solutions, the company prides itself on optimized business procedures and meticulous testing, ensuring proficiency in their endeavors. As they experienced remarkable organizational growth, they realized that their current data handling structure fell short of supporting their relentless pursuit of excellence. In order to meet and exceed all set requirements, they sought a solution that went beyond ordinary data management systems. Their quest led them to discover the transformative benefits of Aras Innovator, a powerful Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) tool that seamlessly caters to their evolving needs and propels their business to new heights of success.

MIT Lincoln Laboratory's Best Practices for Enterprise Digital Transformation

MIT Lincoln Labs has been working on a project to enable an enterprise digital transformation of how they do their work. They have implemented a solution called Assembly Integration and Test (AI&T) built on the Aras platform. This solution digitally automates a manual process that was previously time consuming and error prone. The new solution was developed in collaboration with Eontes, an Aras Systems Integrator with experience in providing ground-breaking solution to Aras customers. This webinar will explain their solution and provide a clear example of how you can gain this kind of advantage by using Aras as your PLM platform.

Streamlining Product Documentation and Enhancing Efficiency at SM Power

SM Power, a power supplies and battery chargers solutions provider catering to diverse industries, faced a rise in product documentation complexity due to their recent growth. Recognizing the necessity for an automated workflow for CAD files and other product design documentation, they opted for Aras Innovator to address this requirement. Drawing inspiration from the successful implementation of the Aras PLM system by their parent company, the Swedish Micropower Group, SM Power embarked on a similar path a few years later.

Flexibility is Key for Safety Solutions Leader, Consilium

Consilium specializes in niche markets that require high-security requirements within the global transport sector — onshore and offshore, high-tech, and oil and gas. In one of the industries that Consilium operates, the high-tech industry, Consilium must meet the highest safety standards and product documentation requirements. Consilium chose the Aras Innovator High Tech Industry Solution to track each product and its lifetime certifications.

From 3 Weeks To 3 Minutes: How Amulet Hotkey Streamlined Product Management

Learn how a leading technology provider was able to significantly reduce its product development cycle times by leveraging the Aras PLM platform.

Amulet Hotkey, a global provider of innovative computing and visualization solutions, faced numerous challenges in managing its product development process. With multiple teams working on different product components, tracking changes and ensuring consistency became increasingly difficult. In addition, the process of managing product data and associated documents was time-consuming, leading to long development cycle times.

In this webinar, Martin Bladon, Aras Customer Success Manager, will explore how Nick Redfern, NPI engineer, and his team at Amulet Hotkey overcame these challenges by adopting the Aras PLM platform. They will share their experiences implementing and using the Aras PLM platform and discuss how it has improved their ability to manage product data and accelerate product development. If you are a product manager or engineering leader looking to streamline your product development process, this webinar is a must.

Aras Innovator Enables Cutting-Edge Solutions for Oxford Instruments

Oxford Instruments, the first commercially successful spin-out from Oxford University, has contributed several technological breakthrough products during its 60 years, including the world's first superconducting magnet and fully functioning MRI system. Over the years, the company's growth has led to significant challenges in managing its product development and supply chain processes. Learn how Aras Innovator helped Oxford Instruments to provide a centralized repository for all product data, including engineering designs, specifications, and manufacturing instructions. 

Achieving the Business Value of Cloud PLM

Cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) is the clear path forward for enterprise software, and the cloud transition in PLM is underway. According to a recent survey, about ¾ of companies now favor, prefer, or mandate the cloud for new software selections. 

Using data collected from their industry research and multiple surveys, Jim Brown of Tech-Clarity discusses why companies should take a "solution first" rather than a "cloud first" approach for their cloud migration strategy. 

Auditdata: From Paper to Digital Innovation

Auditdata handled their documentation by manually signing and scanning paper-based documentation to store them on file servers. This inefficient and complex process resulted in errors and wasted time. By implementing Aras Innovator and the industry-specific medical device PLM solution, Auditdata increased visibility and understanding of data relationships within their environment.

Turn PLM Data Into Value With Aras’ New Approach to Technical Documentation

Creating product documentation, like installation sheets and manuals, and keeping them up to date can be challenging and demanding. Many technical publishing systems require the data to be pulled manually from different sources, which is a considerable risk for errors and obsolescence. Aras Technical Documentation is a content authoring that turns your data stored in PLM directly into connected technical publication information – on the same platform and in a modular fashion.  

The Technical Documentation Application was introduced in 2015 and is based on the Tech Pub Framework, which is the foundation for our Requirements Engineering and Manufacturing Process Planning Applications. Both the framework and the application have improved for even better usability. This webinar will show the current cycle of enhancements and upcoming features of the Technical Documentation Application.

クリエイティビティをかき立てる: Aras Innovator を使用して独自 の PLM ソリューションを開発した 京セラユニメルコ

金属加工や木工、複合材料に使用する高品質な精密切削工具の開発を専門とする京セラユニメルコ。既存の PDM システムの性能が不十分だと感じ、変更履歴の保持が非効率で、製品設計要件にかかるレビュープロセスの時間が膨大であるなど課題をもっていたことから、最新の PLM プラットフォームを探していました。

同社は、新しいソリューションとして Aras Innovator の導入を決断し、あらゆる製品関連プロセスの効率の向上、全ステークホルダーのデータベースとモジュールへのアクセスの改善、ソフトウェアをカスタマイズおよび修正して管理性を簡便化などによって、大きな成果を上げました。現在は、工具部門全体で活用されており、主な拠点であるデンマークのほか、英国、米国、リトアニアの製造拠点にも導入されています。ここでは、Aras Innovator を使用して、独自の PLM ソリューションを開発した同社の取り組みをご紹介します。

Aras Hot Takes: Providing our PLM Perspective on the Latest News Headlines

If you’ve been reading the news these days, it’s been impossible to miss the buzz around Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how its impact will affect every aspect of our lives, including PLM!  AI has the potential for transforming data into information, improving contextual searches, assisting in decision making, spotting data patterns, and providing design insights. This webinar focuses on the benefits and the pitfalls of AI, and how to effectively strike the right balance between AI and PLM.

Survive The Energy Crisis. Adapt Your Business With A Flexible PLM System

The current energy crisis has pushed us to rethink our business strategies. Due to the increased energy costs in 2022, manufacturers across industries immediately achieved up to 20% savings by lowering heating in offices and manufacturing sites and improving energy efficiency in buildings and infrastructure. 

The speedy transformation shows that there is a huge potential to do more. By consolidating energy-saving activities into a structured approach, manufacturers have the potential to make their businesses much more profitable.  

The following questions will be of central interest within the industry: 

What part of the product consumes the most energy during production? 

How can I improve the overall energy footprint within the manufacturing or supply chain? 

Which investment makes an ROI in energy savings and lower overall cost? 

Knowing that there are many more challenges to solve on energy costs and consumption, transparency and a structured approach are essential.

In this webinar, you will receive insights on how your business saves costs on parts and manufacturing by consuming less energy and delivering cleaner and more sustainable products for customers. You can provide better products and solutions with access to one data hub that maintains all relevant energy KPIs within your environment.


Not all products are created equal. Axendia's research shows medical device companies still rely heavily on manual processes and siloed systems to manage the medical device product lifecycle. The result is an inability to effectively close the loop from ideation through commercialization and service or obsolescence.  

Axendia recently interviewed industry leaders to learn how they harness the power of PLM. Learn how PLM helps medical device companies make informed decisions about when to invest in new product development, when to retire existing products, and how to align with evolving customer requirements. This can lead to a more successful and sustainable product strategy.

Leave the conversation with best practices on transforming your product lifecycle management approach. The result? Accelerated time to market, improved product quality, and seamless global regulatory compliance.

Making Sense of the Digital Thread Chaos with PLM

In this Voice of the Customer report developed by Axendia, we explore the key benefits of implementing a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution and how medical device companies are overcoming complex challenges in the life sciences industry. In this report, we will cover:

  • Business objectives and goals
  • Leveraging digital threads to support product lifecycle intelligence
  • The value of PLM from business, regulatory, and technology perspectives
  • Overcoming the barriers to PLM implementations
Revolutionizing the Power of Digital Thread: A Game-Changer for A&D

Listen to James Roche from CIMdata, David Ewing from SAIC, and Paweł Z. Chądzyński from Aras share their insights on how digital thread solutions can streamline the product lifecycle, enhance collaboration and communication, and improve regulatory compliance. This discussion includes a review of  CIMdata research which indicates that digital thread investment within the ecosystem of industrial users will proliferate in the Aerospace and Defense industry.

Aras Japan Official Brochure 2022

Aras Innovator を検討中ですか?
機能概要、サブスクリプションサービス、オープンコミュニティ、そして日本企業における導入事例、Aras にまつわる情報が満載です。

(2023年 6月 改訂)

Collaborate Partners

Today's products are so complex that companies collaborate more and more with partners during the design and manufacturing phases. Most companies rely on unsecured ad-hoc tools and methods for collaboration, including FTP, file sharing, and email.

During this webinar, you will learn how you can collaborate efficiently in a secure manner while protecting your IP, using the Aras Innovator platform. We will demonstrate how users can define the scope of data to be shared with suppliers based on a 3D mockup from the company PLM solution (or collaboration portal). You will learn how external users can access data from a supplier portal with full PLM capabilities hosted on a DMZ.

Discover how the Aras Innovator platform helps to make your supplier collaboration a success.

Engineering to Possible: The Importance of Systems Thinking and Product Variability in Supply Chain Strategies

"Engineering to Possible" is a Systems Thinking context that holds significant importance for manufacturers. It includes taking proactive measures to manage and mitigate potential disruptions in the supply chain that could impact critical sub-subsystems, manufacturing processes, and distribution. Failing to address these potential disruptions forces organizations into a reactive mode, often lacking insight into the core functionality of key products. This reactive approach leads to unpredictable costs, potential quality issues, and inadequate compliance with regulatory standards. 

ANCA Improved Their Internal Collaboration Processes and Tools with Aras

ANCA, a global tier-1 supplier of industrial cutting devices, had been experiencing challenges in optimizing the integration between their ERP system, data management systems, and internal collaboration processes. They realized there was a problem when ANCA tried to deploy one of their most ambitious new products. Driven by the determination to solve the problem, ANCA looked for a PLM solution with additional integration capabilities that would work well with their ERP systems. They implemented Aras Innovator and Increased team communication and collaboration due to solid integration between their ERP and PLM systems.


In its pursuit of becoming a top-tier supplier of components to the aerospace industry, Aeronamic needed to improve data visibility and handle regulation and certification procedures more efficiently. Read how Aeronamic centralized its data-handling structure and lowered time expenditure and production costs.

Driving Product Variation with Platform Thinking

Aras Variant Management application helps manage your product platforms and variants on a single, connected Aras PLM platform. Using functionally rich, intuitive user interfaces, teams in your organization can define and validate product variability rules and apply them to various product structures. Product platforms are managed using breakdown structures with the applicable variability. The application generates valid product variants based on a common underlying platform structure.

Solving Unique Device Identification with Aras Innovator

A PLM system doesn't guarantee you are ready for any challenges affecting your company or your products. Since no one knows what the future will bring, it is impossible to build a PLM system, or any system for that matter, that will solve any future requirement that may come. You need a flexible, scalable platform that can quickly design, build, prototype, and launch new applications and features.

One example for the medical device industry was the introduction requirements for Unique Device Identification. When this requirement was introduced, no systems were ready for it, and no systems were designed to manage this requirement, which led to a lot of manual work, inefficiency, and loss of traceability.

Because of the flexibility of the Aras Innovator platform, we could quickly respond to this. Within two weeks, we had a fully functional solution that could help our customers manage this new requirement without investing in a new tool, adding mountains of manual work, and adding to the system landscape's complexity.

The Complete Guide to PLM Software Selection

Selecting the right PLM software for your organization can be complex and time-consuming. With so many available options, it can be challenging to determine which software solution will best meet your specific business needs.

In addition, many PLM software selection processes have become superficial. These processes often resemble staged performances, where software vendors and implementation partners compete against each other to win your business.

The Complete Guide to PLM Software Selection is designed to help you avoid these pitfalls and make a well-informed decision about which PLM software solution is right for you.

This guide provides a comprehensive overview of the key factors when selecting a PLM software solution. It also guides how to build a business case for PLM adoption, select a vendor, and implement the software effectively.

Download your copy of The Complete Guide to PLM Software Selection today and get the information you need to make a smart decision about your PLM software future.

航空宇宙&防衛分野におけるデジタルスレッド - 急成長の兆し
この eBook は、航空宇宙および防衛 PLM アクション グループのメンバー企業を代表してを代表して Aras と共同で行った最近の調査を要約したものです。その中で、産業界ユーザー、その顧客、サプライヤー、そしてソリューションプロバイダー各社のエコシステムの中でのデジタルスレッドへの投資が急増していることが明確に示されています。対象となっていたデジタルスレッドソリューションの初期導入は、価値のプルーブポイントと本質的な学びを提供しました。現在、これらの初期の成果ならびに明らかになった価値の可能性による期待に導かれて、次なる投資が増加しています。
Aras DevOps : Further Accelerating Time to Value for Aras Innovator Subscribers

Implementing and operating PLM solutions can be complex due to their many capabilities, interdependencies, and integrations and how they interact with product information and business processes. Read this commentary and discover why CIMdata calls the Aras approach to DevOps “a great choice for companies looking to modernize their approach to Aras Innovator solution configuration management.”

Adventures in the PLM Multiverse: Mastering your Product Development Timelines

Consumers choose products with ever-increasing features in today's highly competitive commercial landscape. To succeed in this landscape, companies are investing in efficient product development strategies as a key differentiator in determining their success. Adopting a modular product development approach where many product variants are derived from a common platform has become a best practice. However, this approach requires the ability to match the innumerable customer requirements and all the combinations of product options conceived in the development phase. Most of the Variant Management tools available in the market cannot handle this challenge, addressing variability only on the already developed product as it is presented to consumers.

The new Variant Management application in the Aras Innovator platform is designed to cover not only the customer-facing product variants but also the development process of these variants, including the mapping to product requirements and other product representations. It leverages the power of Aras Innovator, including its flexibility and connectivity, to provide a solution that applies to the complete Digital Thread. This allows companies to manage product variants from the start of their development process, addressing complexity in an efficient manner, and reducing the overall product development cycle, thus delivering value to their customers faster.

In this webinar, Rodrigo Britto Maria, Aras presales engineer for EMEA, will demonstrate how the Aras Variant Management application can be used in a product development scenario, highlighting the connection with product requirements and discussing the key differentiators that can help you manage the variability of your products across their development lifecycles.

デモシリーズ Aras Innovator のダッシュボードとレポーティング機能

今日、多くの企業が製品開発中に生成されるデータの管理に苦労していると言われます。このデータの多くは企業内の各部署で保持されており、ビジネス判断に活用されることは多くありません。この課題に対する解決策の一つは、PLM データを表示するインタラクティブなダッシュボードを作成することです。このデモでは、今年段階的にリリース予定の Aras Innovator のダッシュボードとレポーティング機能をご紹介します。

Kendrion’s PLM journey: From disparate software systems to a centralized, digital backbone

Managing and coordinating product development across multiple locations while consciously acquiring new companies comes with business challenges. If your organization is in a similar situation, this webinar is a must. 

In this webinar, Kendrion, who manufactures high-quality electromagnetic systems and components for industrial and automotive applications, will share how they went from disparate software systems to a centralized, digital backbone with Aras Innovator. They now maintain a single source of truth for their data coming from more than 20 sites worldwide. 

Find out why they selected the cloud-based Aras Enterprise SaaS (software as a service) platform for their dynamic scaling and easy integration with other systems. And why they went with a SaaS solution rather than on-premise? We will review how they resolved other business challenges as a multi-side and constantly growing organization with a SaaS product lifecycle management system (PLM).

Integrated System Lifecycle Management for Hardware and Software Engineering

Software is playing an increasingly important role in the development of future products. While mechanical, electrical, and electronic elements are often interconnected, software/ firmware is only sometimes effectively integrated into traditional product data management systems. 

In recent webinars, we have demonstrated the benefits of adopting a model-based systems engineering and product lifecycle management approach, which allows for the automatic maintenance of a bill of materials and streamlined change processes across disciplines. 

In this webinar, we will show how software/firmware can also be managed in an integrated approach using ALM/PLM best-in-class integration. This will provide a comprehensive view of the integrated development process and ensure that all disciplines work together seamlessly.

Aras Hot Takes

Recently, the market handed us amazing examples of what happens when companies fail to keep up with the technologies that are strategic to their competitiveness. Delaying technology upgrades has had an enormous impact on Southwest’s business. Legacy technology systems could also have contributed to Ford’s Mustang Mach-E production errors, where CEO Jim Farley disclosed they have “a mile of wires it didn’t need.”

Both companies are struggling to meet the demands of today's market due to their use of outdated legacy systems. How can modern enterprise systems help companies overcome these challenges and prepare for the future?

Join us for an exclusive webinar where Aras experts will provide commentary and dive deep into the consequences of using outdated systems, explore the risks and benefits of modernizing technology, and how companies can break free from their legacy systems to become more agile, efficient, and competitive.

Centralizing data from multiple sources using Aras

Nidec Corporation, a leading global comprehensive motor manufacturer, chose Aras Innovator to centralize data from various sources due to their acquisition of multiple companies. Hear how they successfully centralized their data using Aras from Kamran Aftab, PLM management leader at Nidec.

Risk Management is Much More Than a Spreadsheet

Medical device manufacturers must reduce the risk of potential hazards and harm when users operate their devices. Device failures from intended and unintended use must be identified, understood, and controlled. Managing risks in siloed document-driven processes makes it difficult for medical device manufacturers to connect all risk-related data and understand the impact of product changes coming from design and R&D. Manufacturers need a system that brings quality, risk, and product data together in one place.

グリーン ビジネス 〜サーキュラー エコノミーへの PLM の活用〜

企業が製品の CO2 排出量や REACH、RoHS への準拠、その他の規制要件に関するトレーサビリティを把握することは、もはやオプションではありません。 循環型経済(サーキュラー エコノミー)を実現するには、製品のリサイクル性や廃棄物、寿命について理解し、管理する必要があります。そのためには、製品ライフサイクル全体のトレーサビリティをデジタルスレッドによってサポートできる、環境に優しい PLM システムに、製品構成や材料情報から製造および出荷に至るまでの製品にまつわるすべてデータを取り込む必要があります。ただし、PLM ソフトウェアだけでは十分ではありません。コンポーネントや材料の環境への影響に関する信頼できる情報を提供するクラウド リソースも利用する必要があります。

このウェビナーでは、サーキュラー エコノミーに PLM を今すぐ活用できるアイデアをはじめ、製品構成に対して IHS や Ansys Granta MI™ などのクラウド ソースを活用する例についてご紹介します。

PLM Projects Stink: The Truth Business Leaders Must Know

"If you digitize a bad process, you will get a bad digital process."

With 20+ years of PLM implementation experience, we have learned a few lessons on what makes or breaks a PLM project. First, if you do not know your digitization strategy, you will get lost at some point trying to reach an unknown goal. And secondly, if the entire organization and external partners is not involved in the PLM implementation, there is a high probability that it will fail. No matter how much money you spend.    

In this webinar, we will show you concrete examples of what to consider, and how to prepare and set up a PLM project that is not doomed to fail, making sure that you reap maximum benefit from your PLM solution.

Revolutionizing Product Management with PLM: How Aras Innovator Streamlined Operations for Amulet Hotkey in Just 20 Days

In the past, Amulet Hotkey faced challenges due to inconsistent management of product data across spreadsheets and multiple disconnected systems. This issue harmed their data quality and productivity. However, by adopting Aras Innovator in the cloud as their primary system with strict data security control, Amulet Hotkey has experienced a drastic improvement in their efficiency, reducing the time it takes to assemble and send data packages to third-party manufacturers from 3-4 weeks to just 3 minutes.

Aras Innovator Enables an Award-winning Advanced Monitoring Solution at MacGregor

MacGregor, a world-renowned provider of cargo and load handling solutions for the global maritime industry has developed an award-winning monitoring solution with Aras Innovator as its supporting IT platform.

Enable Your Digital Transformation with Structured and Linked Data

If you are from a product company, an EPC or an Owner/Operator engaged in capital projects, and interested in how others manage information from early phase design through to operations and maintenance by introducing structured and connected data, then this webinar is for you.

Bjorn Fidjeland from plmPartner offers examples of what kind of information structures are important to focus on and manage throughout the lifecycle of any plant or facility as well as how they relate to each other. Listen to how different companies have obtained traceability and control from early plant design to product selection or even in-house product design and manufacturing, through to installation, commissioning and ultimately operations, maintenance, and de-commissioning.

Learn how companies are utilizing structured and linked data as a foundation for their digital twins, and why this linked data is such an important enabler to harvest the benefits promised by digital transformation. 

Jump-Starting Your Company with Aras

Hear from Sébastien Grau, co-founder, of Inensia, about why they chose to become an Aras Innovator consulting and integration partner.

How to Control Exploding Product Complexity? Hint: Start With Requirements

Everything in design starts - and ends - with requirements. They are a critical part of a digital thread and provide the context of what the product does. Add the ever-exploding product complexities and the challenges keep growing. Separate, stand-alone tools for managing requirements make traceability of requirements difficult. This is why managing requirements in a PLM platform is critical to improving interdisciplinary collaboration and verification. Hear the benefits of integrating requirements management across the entire product lifecycle with the digital thread.

Aras Dashboards and Reporting

Most companies today struggle to manage all of the data that is generated during product development. Much of this data is contained in silos around the enterprise with little access for the business. One solution to this challenge is the ability to create interactive dashboards that display PLM data. Learn more about this illuminating ability from Aras that will be rolling out in phases this year.

トヨタ モーター ヨーロッパにおけるシステムズシンキングによる柔軟なデジタルスレッドの開発

TME のモデルベース設計チームは、エンジニアリングチーム間でデータを共有するために複雑な表計算シートを手作業でやり取りしていました。これらの表計算シートは、他の製品データと紐づいておらず、構成管理に基づいて管理されていなかったため、データの系統、成熟度、つながりが明確でないことが頻繁にありました。エンジニアリング部門のマネージメントチームは、新しいデータ管理プラットフォームがなければ既存のプロセスは維持できないと認識しました。今では、表計算シートは「信頼できる唯一の情報源」となる Aras プラットフォーム上のデジタルスレッドと置き換えられ、バリアント、設計、シミュレーションの関係性はシステム中心のデジタルスレッドの中で管理されています。

Aras Innovator と XPLM でつながる製品ライフサイクルのデジタルスレッドを実現

アラスのインテグレーションパートナー XPLM は、2023 年 1月に日本に拠点を設立しました。
XPLM は、PLM 領域のインテグレーションを専門とするグローバルなソフトウェア会社です。同社は PLM、PDM、ERP、MCAD、ECAD、MBSE、ALM を含む 100以上のソフトウェアに対応した統合ソリューションを提供しています。今回のデモでは、XPLM 合同会社の代表取締役セドリック・オジーヴ氏より、Aras Innovator について日本でサポートされる CAD コネクターをご紹介します。

From the Excel Chaos to Centralized Product Data Management

Excel-based management makes finding the most current data very difficult, with users making copies, changing data, or saving new versions of documents. When Tamturbo went through a period of rapid growth, which resulted in more complex products and data to manage, they quickly realized the importance of systematic data management.

Tamturbo produces oil-free, touch-free, and care-free turbocompressors for several industries and provides 24/7 remote monitoring of their equipment. It is critical for all departments – from sales and service to designers and developers – to have easy access to accurate product data. 

In this webinar, Tamturbo’s Ollipekka Jaatinen and Fulvisol’s Petri Surakka will discuss how Tamturbo achieved a clear, traceable view of the entire lifecycle of its compressors by federating all data into one system available across their entire value chain. 

Please register today and get insights on how a growing organization can leverage product lifecycle management (PLM) to boost its productivity, save costs on outsourcing resources, and deliver design structures for customers.  With access to one data hub, users can connect their CAD system to Aras Innovator, ensuring the accuracy and completeness of all CAD libraries and much more.

エネルギー コストは、業界全体が直面している最大の課題です。しかし、多くの企業は簡単に実施できる省エネ対策満足しており、体系化されたアプローチを実践している企業は例外的です。

本書では、企業がデジタライゼーションを通してエネルギー消費を大幅に削減可能な方法をご紹介します。体系化されたエネルギー監査と収集データの正確な分析により、バリュー チェーンの深い洞察を得て、最適化の可能性を活用することができます。
Improving production timelines with Aras for major revenue impact

Circor Deltavalve is the global standard for safe and reliable refinery valves. Their innovative solutions have created levels of safety and reliability previously unattainable. Listen to this 2-min video on how Circor Deltavalve broke free from the constraints of their legacy PLM system to meet their business goals by leveraging the open, flexible, easy-to-use Aras Innovator platform.

What's New in Aras Innovator

Our Aras Product Development team has been releasing application, connector, and platform updates at an incredible pace!  With our robust release cadence, you may have missed some great new features that were designed with you in mind!  

Hear from John Sperling, SVP Product Management, for a 30-minute overview and demonstration of all the new capabilities to help you continuously improve on your Digital Transformation journey.

ESG and Europe’s Business Transition: The Aras 2023 Industry Survey

Rising energy costs, a high inflation rate, and an acute shortage of skilled workers are putting tremendous pressure on European industrial companies. Winners and losers are made in times of crisis and individual companies can control how well they are positioned during times of uncertainty.  

To assess how prepared Europe’s industry is, Aras surveyed over 400 decision-makers from 19 European countries; nine out of ten survey participants are convinced that sustainability and economic success are no longer a contradiction in terms. For them, getting ahead with ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) is a critical factor for building the resilient businesses of the future.  

During this webinar Frederic Weiller and Matthias Fohrer will share with you how your company can both comply with legal requirements and capture the economic potential of sustainable business practices.

Pioneering Satellite Communications: One ASIC to Rule Them All

Hanwha Phasor is a British company with a mission to design broadband antennas capable of delivering mobile internet access via satellites anywhere in the world. Today, the London-based company is preparing its first product, the M6 phased array antenna, planned for launch in 2025. A focus that has added an extra layer of complexity to how departments collaborate with product data throughout the organization.

To transform design data into state-of-the-art low-profile antennas. Hanwha Phasor needed a PLM system to transfer released and approved design data to manufacturing to support efficient collaboration of design data between engineering and manufacturing.

Smart Teams Break Free of Their Chains: Unlock Your Multi-CAD Data With PLM

When access to CAD data is limited to CAD designers, the only users who can realize the value of visualization, collaboration, and coordinated change based on highly intuitive, graphical representations of the product are the users who created those representations in the first place. In this white paper, we look at the current CAD and PDM landscapes and outline the impact of an unconnected CAD environment. Then we examine the benefits of integrating CAD data into a PLM system and the importance of a digital thread that connects that data with departments, the extended enterprise, and the supply chain.

デモシリーズ ゼロからの Aras Innovator 〜 基本機能から最新機能まで 〜

多くの企業で利用が加速している Aras Innovator。今回のデモでは、「なぜ Aras が選ばれるのか?」 「どのような機能があるのか?」 といった Aras Innovator の基本を、デモンストレーションを混じえながらご紹介します。また、Release 14 以降の最新機能についても、実際に操作しながらわかりやすくご説明いたします。なお、今回は ACE 2022 Japan の内容を再編集してお届けします。

ALM and PLM: The Business Case for Marriage

Accelerate your new product introduction with the innovation twins ALM and PLM. Products are getting smarter each year, increasing the number of lines of code and dependencies between hardware components, sub-systems, and the system in its entirety. People from different disciplines must work together to make products and systems work reliably. The different engineering disciplines involved typically work within their specialized tools: software engineering in their Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) system, electrical engineering in data management tools, and mechanical engineers manage data in their PLM system. The know-how exchange between those silos is often poor and results in substantial manual overhead.

In October 2022, we showed the technology enabling the data exchange between ALM and PLM. This time, together with PROSTEP and their OpenPDM Integration Platform, we will explain the business case for the collaboration between ALM and PLM. We’ll answer the question “why should you care” about the marriage between ALM and PLM.

Full Speed Ahead At Vard Electro With Aras

Vard Electro is a world-class supplier of complete electrical systems for ships, including Control, Power, and Communications systems. The company recently changed its approach to become more product-oriented, and Aras Innovator plays an important part in making engineers and designers work much more efficiently.

Aras MCADコネクターで「つながる」デジタルスレッドを実現

Aras Innovator と XPLM で、異なる分野・地域・ベンダーを超えて「つながる」製品ライフサイクルのデジタルスレッドを実現

Transformative Business

In 2022, businesses responded to enormous challenges and ongoing change. This won’t slow down in 2023, but now the name of the game is surviving economic downturns, elevated energy costs, and supply chain disruptions, all while making the right investments in products. And while keeping in mind that many of the world’s greatest companies started during economic downturns, which often present the best opportunities for growing a business while others are retreating.  

In this webinar, Rob McAveney, Chief Technology Officer and Jason Kasper, Director of Product Marketing, Aras, explore trends and opportunities to invest in supporting your business challenges today while creating the flexibility to adapt to future business conditions and meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Nissan CS

Aras Innovator は、 日産自動車株式会社の電子制御システムの開発基盤として採用されています。 その結果、クルマの電子制御機能の拡大で複雑化していた構成管理の効率化に成功しました。 同社の担当者は Aras Innovator を選んだ理由として、「 作りやすい」「握りやすい」「つなぎやすい」の 3 点を挙げています。この特長により、日産自動車は短期間でアライアンスパートナーとの機能統合を実現し、さらに長年目指してきた「デジタルスレッド」の構築が現実のものとなりはじめました。

Europe’s Industry in Transition

Rising energy costs, inflation, and an acute shortage of skilled workers have become a permanent state of affairs for European companies. There is no way to tell how long this will last, but companies can control how well they are positioned during times of uncertainty. 

To determine how well European industry has managed to do this so far, Aras surveyed more than 400 managers from 19 European countries. What do the managers from industries like automotive, mechanical engineering, aviation, chemicals, or medical technology want to do differently or better in the future? Find answers to these questions and more in Aras’ survey, “Europe’s Industry in Transition.”


株式会社ジェイテクト サーモシステムは、Aras Innovator を使用して受注生産業務を効率化しました。同社は、個別受注生産プロセスにおいて、装置ごとに最適なデータベースを構築する必要があり、柔軟なシステム構築が可能な Aras Innovator に着目しました。

Energy Crisis

Europe is currently experiencing a dramatic two-fold energy crisis. In addition to the risk of an energy supply shortage, European organizations also face rising energy prices. This situation is driving companies of all sizes to reduce output and be ready to shut down their production if necessary. Energy-intensive businesses must decide between weathering the storm in Europe or relocating production to regions with lower energy prices. These scenarios will dramatically affect each company's competitiveness, sustainability, and activities.

In this webinar, Frederic Weiller, director of Field Marketing for Aras Europe, and Patrick Willemsen, director of Aras Technical Solutions EMEA, will share how the energy-conscious solutions available today can help you manage your carbon footprint and comply with environmental regulations, helping decision-makers achieve their sustainability goals.

Aras の要件管理機能を利用した体系化された要件の容易な作成


今回のデモでは、Aras の要件管理アプリケーションのカスタマイズ例を通して、他の要件作成ツールと接続して製品ライフサイクル全体でトレーサビリティが自動的に維持可能になるところをご紹介します。

How to De-risk Your PLM Environment Before it’s Too Late

Companies are experiencing increased risk of IP theft, overworked IT staff, adjusting to more global remote employees, and quickly changing business processes. Having the right tools, processes, and expertise in place is essential, not just to protect your company, but to grow.

Hear from Aras experts as they discuss how Aras Enterprise SaaS helps de-risk your PLM environment.


テクノロジーの進化に合わせて市場のニーズが多様化したことで、現代の製品・サービスは複雑化を遂げています。変化する顧客ニーズに応えるために、製造業が取り組むべきデジタルトランスフォーメーション(DX)とは何か。2022年 4月 27日に開催したウェビナー「新時代の顧客ロイヤリティ戦略 ~ 製品競争力の強化に導く3つの柱 ~」では、DX 時代の製造業が抱える課題を洗い出し、「システム思考」「プラットフォーム戦略」「SaaS 環境」といったキーワードから、顧客ロイヤリティを向上させる DX を実現するためのヒントが紹介されました。

また、6月 10日に行われた ACE 2022 Japan の中で、その続編となる経済産業省の和泉憲明氏とアラスジャパンの久次昌彦による特別対談が行われ、より具体的な例を挙げながら「SaaS 化がもたらす日本の製造業が取り組むべきデジタライゼーション」について語られました。

本誌では、企業の DX 推進への第一歩となるよう、2 回のセッションの内容を要約してご紹介します。


Digital Transformation Strategy for the Oil & Gas Industry
The Oil and Gas industry is facing increasing levels of competition from new entrants such as shale and renewables (in the context of a historically low oil prices). If it is to achieve its stated goals of delivering higher and more predictable returns for shareholders, it must strengthen how it identifies the most competitive projects (and executes them) and drive down operating costs and improve asset performance.
Empower Engineering Change - New Proficiency for Interdisciplinary Change Management

We are transforming from focusing on products to increasingly interdisciplinary and networked systems. These systems are built using a combination of mechanical design, E/E development, and software engineering. The increasing interdependencies between engineering artifacts require new methods to manage engineering change. Against this background, the potential of integrating Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) and Product Lifecycle Management will be highlighted in this webinar.

The heterogeneous data from various development tools require new approaches to engineering change management. With the help of MBSE models, the impact of a change can be analyzed across development disciplines. At the same time, a PLM backbone can manage formal changes via workflows that cross IT system boundaries. The interaction of the systems and a connection via EAN-CAD/Software-Integrated Development Environment (SW-IDE) will be highlighted in the webinar.

Aras Product Manager Leigh Young, Rik Rasor of Fraunhofer Institute for Mechatronic Systems Design (IEM) and Robert Huxel, director of Business Development & Marketing, XPLM, show the benefits of interdisciplinary change management. They will share best practices based on Fraunhofer IEM’s 10 years of experience.

Aras Variant Management

Aras Variant Management allows you to define and manage complex configurations of product variants across engineering disciplines and organizational boundaries. This enables you to efficiently define and manage variability in product platforms, maximize module reuse, reduce cost of quality (COQ), lower costs, and shorten time to market. Establishing a consistent approach to authoring and managing variability is an essential element of your product strategy.

Five Steps To Break Away From Data Isolation

Today, spreadsheets still play a significant part in everyday work life in engineering and manufacturing organizations across the globe. But as the demand for instant access to product data is increasing, so is the need for interconnected product data management tools and integration between enterprise systems. Enter Aras PLM, a data management platform that connects information from multiple sources and enables on-demand access to all product data.

A Sustainable Future – Seize Opportunities When Someone Else Sees Costs

Most companies that aim to deliver profitable products and solutions are now also challenged to support a sustainable future for our planet. Global regulations will play a significant role. For example, ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) reporting toward Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions will help companies, investors and consumers where to put their money.

For products and solutions, the environmental impact is mostly defined during the concept phase, where business and design decisions create the major constraints. New business models, like Products as a Service, combined with Modular/Repairable/Upgradeable products are likely the to-be models for a sustainable future.

To run these new business models competitively and efficiently, a company must implement a data-driven PLM infrastructure. This webinar will show how the Aras’ PLM-infrastructure can help businesses in their journey. Aras Innovator offers the platform, OOTB (Out-Of-The-Box) applications, connectivity, and flexibility to support data-driven processes and the transformation to new business models. We will demonstrate the product data traceability from cradle-to-cradle within and beyond the Aras platform.


レジリエントなエンタープライズ エコシステムを形成するには、考え方、コネクション、およびコラボレーションにおいて新たな方法をとることになり、大きな変更を伴います。これらすべては、貴重で誤解されがちなリソースである製品データにアクセスする必要があります。これらのデータは、企業内で活用される際には、セキュリティを保ちながらも、必要とするすべての人が利用できる必要があります。このビデオでは、組織のレジリエンス性を高める上での障壁、解決策、およびその価値についてご紹介します。

Risk Management in Medical Device Development

A special case of risk management is in the development and marketing of medical devices. Designing, ensuring, and certifying that they are safe for human interaction be it for daily patient care, invasive or non-invasive, diagnostic procedures, or scientific research. The risks may extend to other patients, operators, external equipment or the environment on a micro or macro scale.

The challenges, however, are that risks can present themselves at any point in the lifecycle of the product. Capturing and assessing all risks is both difficult, time-consuming, and error-prone because many medical device manufacturers today are dependent on traditional paper-based risk management processes.

Increase your risk management effectiveness. Learn more in this whitepaper about how to improve your risk processes with automation and change control.

Upgrade PDM

Product Lifecycle Management is essential for all manufacturers that face the demand of rapid creation of designs and many product variants. The need to instantly access information across multiple stakeholders upstream and downstream of product design, has made the move from PDM to PLM imperative. Aras Innovator provides a natural, easy migration path to PLM from legacy PDM tools. With its flexible, scalable, low-code platform, Aras Innovator easily adapts to your organization's existing processes without the need for costly software customization. In this webinar, you will learn how to power up your PDM to Aras PLM as you take the first step towards Digital Transformation.

Incorporating MBSE Across a PLM Managed Digital Thread

Systems Thinking is essential to managing exploding product complexities. Companies are investing in Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) methodologies and tools. Unfortunately, traditional product lifecycle management (PLM) software was built to manage the BOM (Bill of Materials), while MBSE’s focus is on the design intent prior to defining the BOM. This creates a gap in any digital thread. This paper discusses three examples of the successful integration of MBSE with a PLM platform resulting in a complete tool-agnostic digital thread.

Quisque sagittis interdum lacus quis convallis. Aliquam tincidunt nunc eget urna ornare ultricies.複雑につながったインテリジェントな製品は現在も今後も複雑化し続け、複雑さゆえに市場のチャンスが失われ、リソース圧迫につながってしまうこともあります。その複雑さを管理することで、 OEM 内の複数のシステム、分野、専門領域、およびパートナーやサプライヤの分散したネットワークを最適化する必要があります。

デジタルトランスフォーメーション: レジリエントなエンタープライズエコシステムの構築
製品データを効率的かつ効果的に活用するには、エンタープライズエコシステムをどのように構築すればよいのでしょうか?ほとんどの組織は、単にサイロ化したデータをつなげているだけだと考えています実際にデジタルトランスフォーメーションを成功させるには、新しいプロセス、そして標準的な運用手順を混乱させる、安定的でも時代遅れのツールを手放すことができる柔軟性が求められます。このエグゼクティブ サマリーでは、デジタルトランスフォーメーションプラットフォームとの新しい考え方、コラボレーション、つながりを発見できます。

Accelerate your new product introduction with the innovation twins ALM and PLM. Many products are becoming smarter and more complex, increasing the number of lines of code and dependencies between hardware components, sub-systems, and the system in its entirety. People across different disciplines must work together to make systems work together in a reliable way. The different engineering disciplines involved typically work in specialized tools: software engineers work in Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) systems, electrical engineers in data management tools, and mechanical engineers manage data in their PLM system. Knowledge sharing and data exchange between these systems is often poor and results in substantial manual overhead.

Together with PROSTEP and their OpenPDM Integration Platform, we will show the collaboration between ALM and PLM. The out of-the-box connectors of OpenPDM integrate product data for better, faster, and more efficient product development.

Variant Management

製品の複雑化が加速し、顧客の選択肢が増える中、製品のバリエーションを効率的に管理する方法の導入が必要となっています。今回のデモでは、新しい Aras Variant Management アプリケーションを利用して、どのように製品バリエーションを定義し、製品プラットフォームとバリエーションに関する情報を Aras プラットフォームが管理する製品全体のデジタルスレッドの一部として管理するのかをご紹介します。

なお、今回のデモシリーズは、ACE 2022 Japan の内容を再編集してお届けします。

A Day In The Life Of Two CAD Engineers

Are you using your data efficiently? How do you keep the little things from falling through the cracks? Aras Innovator® is a platform that can help you stay on top of your product data. In this video, we examine the daily routine of two CAD engineers. Both use an industry-standard PDM tool to manage their CAD design files and all other files that might be associated with this process. The main difference is that Jane’s company has integrated its CAD environment into Aras Innovator. In contrast, Bob’s company does not have a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution to share its CAD data with the rest of the organization and partners in the supply chain.

Aras MPP を活用して製造プロセス計画を見直す

Aras Manufacturing Process Planning(MPP)を使用して、製造エンジニアは EBOM を MBOM に変換しながら作業指示書や製造プロセス計画を作成できるため、MBOM を構築する生産性が向上し、すべての情報をリアルタイムで最新状態に保つことが可能です。今回は、エンジニアリングと製造の生産性の向上にお役立ていただける Aras Innovator MPP の新機能の概要をデモを交えてご紹介します。



企業とその製品をさらに持続可能なものにするには何をすればよいのでしょうか? どのようにして循環経済への移行を成し遂げればよいのでしょうか? 本書では、これらの質問に対する答えについて解説していきます。
Racal Acoustics

Racal Acoustics produces audio devices, in-ear headsets, field telephones, and handsets, all specifically tailored to military, paramilitary, and first-responder markets. Before, the company was hampered by inefficient processes where it could take 4-6 weeks to release a new product. Therefore, it was important for the product development team at Racal Acoustics to eliminate all ineffective procedures that increased the time to market for new products. The implementation of Aras Innovator with the industry-specific Aras for High-Tech Electronics solution quickly led to significant efficiency improvements in managing electronic drawings as well as in producing data packs. Download the case study to read the full story.

Everyone Knows You Need Technical Documentation

Aras Technical Documentation helps companies who design, and document complex products to render controlled product data as content while conforming to a document schema through efficient document authoring processes within and across disciplines Unlike traditional PLM providers, who rely on third party applications external to the document creation process, we help you to accurately reflect current product data as documentation so you can document legally binding obligations with stakeholders while properly documenting multi-domain design and testing of complex products.

OEM (相手先商標製造会社) メーカーは、システム思考によって人々の考え方、データ モデル、ツール、およびプロセスを変革して、製品の複雑化による機会と課題を管理する方法に焦点を当てています。つまり、システム思考こそがデジタルトランスフォーメーション(DX)と言えます。システム思考と DX を組み合わせることで、OEM は爆発的に増加する製品の複雑さを管理および活用することが可能となり、市場での永続的な競合優位性を生み出すことができます。

Driving Successful Digital Transformation in Engineering to Manufacturing and the Supply Chain

CAR Management Briefing Seminars 2022 – Aras Power Breakfast
August 2-4, 2022, Grand Traverse Resort, Traverse City, MI

Digital Transformation is a necessity for success in any industry, and the automotive industry is no different.  To stay competitive, automotive OEMs and suppliers have to update their digital processes and systems. 

Updates face a number of challenges that stem not only from electrification, ADAS, and embedded software trends, but also from ensuring the digital transformation goes across the entire supply chain.
Watch Microsoft's Automotive CTO, Richard Doak and Aras' SVP of Strategy, Marc Lind as they discuss: 

  • The challenges that have been encountered by a number of automotive manufacturers
  • Steps to overcome these challenges, including:
      - Moving to SaaS and the cloud
      - Leveraging digital threads and digital twins to eliminate data silos
デモシリーズ Aras Innovator の最新機能

Aras Innovator R14 のリリース以後、Aras はかつてないペースでアプリケーションやプラットフォーム機能、コンポーネント、コネクタ等のアップデートをリリースしてきました。この中には、見逃された機能もあるかもしれません。今回のデモでは、貴社の DX に推進にお役立ていただける Aras Innovator の最新機能を、デモを交えて改めてご紹介します。

It’s Time to Reconcile Your Manufacturing Process Plans

With Aras Manufacturing Process Planning, manufacturing engineers can transform EBOM to MBOM while also building work instructions and process plans, resulting in increased productivity for the team building the MBOM while keeping everything up to date in real-time.

Hear from Craig Currie, Aras product manager, who will provide a 30-minute overview and demonstration of all the new MPP capabilities that will improve engineering and manufacturing productivity.


Move your SolidWorks utilization to the next level by connecting all your multi-CAD data to a single product lifecycle management (PLM) system, without leaving your SolidWorks environment. You will leave the webinar with a better understanding of why a connected digital thread costs less than the cost of decentralized data management and data silos that keep your whole value chain from achieving greater collaboration and use/reuse of data.

Download Aras Innovator here.

Cloud PLM の現状 2022
PLM のクラウドへの移行は、どのような現状だと思いますか? 製造業の企業は、PLM ソリューションを従来よりも積極的にクラウドに移行しているでしょうか? この eBook は、Tech-Clarity 社の 2022年の調査結果をまとめたもので、PLM ソリューションのクラウドへの移行に関する先進企業の状況の変化をご覧いただけます。本調査は、世界中のすべての主要製造業企業の経営幹部からの回答をまとめたものです。
How Fast is PLM Moving to the Cloud?

What is the current state of the PLM cloud transition? Watch this insightful webinar to hear Jim Brown, president, Tech-Clarity, and Bruce Bookbinder, Aras Product Marketing, analyze the results of Tech-Clarity’s recent survey of 134 manufacturers on their strategy for migrating their PLM solutions to the cloud. The critical data points discussed in the session provide valuable insights into how aggressive companies are moving to the cloud and their most pressing concerns about making the transition.

Intelligent Cascading Requirements

The product development process for today’s smart, interconnected, and multidisciplinary products can no longer be effectively managed using simple text-based requirements—which is the status quo. What’s needed are “intelligent” requirements that can capture various authoring methodologies (requirements come from multiple sources), content complexities (including the ability to capture parameters and expressions that define acceptable ranges), and design states (including managing product line variability).

Technical Documentation: How it's Done Right

Confusing, error filled, out-of-date, or badly targeted documentation leads to bad customer first impressions, extended time to market, product recalls, potential lawsuits, and governing audits. Review this infographic to understand how technical documentation should be “Done Right.”

Check out the Aras Technical Documentation page for more.

No Digital Twins Without

In this webinar, Bruno Trebucq, Directeur Conseil R&D/Digital Twin/PLM of CGI Business Consulting, discusses why a systems engineering approach is necessary to build a complete digital twin. He also reviewed the concept of the digital twin, the different data, models, and domains and enterprise data repositories it unifies. Tim Keer, Director Pre-Sales NA of Aras, demonstrated how to successfully implement this disruptive and holistic vision through Aras' flexible and versatile platform.

Manage Your Product Variants Using Aras’ New Variant Management Application

Managing variants of complex product platforms is essential to controlling costs and staying competitive in today’s market. Learn how Aras' Variant Management application helps you efficiently manage product variants on any abstraction level and with full traceability and change management. All variant definition information is maintained as part of the overall product digital thread managed by the Aras platform. This enables an efficient process of maximizing reuse, incorporating new product features, and performing change impact analysis.

Design Control in the Medical Device Industry

Would your company benefit from automating regulatory approvals and streamlining your design control practices? Many companies are wasting an unhealthy amount of time on storing and retrieving documentation during the product design process. In the end, this results in a higher risk of error, even more time wasted, and a lack of visibility.

Watch this short video to discover how a comprehensive solution with unique integration possibilities can provide you with the tools you need for complete management of design control processes.



これは、急成長を遂げているフィンランドのコンプレッサー メーカー Tamturbo 社でも同様でした。そこで同社は、「すべての製品関連データが集まる中央駅のような位置付けとして Aras Innovator に切り替えることにしました。今では、これなしでは考えられません」と CEO の Igor Nagaev 氏は説明します。

Tamturbo 社の事例では、Excel から専門的な PLM ツールへの移行を成功させる方法と、その際に考慮すべきポイントを公開しています。

The Business Benefits of Generation 2 SaaS PLM

As organizations consider their PLM cloud strategies, the question of flexibility and scalability of cloud-based PLM SaaS offerings has become a critical part of the conversation. CIMdata has observed an evolution in the underlying technology for cloud-based PLM solutions, which they identify as Generation 1 and Generation 2.

The emergence of Generation 2 cloud-based PLM SaaS solutions is significant, bringing the benefits of the full breadth and depth of PLM based on a cloud native architecture with full configurability to the forefront. This enables businesses to sustainably change processes to adapt to and meet their unique business needs.

Watch the webinar to learn the differences between Generation 1 and Generation 2 solutions and why a Generation 2 solution can enable greater and more sustainable business transformation.

Greener Business: PLM, Traceability, and Beyond

Your company has to become “greener” for several reasons. Your customers are requiring clean manufacturing and environmentally friendly products. Your shareholders are more willing to invest in companies that take care of the planet we live on. Legislators are increasing restrictions on polluting substances and are required by law to provide proactive and traceable compliance reporting. 

Knowing your product’s CO2 footprint, its compliance to REACH, RoHS and the traceability of other regulatory requirements is no longer optional. You must now understand and manage recycling, disposal, and the end of life of your products to enable the new circular economy. Your product data, from structure and materials information to manufacturing and shipping practices, must be captured in a green-friendly PLM system that supports traceability through a cradle-to-grave digital thread. However, your PLM software cannot do it alone. It needs to connect to cloud resources that provide reliable information about the environmental impact of components and materials.

In this webinar, we are going to explore the idea of attaching the product structure to cloud sources like IHS, SiliconExpert and Ansys Granta MI™.

複雑なビジネスニーズを解きほぐす Aras プラットフォームのパワーと柔軟性

今日のビジネス状況は組織を横断してニーズが絡み合っているため、それに対応する IT システムは非常に複雑です。割り切って、個別の独立したシステムを構築する戦略をとらない限りは、様々なニーズに対応しながらデータの連携を確保できるシステムを実現するには 1) レジリエントなプラットフォームと 2) 豊富な標準機能に加え、3) 柔軟なカスタマイズ性が不可欠です。本日のデモでは、Aras のパワーと柔軟性をご理解いただけるよう、Aras プラットフォームの柔軟性を活用して、多様なビジネスニーズに対応した各種ソリューションを標準機能をベースにどのように作成できるかを、実例を交えてご紹介します。

Aras Innovator SaaS: 第 2 世代のリーダー

クラウド技術と SaaS(Software-as-a-Service)によるサービス提供が進化するに伴い、CIMdata 社はクラウド PLM 市場の二極化に注視するようになり、それを第 1 世代(Gen 1)および第 2 世代(Gen 2)と名付けました。CIMdata 社はこの解説書で Aras Innovator SaaS を取り上げ、PLM のフル機能、構成可能性、およびアップグレード性の提供を通じて、Aras のソリューションが Gen 2 を定義する多くの重要な領域でどのように上回っているかを説明しています。

Gen 1/Gen 2 SaaS PLM: Definition & Business Benefits

SaaS PLM solutions have been around for more than 20 years, and their architectures and capabilities have evolved significantly over that time. To help buyers compare different SaaS PLM solutions, CIMdata recognizes two distinct generations, which they are calling Gen 1 and Gen 2. In their position paper, CIMdata defines and compares these different generations of SaaS PLM solutions and outlines the benefits of each.

Aras Medical Device Gave Teledyne DALSA a Head Start in Their Product Development

Teledyne DALSA saw a tremendous increase in product-related data that surfaced a need for a more flexible and global product data management system. After an extensive research phase, Teledyne DALSA chose the Aras Innovator PLM platform and the specific industry module for Aras Medical Device because of its flexibility and ability to support their current product development processes.

From Scattered Data to One Central Information Hub

One terabyte of uncategorized data - about one million files - was scattered in literally every virtual corner of Malvern Panalytical. Employees needed to manually sift through hard drives, emails, and floppy disks every time a specific document was needed. Learn how Malvern Panalytical implemented a scalable system with Aras that is flexible enough to adapt to all their processes.


Sustainable development continues to be one of the world’s top challenges. Key factors including the need for more sustainable products, investments in green technologies, and governments imposing strict environmental protection regulations have combined to drive industrial manufacturers to put more focus on sustainability.

PLM is both the foundation for and a critical enabler of sustainable transformation. Join us for a webinar with Inensia’s CEO and Manager of Business Consulting, Matthias Hofmann, who will discuss how PLM enables sustainable transformation in the manufacturing industry, including how to achieve sustainability targets, “go green” production processes, and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Transforming To Transportation-As-A-Service

Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) is a subscription service that allows customers to choose from a number of different transportation options without the hassle and expenses of ownership. As the popularity of MaaS increases, truck manufacturers need to decide whether they want to be a mobility provider, service provider, or just simply make a vehicle that can be sold to other companies who provide various services. Now, truck OEMs are facing new, formidable challenges that must be tackled with an increased agile approach to development and production. Download this eBook to learn more about how a resilient product development platform that extends throughout all phases of the product lifecycle, across disciplines, locations, supply chain, and teams can implement relevant changes incrementally and be sure these changes are synchronized and visible across the enterprise.

Design Control In The Medical Device Industry

Are you confident that your design control procedures are 100% compliant? Many companies are wasting an unhealthy amount of time on storing and retrieving documentation during the product design process. In the end, this results in a higher risk of error, even more time wasted, and a lack of visibility.

Does automating regulatory approvals and streamlining your design control practices appeal to you? Download this white paper and discover how a comprehensive solution with unique integration possibilities can provide you with the tools you need for complete management of design control processes.

Medical Device PLM

Many medical device companies spend an unnecessary amount of time on storing and retrieving documentation during the product design process. Engineers are forced to do manual updates, check-in and conversion of the product documentation. This practice results in a lack of visibility and higher risk of error.

In this video playlist, we will show you how documentation is managed in a single system. With Aras Medical Device, you are able to achieve:

- Accurate project update status
- Faster documentation retrieval
- Improved visibility
- Decreased risk of errors

PLM and Systems Engineering

Due to the rising complexity of future products, established IT-architectures are reaching their limits. The increasing level of interconnection and the growing amount of software in products requires an interdisciplinary approach such as Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE). In a previous webinar, we discussed the potential of integrating systems engineering and product lifecycle management (PLM).

We’ll continue the conversation during this webinar and focus on the integration of formal system models with existing PLM solutions. This means bringing together the systems engineering domain with the PLM process, while also connecting all relevant artifacts in the family of engineering disciplines from mechanics and electronics to software development. The main goal is to create a PLM backbone capable of spanning an enterprise-wide digital thread without having to sacrifice the use of best-in-breed authoring systems.

In this webinar, Aras’ Sr. Product Manager of Systems Engineering, Dr. Michael Pfenning, will be joined by Rik Rasor of Fraunhofer Institute for Mechatronic Systems Design (IEM) to discuss how the involved technologies are integrated and give insight into the latest customer projects.

Design Tomorrow Vehicle


The Circular Economy as a Model for the Future

Awareness of sustainability is growing. Today’s consumers are often making an extra effort to purchase products whose suppliers produce them in an environmentally friendly way, recycle, and use natural ingredients. This represents a fundamental societal shift that puts pressure on every company.

On top of this, there are strict regulations coming from the European Union (EU) Corporate Sustainability Directive that will make sustainability reporting mandatory in 2023 for thousands of companies. The new rules must be taken seriously, or companies will see severe penalties for violations.

How can companies and their products become more sustainable? How can they manage their entry into the circular economy? What digital tools are already available to help with this initiative? Find answers to these questions and more in this white paper.

From Digital Trauma to Digital Nirvana

Enterprise PLM systems have a history of failure and lack of delivering promised value, inflicting trauma on organizations, leadership, and users. While many solutions promise nirvana, few deliver. What’s needed are modern solutions enabling data transparency, business process adaptability, easy customizations, and upgradeability. These capabilities will alleviate digital trauma and put organizations on a path to digital nirvana. View more insights from this analyst commentary by CIMdata.

Move from Digital Trauma to Digital Nirvana

Facing these issues with your PLM software when trying to advance your digital transformation efforts?

Struggled to perform routine tasks
Tried to make decisions without accurate data
Failed to collaborate across disconnected departmental boundaries

Then you have digital trauma! Moving from trauma to nirvana requires data transparency, business process adaptability, customizability, and Enterprise SaaS.    
Join Tom Gill, Sr consultant, CIMdata and Mark Reisig, VP Aras product marketing for a webinar on alleviating digital trauma using a digital thread enabled by SaaS PLM.

将来の企業運営には SaaSaaS
合併や買収による新会社への吸収から、組織を支える基本的な業務に影響を及ぼしている政治的およびグローバルな問題の管理まで、企業はさまざまな方法でビジネスモデルの変化を受け入れています。こちらのエグゼクティブサマリーは、企業が転換点にある理由を明らかにし、PLM 環境が引き続き効果的でありながら、重要な新しいビジネス要件を毎日吸収できるかどうかを解説します。
Fully customizable PLM SaaS?

The Holy Grail sought by all PLM vendors is the ability to provide a Flexible Low Code solution that is easily configured to suit the customers changing business requirements, but also delivered on a SaaS cloud infrastructure and operating model. Aras Enterprise SaaS uniquely provides The Best of Both Worlds.

In this webinar, Community Manager Greg Williams will be joined by Patrick Willemsen, Director Technical Solutions EMEA, to explore the benefits of the Aras PLM SaaS solution, Aras Enterprise SaaS, and see how it is now possible to deliver the unrivalled Aras flexibility and capability to the customer, through a fully secure hosted service.

Aras Innovator による正確な技術文書の維持管理

>技術文書のコンテンツが製品データに正確にリンクされていないと、製品との同期の維持に時間がかかったり、エラーが発生することもあります。すなわち、製品に関連した技術文書は、製品の変更に合わせて最新の状態に保つことが不可欠です。本デモでは、Aras Innovator の技術文書(Technical Documentation)機能を使って、拡張可能なフレームワークを活用することにより、変更管理をコントロールしながら、製品データを直接参照して常に最新状態を維持した技術文書の作成・管理についてご紹介します。

Aras Requirements Engineering Defining Problems Enabling Solutions

With ever increasing functional complexity, designers of the next-generation products need to manage and trace complex requirements across all engineering domains, and all design abstractions for all internal and external contributors. However, in many cases, requirements are handled using siloed, standalone tools which are disconnected from design artifacts. This brochure explores the current challenges and risks companies face when it comes to requirements management and traceability, and outlines the solutions and benefits offered by Aras' Requirements Engineering (RE) application.

Dynamic Change Management Increases Efficiency Across the Enterprise

Managing change can be challenging, particularly when convention requires a process to dynamically adapt to a design’s maturity level. As design maturity increases, changes become more impactful as a result of prior decisions on reuse, requirements flow down, and information already shared internally or with partners.

Dynamic Change Management automatically streamlines change requests, assessments, and orders in accordance with a design’s maturity. This ensures visibility into engineering status changes throughout the product lifecycle.

Untangling complexity

Information management in businesses today is complex, as there are many solution requirements across each organization. Unless you want to buy and implement multiple isolated niche solutions, you need a resilient platform with standard applications and the flexibility to create solutions for various business needs while still ensuring the connection of data.

In this webinar, we will showcase the power of the Aras platform and explore how the flexibility of the platform has enabled the creation of multiple solutions to solve different business needs. You will see a range of several different solutions that will give you an understanding of what’s possible with Aras.

Join Leon Lauritsen, VP of Business Development, and Thomas Skogen, Director of Business Development, as they highlight several different applications. There will be time at the end of the webinar for an engaging question and answer session.

How Carestream Health Created World-class Medical Data Management with Aras Innovator

Carestream Health was a heavy user of the Lotus Notes client-server software platform for several years, and many users were insufficiently capable of processing data and sharing updates with their colleagues. Now, Carestream Health manages projects and DHF using Aras Innovator with the medical device PLM template.

医療機器向けPLM による設計情報の管理



As organizations advance their PLM cloud strategies, the question of SaaS enablement has become a critical component of the conversation. Can PLM delivered through a SaaS offering provide the configurability, flexibility, and resilience needed to meet an organization’s changing business needs?

In this webinar, Peter Bilello, president and CEO of CIMdata joined Mark Reisig, VP of Aras to discuss why SaaS for PLM is quickly becoming a critical enabler for today’s business transformation efforts.

Tech Docs

Maintaining accurate document/product synchronization can be time-consuming and potentially error-prone when the document content is not linked with product data.  It is imperative that these documents are kept current with changes to your products.  Aras Technical Documentation leverages an extensible framework to enable direct product data referencing while applying change management controls, to suit your business.

Creating the Resilient Enterprise

If you’re looking for a new way to utilize product data so that it is available to all who need it, when they need it, take a look at our latest infographic, “Creating the Resilient Enterprise.” Learn how you can scale product data with the help of a digital transformation platform.


Aras Innovator Enterprise サブスクリプションにより、市場で最もレジリエントな PLM プラットフォームを利用可能です。このプラットフォームには、Aras Innovator のすべてのアプリケーション、エンタープライズ向けローコード開発機能、サービスパック、無制限のトレーニングを受講する権利などが含まれています。また、Aras 製コネクターも含まれており、サードパーティ製のコネクターも多数利用可能です。詳細についてはこちらのカタログをご覧ください。

Aras Requirements Engineering: The Key to Your Future Products

"Disconnected and text-based requirements can’t keep up with today’s complex and connected products in the system-of-systems context. Design process depends on a multiplicity of intelligent requirement types aligned with multiplicity of domain-specific methodologies.”

Dr. Martin Eigner, EIGNER Engineering, author of Systems Lifecycle Management

なぜ Aras Enterprise SaaS なのか?
なぜ Aras Enterprise SaaS なのか? Aras Enterprise SaaS だけが、システムズ エンジニアリングやデジタルスレッドの機能をフルに備え、ビジネスに即応した PLM の全機能を 1 つのサービスで提供することにより、組織の DX に備えることができるのです。Aras Enterprise SaaS が最強の SaaS PLM ソリューションとなっているポイントをご確認ください。
Aras のデジタルツイン コアを活用したメンテナンス計画と故障診断の改善


このデモでは、Aras の Digital Twin Core を使用して、将来の PaaS ビジネスに不可欠なデジタルツインをどのようにサポートし、メンテナンス計画や故障診断の改善にお役立ていただけるかをご紹介します。

Aras Enterprise SaaS  - クラウドだけでは不十分
クラウドの中にあるとはどのような意味でしょう? それは IaaS と同じでしょうか? 企業が将来のクラウド戦略を検討するにしたがって、それぞれのアプローチの違いやメリットを認識することは、企業の目的の達成のためには重要です。これは、複雑な DX のゴールを達成するために特別な考慮が必要な PLM の場合には特に重要になります。このホワイトペーパーをお読みいただければ、正しい SaaS モデルの選択が PLM の価値向上にどのようにつながるかをご理解いただけます。
Aras Enterprise SaaS  の威力
こちらの eBook では、Aras Enterprise SaaS によってクラウドの展開がどのように強化できるかをご紹介しています。Aras Enterprise SaaS だけが、完全なシステムズ エンジニアリングとデジタルスレッドの機能を備え、ビジネスに即応したSaaS 型の PLM 環境を提供します。
Aras Enterprise SaaS - クラウド上で完全に構成・設定が可能な SaaS

クラウド(SaaS)版 PLM に関する最近の CIMdata 社の調査によると、回答者の 3分の2 がクラウドベースの PLM ソリューションへの移行を検討しています。こちらの CIMdata 社の論評にて、Aras Enterprise SaaS に関する CIMdata 社の視点を解説しています。複雑なビジネス要件を満たすための広範な構成をサポートする SaaS ベースの PLM プラットフォームを検討中の企業に、Aras のエンタープライズ SaaS プラットフォームを検討するように勧めている背景をご覧いただけます。


In this webinar, Aras’ Sr. Product Manager of Systems Engineering, Dr. Michael Pfenning, will be joined by Julian Tekaat and Rik Razor of Fraunhofer IEM to discuss the need for systems engineering and share best practices based Fraunhofer IEM’s 10 years of experience. Subsequently, the change is supported by highlighting the interaction of PLM and Systems Engineering.

Requirements Engineering

Authoring well-structured requirements is key to eliminating inconsistencies that can create confusion. Managing this process using simple text becomes a herculean task that only increases the risk of inconsistency. Today’s complex products necessitate an interactive and rules driven approach that automatically ensures compliance with a given requirement type.

Aras’ Requirements Engineering application does exactly that. It also automatically maintains traceability across the product lifecycle. And it does so by coexisting and connecting with other requirement authoring tools.

カスタマイズが常識の 拡大市場で成長を続ける IWT
IWT は製品ラインの拡大を続けてきました。現在、同社は 45 種類のモデルを製造し、そのうちの 60% にある程度のカスタマイズが加えられています。こうした幅広い製品ポートフォリオを限られた生産量で高レベルのカスタマイズを加えながら管理するにあたり、高い効率性を実現し、プロセスの所要時間を短縮して、組織全体の製造連携を向上させるには、設計変更のリリース管理に統制されたプロセスの構築が不可欠です。複雑なカスタマイズに加えて、規制の厳しい業界で徹底した法令順守が求められるため、最新の PLM プラットフォームに対するニーズが明確になりました。IWT は、Aras プラットフォームを使用することで、プロセス全体をカバーする設計変更指示のワークフローを構築することができました。
DX - クラウド化が進む PLM
「デジタルトランスフォーメーション - クラウド化が進む PLM」は、革新的な DX 戦略によって、企業の PLM システムがどのようにクラウド化に向かっているかを紹介しています。著者の Tech-Clarity 社の James White 氏は、さまざまなタイプのクラウド実装についての見通しを得るためにいくつかの企業を取材し、各実装タイプのメリットや必要機能について解説しています。


このデモでは、提案された変更内容とその影響を Aras Innovator を使って確実かつ明確に文書化することにより、変更プロセスを改善する方法をご紹介します。また、現場のアイテムから変更を追跡して、変更の元となった意思決定プロセスを明らかにする方法もご覧いただきます。


Join Rob McAveney, Chief Technology Office and Mark Reisig, Vice President of Product Marketing as they take a look forward to 2022. An open discussion of what will affect us in our business and day to lives in 2022. Our viewpoint of business and technology trends for the coming year.

Aras-Studie Challenges 2022: Von Nachhaltigkeit bis Digitalisierung

Survey among more than 130 senior managers

The pressure to change continues to increase. In this survey, more than 130 executive decision makers from automotive, aviation, mechanical engineering, and medical technology answered several questions about the key challenges facing their business today.

Business processes will not only change but will do so often, quickly, and without concern for the ability of the systems to change with them. As a product innovation platform, Aras Innovator is so adaptable that it not only supports change, it encourages it. Whether it be technological progress, sustainability, or the ongoing individualization of products and services, the industrial sector must be able to quickly react and adapt to new requirements.

What is the magnitude of the driving forces of change? What are the biggest challenges facing companies today? What is preventing a change? These are just a few of the questions that executive decision makers answered in this survey. Check out the survey to learn more.


Looking to automate regulatory approvals, streamline your engineering practices, or expand into new markets or services? This demonstration presents a solution for automatic documentation traceability and quality management to manage compliance, designs, change management, and reporting with PLM for medical devices. Increase revenue, achieve faster time to market, and reduce costs with device-specific support for the entire design cycle from design input and output to verification and validation.

金融業界で活用できる顧客満足度向上のための デジタルトランスフォーメーション


併せて多くの組織が活用している情報システムは外部委託をメインとしてきた為、システム構築・管理を主導する社内の IT 組織・人材の不足とともにナレッジの共有ができておらず、世界と比べてデジタル化が遅れている原因となっております。

本ウェビナーでは、サイロ化(分断)されている情報をデジタルの糸でつなぐ「デジタルスレッド」を実現することによりに関連部門とのセキュアかつ一元的なデータ管理を可能とするプラットフォームをご紹介します。なお本ウェビナーでは、実際に欧州のメガバンクである BNP パリバ社で取り組まれている PLM (プロダクトライフサイクルマネジメント) の導入事例やテンプレートを用いた定型文書の作成などをご覧いただくことによって、より身近に感じていただけるウェビナーとなっております。 


Is PLM only for engineering and industrial enterprises? Does it necessarily have to be a physically tangible product to manage its lifecycle?

Even abstract products like financial offerings or non-CAD products like food and pharma products follow a similar lifecycle. Financial institutions or manufacturers need to eventually execute market research and gather requirements, think about product design to outsmart the competition, launch the product, take care of issues reported from market, and eventually think about end-of-life. Compliance and strict regulations require organizations to meticulously document.

Achieving all this, without losing efficiency across the enterprise, is a huge challenge. Moreover, the market dynamics make it necessary that the platform being used is flexible enough to stay updated for future scenarios - which aren't even thinkable yet.

How can a PLM platform help you get there? Learn more with a real case study!

ITのサービス化で持続的変⾰を実現 〜DXのための重要な4つのIT施策〜



講演資料は こちら


航空宇宙・防衛機器、民間航空機、ソフトウェア満載の新型自動車など、複雑化した製品の構成を追跡し続けることは困難です。Product-as-a-Service のビジネス モデルを追求している企業にとって、。このような構成に関する知識の欠如は、コストのかかる予期しないダウンタイムを引き起こす可能性があります。


Digital Thread: Are You Progressing?

CIMdata research shows companies continue to struggle to achieve success in their digital thread projects. Successful digital transformations need to address people, process, and technology.  Learn how a the Aras PLM Platform's low-code approach and web services architecture enables agile development, easy silo connection, app development, and business process evolution, to properly support digital thread creation and maintenance.

多様なシステムをデジタル スレッドでつなぐ、ジャムコの 「グローバル設計ポータル」
航空機内装品メーカーの株式会社ジャムコは、2013年から設計データの管理に「Aras Innovator」を活用しています。当初、複数の CAD のデータ管理を目的に利用を開始し、その後 CAD にひも付く技術文書やワークフロー、原価やプロジェクト管理にまで活用範囲を広げています。同社のグローバルな設計ポータルとして、設計データのデジタルな関連性を保持する、「デジタルスレッド」を拡張し続けています。
freedom productdata

More freedom for your product data! – moving from a document-centric to data-centric process for the First Article Inspection (FAI) design verification activity.

Data hidden in documents has several disadvantages. Data is redundantly entered in different files which may lead to inconsistencies, corrective actions and additional data processing time and cost. It lacks connections to other data and therefore lacks traceability.

In this webinar we will show a real-life example of how we transformed a document-based First Article Inspection (FAI) process to an integrated, data-centric process for one of our customers. We will show the configured FAI solution on top of our Product Engineering application and how we achieved this through the Aras Innovator low code modeling engine.

Aras Innovator によるデジタルスレッドを活用した効率的な要件管理の実現


ローコードプラットフォームをベースにした Aras では、すべての中間ステップや設計の抽象化の追跡性を含めたリビジョン管理と構成管理により、要件の細分化のプロセスを管理できます。このデモでは、デジタルスレッドの一部としての要件の細分化を簡単かつ効率的に管理する方法をご紹介します。


erp vs plm

With the discontinuation of their existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications, many companies are forced to migrate their installations to a new cloud-based platform. This change offers them the opportunity to rethink the interaction between ERP and product lifecycle management (PLM). To take advantage of this situation, they need a flexible PLM platform.


Companies transforming to Product as a Service business models, or actively supporting Field Service engagements with their customers, typically have issues on finding the right information related to the products they need to support. Success begins with the creation and sustainability of individual product configurations as they change over their lifecycle. The configuration of each asset being operated at a customer site, along with critical information that relates to that specific asset, is essential for the upkeep of these assets.  Failure to maintain accurate configurations and information often results in extended downtime and service outages, because too much time is spent identifying the right people, parts, and service plans. As products’ features increase, so does the complexity of diagnosing the problem, providing a solution, and meeting customer expectations. An effective approach to the Digital Twin is key for future success in Product as a Service, and we want to show you how, with our latest release of Aras Digital Twin Core.



このデモでは、データやタスク、プロセスを含めた「シミュレーション管理」アプリケーションの進化と、ユーザーがカスタマイズ可能なテンプレート ライブラリを使用して繰り返し可能なシミュレーション タスクを作成できる、Aras の新しいプラットフォーム サービスの「プロセスエンジン」をご紹介します。


Forever Tomorrow

This webinar speaks to what needs to be taken into account to implement a successful and cost effective Digital Transformation, focusing on choosing the right PLM platform. Aras Low-code Platform is designed to support both a system-centric design intent and collaboration around BOM-centric design data. The platform’s modeling approach to data and processes guarantees compatibility with the future technologies and provides low-cost upgrades of all customizations.

データから読み解く、システムの持続的変革を妨げる障壁とは!? ~Aras Innovatorが示す、これからの製造業DXの可能性~



講演資料は こちら

Selection Process

Selection processes – why are they creating problems for customers?

This webinar speaks to the fact that companies get into trouble, simply because they have chosen the wrong system for their needs. This is a result of a broken selection process that has been designed – not to help the customer choose the right system for them – but to showcase a diligent process. And once the company finds out that they have chosen the wrong system, it is too late.

PLM selection processes today are often ineffective and should be redesigned. Not for our sake, but for the customers. Join Leon Lauritsen, Vice President Minerva Group, A/S, and Mark Reisig, Vice President of Product Marketing, Aras for an informative discussion.

シミュレーション データの追跡を可能にする DX 基盤 PLM

製造業でのデータやシステムのサイロ化が DX を阻む要因と言われる中、製品ライフサイクルを通してデータの追跡が可能なデジタルスレッドが DX 成功のキーと言えます。本セッションでは、デジタルスレッドの有効性とそのための DX の基盤となる PLM プラットフォーム Aras Innovator をご紹介します。(Ansys INNOVATION CONFERENCE 2021 より)

講演資料は こちら

How to Simplify and Streamline the Requirements Breakdown Process

The path from a stakeholder requirement, to implementation specific requirements, is a complex one. It requires an understanding the business objectives, effective reuse of the existing solutions, and design space exploration with system models, simulations, and trade studies. See how Aras Low-Code Platform enables project and engineering teams to manage the this process with formal revision control and configuration management that includes traceability to all intermediate steps and design abstractions.

マルチ CAD 管理でグローバル コラボレーションを促進 - ローコード活用で運用管理も内製化した ROKI

自動車向けを中心にろ過装置を開発製造する株式会社 ROKI は、顧客ごとに異なる CAD のデータを Aras Innovator で一元管理しており、データの重複管理を防ぎ、グローバルで共通化したワークフローを確立しました。またローコードで必要な機能を開発できる特長を生かし、ユーザからの機能追加の要望の多くを情報システム部門で対応できるようになったことで、外注コストの削減も実現しています。

デモシリーズ ビジネス環境の変化を強力にサポートする IT 部門のための Aras の基本的な特長(日本語/29分)

貴社の IT 部門は、DX のような大規模でスピード感のあるビジネス環境の変化に、低コストでタイムリーに対応できますか? IT にまつわる最大の課題の1つは、変化するビジネス要件に対応することです。既存のソフトウェアの多くは、柔軟性を考慮して構築されていません。このデモでは、IT 部門が変化するビジネス要件に迅速に対応するための機能を紹介します。管理者向け機能、ワークフローの変更、ユーザーインターフェイスの更新から新たなアプリケーションの構築に至るまで、IT 部門が経営陣から信頼されるパートナーとなり、開発工数を抑えながら、新機能や強化された機能をタイムリーにビジネスで利用可能にできることを示します。

How Digital Transformation is Driving PLM to the Cloud

Digital Transformation initiatives are driving manufacturers to reconsider how PLM strategies can better support their digital backbone. How can a customized enterprise PLM system, which is integrated with many systems and tools, allow modifications to support digital transformation and product development without creating a dead-end customized solution? In this webinar, industry experts discuss the challenges manufacturers face today and how low-code solutions impact the cloud.

DevOps で Aras の社内開発を最適化する
数年前、 Aras は DevOps アプローチの採用を決めました。その目的は、世界中のさまざまな場所に散らばる複数の開発者たちが示した課題に対処することでしたが、その結果、迅速なリリースサイクルが可能になりました。その後、Aras は Aras DevOps フレームワークのターンキーパッケージを開発し、Enterprise SaaS のサービスの一部としてサブスクライバーにご提供しています。この事例では、Aras 自身がこの製品から得た多くのメリットについてご紹介します。
CIOs and the Digital Thread

With the complexity of today’s systems, CIOs cannot afford to be seen as just "keeping the lights on." Click the infographic below to learn how investing in a tool-agnostic digital thread can improve efficiency and add enterprise value.

Tracking Across Lifecycle

Managing and communicating change is a core challenge for any company that makes products. It needs to be done in a clear, collaborative, and transparent manner, but, without a pervasive system of record, increasing complexity makes this process exponentially more difficult.
Throughout the manufacturing, supply chain, and service organizations, people need to understand the impact of change—what has changed, why it has changed, and make a determination that the product is still fit for service. In this demo we will show how Aras Innovator improves the change process to document the impacts of a proposed change reliably and clearly. We will also show how changes can be traced back from items in the field to reveal the decision-making process that led to those changes.

ニューノーマルのものづくり - 持続可能なデジタルトランスフォーメーションを支える 3つの視点
ニューノーマルの時代を迎え、リモートワークをはじめとした急激なデジタル化の波を誰もが感じているのではないでしょうか。ものづくりの現場においても例外ではなく、デジタライゼーションが急務であり、製造業や IT の専門家からはもはや「デジタル化/オンラインが前提」のものづくりにシフトしなくてはものづくりを続けることはできないことさえ示唆されています。本ウェビナーでは、こういった時代のものづくりを考えるときに考慮しなくてはいけないテーマとして「今後も変化は起き続ける」ということを掲げ、変化に対し柔軟に対応できる、持続可能なデジタルトランスフォーメーションの基盤を整えるための重要な 3つの視点についてご紹介します。
ローコードのDevOps プロセスを最適化
Aras の新たなサービス、Aras DevOps、および最適化された DevOps プロセスに従って、変化する要件に迅速に対応し、新しいビジネス モデルを実現するのに役立つベストプラクティスについてご紹介します。
※本動画は、ACE 2021 で配信されたデモのオンデマンド版です。
PaaS、つまりサービスとしての製品への道のりは、デジタルツインから始まり、メンテナンス計画と実行に伴って進みます。Aras が製品のシームレスなメンテナンスを通じて効率向上を達成する方法をご覧ください。

※本動画は、ACE 2021 で配信されたデモのオンデマンド版です。
Aras Enterprise とマネージドサービス
“ターンキー”、つまりすぐに使える SaaS としての Aras Enterprise およびマネージドサービスが、デジタルトランスフォーメーションを加速する方法をご覧ください。
※本動画は、ACE 2021 で配信されたデモのオンデマンド版です。

※本動画は、ACE 2021 で配信されたデモのオンデマンド版です。
将来の製造プロセス計画と MBOM
製造プロセス計画、組み立て手順、および MBOM の将来についてご説明いたします。

※本動画は、ACE 2021 で配信されたデモのオンデマンド版です。

Aras 品質管理システムアプリケーションを使用し、品質計画と品質システムが品質を先手で予測および管理し、製品ライフサイクル全体で発生する可能性のある品質の課題に取り組むのにどのように役立つかをご紹介いたします。

※本動画は、ACE 2021 で配信されたデモのオンデマンド版です。

データからタスク、プロセスに至るシミュレーション管理の進化をご覧ください。Aras の新しい プロセス エンジン プラットフォーム サービスにより、ユーザーがカスタマイズ可能なテンプレート ライブラリを使用して繰り返し可能なシミュレーション タスクを作成する方法をご紹介いたします

※本動画は、ACE 2021 で配信されたデモのオンデマンド版です。
Aras の Effectivity が可能にする、多様な有効性条件を満たす製品構成

受注組立生産や、受注開発などのビジネスモデルによっては Effectivity(エフェクティビティ)、つまり有効性条件に応じて製品構成が多種多様に変更します。モデル、日付、ユニット番号、ロットなどの条件に応じてすべての製品構成や BOM を手動で管理することは工数もかかり、またミスを誘発する可能性もあります。Aras の Effectivity では、これらの有効性条件による、多岐にわたる製品構成のバリエーションの一元管理を可能にし、Aras プラットフォーム上の様々なデータとのデジタルスレッドを構築します。このデモでは、Aras のローコードプラットフォームにより、各社の要件に応じて柔軟に Effectivity を設定し、工数やミスを削減し、業務のスリム化を実現する方法をご紹介します。

Product Complexites, Systems Thinking, and PLM Platforms

Digitalization of Engineering helps providers of next generation products to control accelerating product complexities. System-centric approach allows to see how sub-systems interact on a functional level which results in faster and less risky insertion of emerging technologies, quicker adoption of latest tools and effective system integration with sub-systems from supply chain.

Chad Jackson, Chief Analyst and CEO of Process Insights, and Pawel Chadzynski, Senior Director Product Marketing at Aras, discuss the role Systems Thinking and PLM platforms have in managing product complexities.

Vehicle Electrification Drives Necessity for Cross-Discipline Systems Engineering

Automotive OEMs and the supply chain face new challenges when designing, producing, and maintaining the electric, autonomic, and connected vehicle. Denise Fitzgerald from MIT Lincoln Laboratory and Michael Vinarcik from SAIC join Aras on stage at CAR MBS 2021. They shared their expertise on getting the most out of digital transformation investment, bridging engineering gaps, and avoiding pitfalls.


テスラのクルマのように、「出荷した製品の制御ソフトウエアを毎年のようにアップデートして、性能や安定性を向上させる」というビジネスへのシフトが加速しており、それを支える基盤の構築が製造業 DX の一つとして注目されています。しかしながら、出荷済み製品から稼働情報を収集し、「デジタルツイン」に取り込んで分析をするには、複雑化する製品構成情報や指数関数的に増え続ける稼働情報を処理する大きなパワーが求められます。本対談では、その解決のカギを握る、PLM(製品ライフサイクル・マネジメント)システムのコンテナ化やクラウド化に迫ります。


アラスジャパン 社長 久次 昌彦

日経BP 総合研究所 イノベーションICTラボ 上席研究員 渡辺 享靖 氏(モデレータ)

※本動画は、日経BP 総合研究所主催「DIGITAL Foresight 2021 Summer」7月6日の回にて放送されたアラスジャパンの対談セッションです。

Stop Wasting Time

Engineers waste a lot of time repetitively re-discovering and re-analyzing issues that were already addressed before. And yet resolved system model instances don’t persist as managed configurations. Formal management of system variability is key to tracing of what was done and understanding how it can be reused. 

The Aras low-code industrial platform enables engineers to formally manage system models authored in tools like Cameo without limiting their creative freedom but with an ability to rely on formal configuration management when appropriate.

CIO とデジタルスレッド – DX プロジェクトで信頼されるパートナーになるために




Aras の技術文書(テクニカルドキュメンテーション)アプリケーションは、Aras Innovator プラットフォーム全体のすべてのアプリケーションからのデータに接続することにより、さまざまな種類の製品関連ドキュメントの作成を組織内や法規制に則った仕様に構造化できます。データの作成を自動化し、最新の製品情報を漏れなく取り込むことが可能になります。元となる製品データが更新されれば、関係者に通知され、文書に反映するかどうかについての意思決定が可能です。

本デモシリーズでは、製品データを起点とした各種技術文書を、Aras Innovator という単一のプラットフォームに接続することでいかに工数やミスを軽減しながら高度な技術文書作成・管理ができるかをご紹介します。



Accelerate Product Development with Simulation Task Automation

The ever-expanding complexities of systems being designed increases the demand for robust and intelligent simulation that is automated, consistent, repeatable, and traceable. While current simulation algorithms are growing ever more powerful, there is a need to make them ever more pervasive across more teams in cross-disciplinary ways. The goal is to enable more simulation, reduce simulation bottlenecks, enable digital verification, and react quicker to changes in product definitions.

Role of a PLM

Ever increasing product complexity forces organizations to reimagine their approach to design—including new methodologies, design tools, and configuration management for every step of the lifecycle. This also must include the pivotal role of a PLM platform plays in enabling the system-centric view of a product: traceability of requirements, management of systems models, simulation, and cross-discipline collaboration. 

Prof. Dr.-Ing Martin Eigner (GF), CEO and Senior Consultant at EIGNER Engineering Consult, and Mark Reisig, VP Product Marketing at Aras, discuss the role a PLM platform plays in Digitalization of Engineering.


シースパン社はカナダの国家的造船戦略で重要な役割を果たしており、カナダの海軍と沿岸警備隊の新規建造、修理、改装サービスを担当する3つの施設を運用しています。同社は、増大する需要に対応できる造船施設の最新化には製品ライフサイクル管理が必要不可欠と認識しています。この事例では、シースパン社が Aras Innovator を導入し、デジタルトランスフォーメーションに向けた道標をたどります。

Dynamic Business Change

Are you able to deliver dynamic business change, at a low cost, in a timely manner?  One of the biggest challenges for IT is keeping pace with changing business requirements. Why? Your existing software probably wasn’t built with flexibility in mind.  This 30-minute demonstration will feature capabilities that allow the IT organization to react quickly to changing business requirements.  From administration functions, changing workflows, updating user interfaces, and building new applications, we will cover it all to show how IT can be that trusted partner to deliver new or updated capabilities to the business on-time, with little development effort.

PLM Cloud and SaaS Adoption – Understanding the Customer’s Viewpoint

As an extension of CIMdata’s Cloud-SaaS PLM Adoption survey, executives from Aras and CIMdata joined together to analyze the study’s findings.  Mark Reisig from Aras joined Stan Przybylinski of CIMdata to examine the voice of the customer and add their own insights to the findings of the study.  Don’t miss this informative discussion between these two leading experts in the PLM domain.

drive innovation with the digital thread to achieve digital transformation

Unlock the key to transforming your business and discover how you can accelerate, collaborate, and empower your organization to drive innovation. Hear from CIMdata’s President, Peter Bilello, in this short video. 

Interested in more? Learn how you can Digitally Transform with Aras.

製品に対するユーザニーズの高度化や多様化、IoT など高度な技術の普及により、製品の開発プロセスも複雑化が進んでいます。複雑化の中でも高い顧客の要求に応え、品質を保った製品を開発・提供するための手法として、注目されるようになったのが「デジタルスレッド」です。製品のライフサイクル全体のプロセスを相互に結び付け、トレースできるようにするデジタルスレッドは、なぜこれからのものづくりに有効なのか、どのような要素がデジタルスレッドの確立に必要なのかなど、デジタルスレッドがもたらすものづくりの変革をご紹介します。
What's Holding Back Your Digital Transformation

Do you feel stuck moving forward with your Digital Transformation initiatives? Take a look at our latest infographic to discover three reasons your product systems and processes are killing your business and then discover how to accelerate ahead of the competition.


昨今のものづくりでは、製品が販売され顧客の手にわたってからも、ソフトウェアのアップデートや、製品のメンテナンス・強化などで継続的にメーカーがかかわるケースが少なくありません。Aras デジタルツイン コアを利用することで、製品の構成変更情報をデジタルに管理できるだけでなく、運用イベントに基づいたメンテナンスを行うべき時期の定義も可能になります。このデモでは、船舶、鉄道、航空機などをはじめとした、複雑で、長期的に運用される製品を“Product-as-a-Service”(製品のサービス化)として提供する企業にとって、デジタルツインを実現し、どのように規制要件を満たすためのメンテナンス計画を作成したり、サービス レベル アグリーメントに基づいた稼働保証するかのヒントをご紹介します。

デジタルトランスフォーメーション:ソフトウェア アップグレードの遅れが引き起こすビジネスの損失

フィクティブ社の「2021 State of Manufacturing Report」によると、回答企業のうち 95% が、デジタルトランスフォーメーション(DX) が自社の今後の成功の鍵を握ると回答しています。

一方で、ソフトウェアアップグレードの遅れが DX 成功の阻害要因となっているという CIMdata 社の調査結果も発表されています。このエグゼクティブサマリでは、企業が DX においてどのような課題に直面しているか、想定される経済的な損失、そしてそれを解決するプラットフォームの特長についてご紹介します。

"ものづくり" のためのプラットフォームを SaaS型として提供開始
Arasは 2021年春、PLM プラットフォーム「Aras Innovator」に、新しいサブスクリプションサービスを導入しました。 新たに加えられた「Enterpriseサブスクリプション」は、クラウドベースの SaaS で機能を提供するとともに、DevOps やマネージドサービスなどの仕組みも用意します。 本ホワイトペーパーでは、新しい Enterprise サブスクリプションを中心に、Aras Innovatorがクラウドでどのような新しい価値を製造業のお客様に提案していこうとしているのかをご紹介します。
ビジネスのレジリエンスを高める Aras DevOps

DevOpsは、現在多くのビジネスプロフェッショナルを混乱させている概念の良い例です。このカタログでは、DevOps について、および Aras の DevOps が組織の DevOps 文化のサポートにどのように役立つかをご紹介します。


調剤業務自動化ソリューションを取り扱うパラタ社では、数年かけて複数の異なる PLM システム導入を経て、自分たちが「泥沼にはまっている」ことに気付きました。旧式のシステムは、アップグレードや不具合の修正、現在のビジネスプロセスに合わせた調整を実施するのに高額な費用がかかるものになっていました。

この事例では、パラタ社における Aras Innovator 選定、導入のプロジェクト、そしてどのような導入効果があったかをご紹介します。

Technical Documentation in the Digital Thread

Documents such as specifications, assembly instructions, parts lists, training materials, design reviews, and service bulletins all have one thing in common: your product. Managing them outside of PLM means their contents can easily fall behind changes made to the product, incurring significant time, effort, and risk of error when they must be manually updated and revised.

Aras Technical Documentation can structure the creation of many different kinds of product-related documents by connecting with data from all of the applications across the Aras Innovator platform. It automates data creation, pulling the latest product information into the customizable layout your teams need to work in—whatever type of document that is. And, it automates changes: as each linked piece of content is updated, stakeholders are notified and can accept the change or continue evolving the document. This quick and easy notification and synchronization accelerates their work and reduces the risk of inaccuracies.

Moving Your PLM System to the Cloud is...

Did your company wait too long to adopt a cloud strategy for your PLM system? Early adopters of the cloud have realized significant benefits from their move, leaving their competitors to acknowledge that they waited too long and now must catch up. See why the cloud is no longer just an option—it’s a necessity.


フロイデンベルグ NOK 社は Aras Innovator を使用して、 APQP ステータスの追跡に使用されていた多数のシステムとスプレッドシートから脱却することができました。その結果、製品開発プロセスの可視性が向上し、プロジェクト管理のさらなる効率化につながりました。また、このアプローチは、フロイデンベルグ NOK 社が量産段階のパフォーマンスを測定する場合にも役立ち、製品の品質改善と顧客満足度の向上にもつながりました。

PLM–A Critical Component of Digital Transformation

In this webinar, you will learn why those who are leading product efforts will be on the front lines in the transition to digital. We’ll delve into why innovation cannot fall to individuals but instead requires participation from throughout the enterprise ecosystem. To be successful, this collaboration will need to be efficient— and tap a discrete manufacturer’s often-overlooked precious resource—product information—whether in siloed systems internally, or not yet connected from a customer.


ビッグデータ、ユビキタス 5G インターネットなど、近年のテクノロジーの進歩は人間がついていくのが難しいほどで、この進化に対応するためにも「デジタルトランスフォーメーション」が定着すると考えられています。進歩し続ける製品に追従するエコシステムを整備するには、社内文化の変革、そしてITの成熟が必要になります。本アナリストレポートでは、このような時代にリーダーが理解すべきこととして、社内外の両方に目を向け、特に社内変革に重要な4つの要素をご紹介します。

PLM のモダナイゼーションの先延ばしは価値実現を遅らせる

製造業のデジタルトランスフォーメーション(DX)を実現するには、最新のレジリエンスと柔軟性を備えた PLM、そしてそれを継続的にアップグレードすることが成功に不可欠です。この eBook は、世界の製造業各社に導入されている上位 4種の PLM ソリューションを調査し、PLM システムの継続利用年数、最後のアップグレード、アップグレードコストなどについて比較します。ソフトウェアのアップグレードの遅れが、DX 実現にどのような障壁となるのかを説明します。

Take Hold of Digital Transformation With Aras Innovator 12

In this demonstration we cover the latest updates in Aras Innovator 12 to support your Digital Transformation efforts: features that enhance collaboration across the Digital Thread, expand your PLM vision into more of the product’s lifecycle, accelerate the way users view and navigate data, and boost your low-code/no-code application development.

ACE 2021 Microsoft Upgrade

Microsoft's experience with five continuous years of successful upgrades while retaining all business data, configurations, and customizations. We will share lessons learned, the efforts required, how development, testing, and deployment were organized.

ACE 2021 Air Force

This presentation highlights a philosophy of experimentation as a means of the AF achieving its primary objectives, and will include examples of past and ongoing efforts that utilize flexible technology platforms to address data challenges, culture change, and process reengineering risks.

ACE 2021 Caltex Oil Tools

Caltex Oil Tools is an innovative leader in the energy sector where complex one-off projects require engineering, manufacturing, and maintenance stay in lockstep. They’ve tackled these challenges with Aras’ core PLM capabilities and extended the digital thread into their manufacturing activities with connectivity to Microsoft Dynamics 365, Business Central (D365).

ACE 2021 US Department of Defense

Designing products differently:  In June 2018 the US DoD published the Digital Engineering Strategy, under authority of the USD(R&E). Since its release, the focus for the Digital Engineering efforts within OUSD(R&E) has shifted to supporting implementation. This discussion will discuss some focused efforts to support and enable the use of digital engineering techniques.

ACE 2021 Insitu

This presentation will review Insitu's journey over the last four years of using the agile scrum methodology and a small team of three to incrementally expand the capability of our Aras instance, with a key focus on improving efficiency within product engineering. Recent projects include: integrations with CAD systems (SolidWorks and Mentor Graphics) and the IHS database (through Aras Component Engineering); and development of multiple change control workflows.

ACE 2021 Seaspan

This presentation will discuss the evolution of Seaspan’s Aras tool from a document management system to the central component of a fully integrated Product Lifecycle Management ecosystem.

Streamline Your Low-Code DevOps Processes

With today's rapidly changing requirements and the complexity of enterprise IT environments, manually testing and deploying solutions to business systems just doesn't scale anymore. Relying on individuals to follow a complicated series of steps to deploy your applications results in an increased margin for human error, slower release cycles, and finding more defects in production. Watch this ACE presentation to learn how Aras DevOps can help improve your system development process.

ACE 2021 SAIC Digital Sustainment

This session will focus on the connection of disparate data and disparate systems in an operations, maintenance, and sustainment environment (OM and S) environment to enable Digital Sustainment and deliver the optimized level of maintenance and maximized availability for an Enterprise.

ACE 2021 IwT

With a highly customized product line, IWT recognized that it was time to move beyond their legacy PDM system. In this session, you’ll learn how IWT’s customized engineering change order (ECO) process in Aras Innovator has led to significant improvements throughout engineering and production.

ACE 2021 Purdue University

Review of Purdue’s classroom implementation of Innovator evolution over the past three years and where it stands today in context of our Virtual Product Integration (VPI) major and implementation within the Indiana Next Generation Manufacturing Center (IN-MaC) Manufacturing Testbed.

Being Nimble in the Food Industry

Valley Fine Foods leveraged the adaptability of Aras Innovator to launch new items and easily train new employees, in a year where a lot of the food industry’s general conventions were flipped on its head.

ACE 2021 Sandia National Laboratories

At Sandia National Labs, the document management process for one of their internal customers requires access control based on metadata values, user role, relationship type, and workflow state. Creation of a custom “Rules Engine” to grant specific permissions.

Digital Engineering at Lincoln Labs: Extending the Digital Thread into System Development

Denise Fitzgerald who leads the digital transformation efforts for MITLL will present an overview of the labs' Digital Engineering Initiative and the projects that have been implemented. This will be followed by a software demonstration of the digital thread covering the areas of requirements, systems modelling and simulation, and V and V.

ACE 2021 Nidec

With over a dozen engineering offices spread around the world, Nidec needed a solution that would allow all of its engineering users to work with the same PLM system. Aras’ vault replication provides a practical way for distributed teams to use the same PLM system.

ACE 2021 SRC

Internally built application for equipment management covering instrumentation of all kinds, preventative maintenance and calibrations, check-in/checkout, shipping, software licenses, computers and Chemical Inventory.

ACE 2021 NuScale

NuScale Power’s Director of Corporate Services, Neil Olivier, will discuss the need for a resilient digital platform for their clean Small Modular Reactor (SMR) technology. Learn how Aras’ single enterprise platform will provide an end to end to solution to support regulatory standards, configuration best practices and maintenance support for decades to come.

ACE 2021 Cubic Product Design Maturity

Learn how Cubic leveraged Aras Innovator to create Engineering Change Order workflow which enables reviews based on product's design maturity powered by matrixed dynamic workflow assignments. Cubic will also illustrate how data was extracted from Aras Innovator to SAP HANA and presented as dashboards using Tableau.


This presentation will showcase the CAD Data Share and RFQ/Source List applications that have been successfully deployed and adopted within DENSO, as well as a look at some future plans with Aras Innovator.

ACE 2021 Microsoft Variant Management

Market is driving the need for product variability - one size definitely doesn’t fit all. We’ll present how we are using the Aras platform to effectively manage product proliferation and how we’ve digitized the product configuration management.

ACE 2021 Haulotte

With a vision to implement PLM from product information from “need to recycling”, Haulotte developed a PLM solution to "Give all actors the wings to perform the steps of the lifecycle."

ACE 2021 Ansys

The promise of Digital Transformation cannot be fully realized without simulation. As the market leader in simulation technology, Ansys is uniquely positioned to unlock the power of simulation throughout the product development process. Learn how Ansys Minerva, powered by Aras Innovator, provides a simulation platform to enable true Digital Transformation.

ACE 2021 CIMdata

The benefit of joining the digital twin to its digital thread is a competitive advantage. This presentation will make the case for how and why the digital twin and its digital thread are in fact inseparable and key to transforming your organization’s future.

ACE 2021 Toyota Motor Europe

An interview with Bill Halliden, Senior Manager, Digitalization and Service Operations, Toyota Europe, on how TME is empowering digital transformation across their digital thread.

ACE 2021 J2E / NIWC

In response to the DoD 5000.88 directorate NAVWAR developed over a two year period, the “Master Integrated Technical Integration Suite” or METIS. This session describes this journey and their results.

ACE 2021 BNP Paribas

While financial services may be less tangible than goods manufactured in a factory, they can have just as much complexity in their design. The Aras platform manages BNP Paribas Securities Services Products catalogue across the 35 countries and 90 markets.

ACE 2021 Systems Thinking

Hear industry experts discuss why a system-centric approach is critical to manage exploding product complexity. We will explore how their organizations are leveraging Systems Thinking to successfully transform data, tools, processes, and the role of a PLM platform to achieve their Digital Transformation objectives.

ACE 2021 Grammer

Grammer will explain how value creation is enabled by strategic company decisions for digitization and what are the key elements in that journey, creating disruptive value to the company while providing continuity to the business users.

ACE 2021 SAIC Weaving the Digital Thread

This presentation will showcase the value inherent in synchronizing the design intent represented by a systems architecture model with hardware and software planning and execution tools (CAD and Jira). It will also illustrate the advantages of enabling interchange with domain-specific tools (in this case, a logistics analysis support tool).

Aras のクラウド戦略:マーク・ライシックへの取材

CIMdata が、Aras のクラウド戦略とクラウドが PLM 全体に与える影響について、Aras プロダクトマーケティング担当副社長であるマーク・ライシックへ取材した記事をご覧ください。

Keeping Current: A Critical Digital Thread Requirement

Using market research data on the implementation and upgrade frequency of leading industrial organizations, CIMdata will provide an overview of the current state of PLM software and its upgradeability in terms of software age, deployment difficulties, and upgrade duration tied to user and company demographics. This webinar will provide the insight for organizations to see where they fit within their peers as to the current state of their PLM implementations, how best to move forward to take advantage of evolving business opportunities, and be more competitive with products services than their peers.

Leveraging the cloud for global market success

Manufacturers around the world are accelerating their responses to key societal, technological, and customer trends. Customers are demanding products and solutions that are smarter, more connected, more eco-friendly, able to operate autonomously, and are tailored to their unique needs.

This CIMdata eBook details how companies are leveraging the Cloud to accelerate their digital transformations at a time when business complexity is increasing faster than ever before.


製造業で注目を集めるデジタルトランスフォーメーションは、旧式のソフトウェアでは対応が難しい場合が多くあります。ビジネスを成功させるためには、最新の機能とセキュリティに対応し、最新の状態を維持する必要があります。米国調査会社 CIMdata の最近の調査によると、Aras のユーザー企業が、ほかの PLM ソリューションのユーザーよりも最近アップグレードしたことが判明しています。Aras のテクノロジーとビジネスアプローチは、お客様がニーズに合わせてソリューションを構成し、回復力(レジリエンス)を維持するために最新の状態に保つのに役立ちます。

Connecting Systems Models to the Digital Thread - Part 2

Aras’ Systems Architecture captures the descriptive part of the systems model—functional and logical breakdown of the product—and connects them with other elements and domains within your Digital Thread. This includes requirements, functions, system elements, parts, and test cases covering the whole of the engineering V-model. These elements and all relationships are subject to comprehensive configuration management throughout the lifecycle of the product.

Connecting Systems Models to the Digital Thread - Part 1

Aras’ Systems Architecture captures the descriptive part of the systems model—functional and logical breakdown of the product—and connects them with other elements and domains within your Digital Thread. This includes requirements, functions, system elements, parts, and test cases covering the whole of the engineering V-model. These elements and all relationships are subject to comprehensive configuration management throughout the lifecycle of the product.

Using the Digital Twin to Support Product as a Service

Using Digital Twin Core, organizations can now not only manage the pace of configuration changes in physical assets digitally, but also add characteristics to specific parts to define when maintenance should occur based on any operational event. This allows organizations adopting Product as a Service strategies for complex assets to craft their maintenance plans to meet regulatory requirements or guarantee uptime based on Service Level Agreements.

The Key to Enabling Efficient Collaboration

Improving productivity relies on collaboration with context across the product lifecycle, enabling better coordination between quality, engineering, and manufacturing teams. The costs of not doing so can be severe: delayed time-to-market, increased product development costs, higher costs from poor product quality, and lower customer satisfaction.

See how implementing a clear digital thread roadmap enables you to avoid these costs. Learn more from a real-world success story in this infographic.

Read more in our eBook
Unlocking Productivity Gains: The Case for a Digital Thread

日本語デモシリーズ 要件管理

要件をシステムモデル、設計の詳細、シミュレーション、およびテストに接続することにより、検証と妥当性確認(V&V)のプロセスの追跡が容易になります。Aras の要件管理(RE)アプリケーションは、Aras のローコードプラットフォームによって管理されるデジタルスレッドの一部としてそれを可能にします。 このデモでは、ReqIF(要件交換の業界標準)、DOORS(サードパーティの要件オーサリングツール)、 Cameo Systems Modeler(サードパーティのMBSEシステムモデリングツール)といった外部ツールを使用して作成された要件を、RE で公開する方法をご紹介します。 


産業機械メーカー大手のクボタは、グローバル展開、市場の変化、技術継承といった課題の解決に向け、技術文書の一元化管理のために、Aras Innovator を採用。プラットフォームを選定するにあたり、Aras の導入を決定した一番の理由は「カスタマイズできる」ことだった。

Cloud and SaaS in the PLM Economy

Stan Przybylinski from CIMdata and Mark Reisig from Aras discuss the results of the survey and how the trends identified in the research will impact future SaaS PLM offerings. This webinar provides invaluable information to understand how SaaS solutions will enable the future of PLM.



Leveraging Lightweight Visualization to Accelerate Large Assembly Collaboration

Access to 3D product data is critical to all members of a product team from inception to in-service operation.  However, many within this group lack the proper skill set and access to traditional Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software used to author this information.  Moreover, without the ability to link this information directly to the entire product lifecycle data, the broader collaboration effort can be hindered when decisions are made out of context. 

Aras’ Dynamic Product Navigation (DPN) enables viewing of lightweight 3D CAD geometry to any team member who has appropriate permissions using only a web browser. These product model views can be linked directly with associated requirements, specs, quality information, manufacturing data, etc. maintained within the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) system.  DPN also empowers users to view scenes according to specified criteria regardless of the CAD hierarchy, and even supports viewing parts from various assemblies and CAD Systems together.

Getting the Most Out of Your Product Configurations with Effectivity

Effectivity services on the Aras Innovator platform enable managing effectivity on different product structures. Managing effectivity on the part BOM is the most common case, and the product engineering application incorporates effectivity as part of its comprehensive BOM configuration management capabilities. The most effective approach to manage the product data is to have a single, overloaded structure that consolidates the common content and identifies the differences by use of effectivity. Watch this demo to learn about effectivity management in Aras Innovator.

生産性向上の制約を取り払う - デジタルスレッドを用いた実践


この eBook では、設計、製造、品質の各プロセスを通じて効率的で効果的なコラボレーションを促進することにより、デジタルスレッドが生産性の向上を実現する方法について説明します。デジタルスレッドは、製品ライフサイクル全体にわたって重要な製品情報をデジタル資産にリンクすることにより、企業がイノベーションを加速し、チームを結び付け、現在と将来の両方のプロセスを改善するために必要なトレーサビリティ、可視性、コンテキストを実現するのに役立ちます。

Cloud PLM: Empowering the Resilient Organization

Join Jeff Hojlo from IDC and Mark Reisig from Aras as they discuss how the cloud enables greater resiliency and flexibility across the product lifecycle. Cloud based PLM can be a foundational element of a digital transformation strategy, enabling product, service, and customer lifecycle data to flow freely across a dynamic digital thread. Learn why low-code PLM platforms uniquely deliver the capabilities to customize your solution and support today’s digital transformations.

Digital Thread: Having the Right Engineering Data “in Context” at Your Fingertips

Engineers always struggle with finding the right information in the context of the task on hand. This can include locating the right versions and configurations of requirements, parameters, systems model elements, simulation results, detailed design parameters, and related documentation of every type. Manufacturers point to the Digital Thread on a PLM platform as the best approach for addressing this issue. Learn how to navigate the most complex Digital Thread structures with ease and efficiency.

DX やエンタープライズシステム入替などの大きなプロジェクトから日々の業務変更に伴うシステムの変更に至るまで、様々なことをきっかけに IT システムの構築・修正ニーズが発生するにも関わらず、IT 人材不足や担当者の繁忙などにより、必要なアプリケーションや IT システムの開発のためのリソースを確保できていない企業は多くあります。極力、コーディングを減らし、直感的な GUI で高いレベルの製品管理プラットフォームや業務アプリケーションを手に入れるための方法が「ローコード」です。本ウェビナーでは、Aras のローコードプラットフォームが、専門的な知識や人材を必要とせず、いかに柔軟にアプリケーションを構築できるかについてご紹介いたします。 

イノベーションで 石油・ガス業界を リードする

カルテックス・オイル社では、同社は経営陣の刷新をきっかけに、高度な専門性を持ったエンジニアリングサービスとソリューションに重点を置く戦略に移行しました。Aras Innovator をデジタルトランスフォーメーションを推進するソリューションとしてとらえ、同社の顧客の石油・ガス生産量を 360% 増加させるなどの成果を上げています。

Canvas Prototype Showcase Demo Card Image

If you have a need for robust technical illustration capabilities tied to your product data, check out this new showcase demo with Canvas GFX. It shows how Canvas Envision can be used to create advanced illustrations using 3D CAD designs, images, and scanned drawings managed in Aras Innovator, and then insert them into Technical Publications, product manuals and other documentation, with support for version control, digital thread traceability, and more.

ルネサスが求めたシステムプラットフォーム、 柔軟性とスケーラビリティを備えた「Aras Innovator」

世界20カ国以上の拠点で多くのエンジニアを抱えるグローバル半導体大手のルネサスは、複雑かつ多岐にわたる製品を扱いながら、変化の激しい市場ニーズに対応しなければならないという課題に直面してきました。それを解決できるコスト競争力のある統合管理システムとして、ルネサスがどのように Aras Innovatorを活用しているかをご覧ください。

What Happened? Exploring Your Digital Thread

Accelerate problem diagnosis and improve product quality with the Digital Thread. See Gary Wilmot, Pre-Sales Solutions Consultant, demonstrate the capture and connection of product data for use cases across the lifecycle.

Aras Innovator: An Enterprise Digital Transformation Platform

Ensuring that digital transformation adds measurable benefits quickly and continuously is critical to success. In this presentation, CIMdata will review why the product lifecycle must be a core part of a digital transformation program.

An Enterprise Digital Transformation Platform

“Digital transformation” is a popular, oft cited term, but one that’s often not 100% understood. In addition, the key role PLM plays is often undervalued.

In this commentary, leading PLM analyst firm, CIMdata, examines the crucial role an open, flexible, scalable, and upgradable digital product innovation platform plays in successful digital transformation.

Aras クラウドと PLM の将来

数多くの新しいテクノロジーが「テクノロジー業界を変える次の重要な推進力」として登場しますが、実際には、その大部分が当初の評判に見合うほどの力を及ぼすことはできません。クラウドはゲームチェンジャーです。本 eBook をお読みいただき、企業がエンタープライズアプリケーションをクラウドに移行する理由と、Aras クラウドが Aras Innovator のレジリエント(しなやか)なプラットフォームと組み合わせた場合にのみ得られるメリットについてご覧ください。

Using Aras Innovator to comply with regulations for international trade

Failure to comply with International Trade and Export Regulatory Requirements can resort in fines in excess of $1 Million and a 20-year prison sentence. The countries you can and cannot export arms and related material is continually changing. So how do you keep track? By deploying an application called Product Export and Classification by Building with Aras.

How NuScale Power is Generating PLM Resiliency for Decades to Come

NuScale Power’s Director of Corporate Services, Neil Olivier SRO, MBA, CM2-C , will discuss the need for a resilient digital platform for their clean SMR technology. Learn how Aras’ single enterprise platform will provide an end to end to solution to support regulatory standards, configuration best practices and maintenance support for decades to come.


コンプライアンス、およびFDAをはじめとした各機関の査察に向け、医療機器にまつわる設計・製造データの電子化、管理は多くの医療機器メーカーで取り組まれている一方、データのトレーサビリティ実現や、変化する法規制への柔軟・迅速な対応への課題についてよくお聞きします。このセッションでは、「デジタルスレッド」でデータの追跡を可能にし、法規制を遵守しながらも各社固有の業務プロセスに対応可能なプラットフォーム、「Aras Innovator」についてご紹介いたします。

※本動画は、2020年12月開催のウェビナーの講演資料です。講演動画は こちら から。
※同ウェビナーの下記2つのセッションの資料は医療機器メーカー様向けに限定公開しております。資料閲覧をご希望の方は お問い合わせ いただけますようお願い申し上げます。
・ 「医療機器業界における規制要件および査察動向分析」株式会社 日立製作所
・ 「医療機器法規制に対応したAras Innovatorシステム構築手法」株式会社 日立システムズ


コンプライアンス、およびFDAをはじめとした各機関の査察に向け、医療機器にまつわる設計・製造データの電子化、管理は多くの医療機器メーカーで取り組まれている一方、データのトレーサビリティ実現や、変化する法規制への柔軟・迅速な対応への課題についてよくお聞きします。このセッションでは、「デジタルスレッド」でデータの追跡を可能にし、法規制を遵守しながらも各社固有の業務プロセスに対応可能なプラットフォーム、「Aras Innovator」についてご紹介いたします。

※本動画は、2020年12月開催のウェビナーの録画公開版です。講演資料は こちら から。
※同ウェビナーの下記2つのセッションの資料は医療機器メーカー様向けに限定公開しております。資料閲覧をご希望の方は お問い合わせ いただけますようお願い申し上げます。
・ 「医療機器業界における規制要件および査察動向分析」株式会社 日立製作所
・ 「医療機器法規制に対応したAras Innovatorシステム構築手法」株式会社 日立システムズ

本デモシリーズでは、Aras コミュニティのサンプルアプリケーションを使用したバリエーション管理をご紹介します。特性、オプション、およびルールを使用して製品のバリエーションを定義および管理し、バリエーションを階層構造に編成して、その各レベルで定義を管理し、統合/集約できるようにします。 モジュール式の製品アーキテクチャにより、共通および変更可能なパーツを使用して、どのような製品構成が可能か、デモンストレーションをご覧いただけます。 
Rheem's Journey

Rheem is currently in the process of implementing Aras Innovator at four of their North American divisions. Rheem made the decision to utilize PDM capability within Aras Innovator, rather than other PDM software alternatives.


防衛、サイバーセキュリティ、インテリジェンス、環境に関わる調査を専門にする調査開発組織である SRC 社。

Aras Innovator のリリース初期段階から利用を開始し、途中ほかのツールを検討するも最終的に Aras Innovator の利用継続を決断した事例についてご紹介します。

How Can a Low-Code Platform Help You Innovate Faster?

The high demand for new application development has surpassed the availability of qualified resources to meet the need. Many companies are turning to flexible, low-code development platforms to provide an alternative to traditional development strategies. Learn how Aras’ industrial low-code platform, platform services, and open architecture accelerate development time and reduce costs while mitigating risk to your company.

Toyota Motor Europe

One important component of Digital Transformation is the Digital Thread which is only amplified when put in the context of Systems Thinking. Digital Thread is key to Systems Thinking since it enables traceability of the design intent, design data, and design history across all lifecycle stages. Listen to Ernesto Mottola of Toyota Motor Europe on how they are introducing Systems Thinking through the Digital Thread.


A study revealed that engineers spend 59 working days a year in searching for the right parts and components. How can PLM help you to improve this? Listen to Fouad Houcini and Jessica Grobongo from SAFRAN Seats on how they reduced the time spent on finding the parts & material data by 50 to 70% and at the same time achieved millions saving through inventory reduction and purchasing optimization.

PLM Implementation – Dreams & Reality

Nidec embarked on a phased implementation of Aras Innovator to remedy the situation and transform their operations. Hear the evolution of Nidec’s PLM implementation plans and learn how Nidec uses Aras Innovator to keep track of over 50,000 different motor designs.


Managing customer requirements, aligning these with internal catalogues and also with vendors becomes very complex for energy sector with offshore units and refineries but it is an important pre-requisite for the Digital Twin. The context makes the difference. Learn from Bruno Barbarin and Gwénaël Le Bruchec from TechnipFMC how they leveraged Aras to improve their Requisition Management.


Listen to BIOTRONIK as they explain the identified need of PLM for the digital transformation, the vision and how Aras could help realizing it.

Also helpful to those who are currently looking for the right technology partner as Biotronik explains the selection criteria they had and how Aras performed there to their satisfaction.


In this presentation SICK discusses their implementation and usage of Aras Innovator.

Collaboration in Context

When it comes to effective communication, context is key. Visual Collaboration enables teams to track information around an object inside of the context of that item.

Aras Innovator PLM プラットフォームの標準機能として構築されたAras シミュレーション管理アプリケーションにより、シミュレーションのプロセス、モデル、およびスタディをさまざまなレベルのフィデリティでとらえ、概念設計や製品バリエーションの設計などに利用できます。このデモシリーズでは、シミュレーション環境がどのように作成および再利用されるか、Aras Innovator PLM プラットフォームによって管理されるアイテムとどのように関連するか、およびそのプラットフォームの変更と構成管理がトレーサビリティの確立と維持にどのように役立つかをご紹介します。

製造業での DX の浸透に伴い、多くの会社でデジタルツインの活用方法の検討が進められていますが、その有効活用には分野別のシミュレーションに加え、マルチフィジックス・シミュレーションが必須です。本セッションではデジタルツインを使ったマルチフィジックス・シミュレーションを実現するために必要な設計プラットフォームのポイントを説明すると共に、その実現に必要なシステムズシンキングという考え方をご紹介します。(講演動画)

※講演資料は こちら から

cyber security jp

「サイバーセキュリティ」は今日では IT 部門の領域を抜け出し、”ものづくりの現場”でも重要課題となっています。ものづくりにおける「サイバーセキュリティ」とは、そして「サイバーセキュリティマネジメントシステム」とはどうあるべきか、製造業のおかれる最新状況を踏まえながら、さまざまな観点から解説いたします。


how to remove 5 obstacles to digital transformation

この eBook では、デジタルトランスフォーメーションで成功するか失敗するかを決める、見落としがちなポイントに取り組み、どのようにすれば、限られたリソースと時間でより望ましい成果を出し、将来に向けて持続可能な道筋を築くことができるかを紹介します。

製造業での DX の浸透に伴い、多くの会社でデジタルツインの活用方法の検討が進められていますが、その有効活用には分野別のシミュレーションに加え、マルチフィジックス・シミュレーションが必須です。本セッションではデジタルツインを使ったマルチフィジックス・シミュレーションを実現するために必要な設計プラットフォームのポイントを説明すると共に、その実現に必要なシステムズシンキングという考え方をご紹介します。(講演資料)

講演動画は こちら



Accelerating Product Development with Collaborative Design Review

Aras Innovator easily tracks the progression of release status as well as outstanding workflow tasks that provide a high-level view of the development of a product from ideation to release.

Connect and Secure Your Product Ecosystem with the Digital Thread

Remove unstainable processes and broken connections in the Digital Thread. See David McDonnell, PLM Solutions Consultant demonstrate how your team can increase productivity and accelerate product development.

Aras PLM プラットフォームによる システム シンキング

システムシンキングは、複雑なシステムの設計と長期的なデジタル スレッド戦略の実装の中心的な考え方です。


Questions Answered Upgrades with Tom Turner

Tom Turner answers your questions about upgrading Aras Innovator. In this three video series, find out about the types of upgrades, how to request an upgrade and the steps of the upgrade process. Get started today by contacting [email protected].

Creating a Global Solution for Testing Facilities

Maxion Wheels started testing laboratory digitalization by creating their “Digital Lab Solution” on their existing Aras platform. This was designed to manage the physical testing process from Test Request to the automated test result.


ニュースケール・パワー社は、発電、地域暖房、淡水化にスケーラブルな高度原子炉技術を提供して、世界中の人々の QOL(クオリティ オブ ライフ)を向上させることをミッションとしています。このケーススタディは、Arasプラットフォームを導入するまでの同社のプロセスをたどります。ニュースケール・パワー社は、PLMを単一のデータソースのバックボーンとして設計および管理する、最初の原子力発電所になります。

Putting systems thinking into practice using a digital thread

Building an effective Digital Thread that represents the specific needs of your enterprise is not easy. Learn how Aras low code platform and Systems Thinking enable building a custom, flexible and extendable Digital Thread that connects requirements, systems model, variability and simulation within a single traceable and reusable environment. This includes traceability across various lifecycle states, configurations and revisions of the underlying engineering design data.

Connecting Simulation to the Digital Thread

In this webinar, we’ll explore how Ansys Minerva, built on the Aras platform, alleviates many challenges. Such as collaboration, visibility, traceability and business challenges like governance, productivity, reuse and enterprise wide deployment of best practices.

Putting Systems Thinking Into Practice Using The Digital Thread

This recorded webinar describes the practical steps you can take to use a systems thinking approach to manage your product complexity. It describes how you can:

• Achieve faster, product development with full traceability
• Reduce costs and mitigate risk
• Enable your remote workforce and improve team collaboration

最新版 Aras Innovator 12.0 SP9 をオープン版(無償)でも利用可能に!DX のための豊富な新アプリのご紹介

本デモシリーズでは、デジタルトランスフォーメーションの取り組みをサポートする、Aras Innovator の最新機能をご紹介いたします。Aras Innovator の最新リリースでは、チームの効率を高め、製品ライフサイクル全体にわたり PLM の機能をさらに活用し、ユーザーがデータをナビゲートして分析する方法を強化し、新しいプラットフォームサービスを使用したローコード/ノーコード開発を促進します。

kenja_Digest Version

テレビ番組「賢者の選択 FUSION」にアラスジャパン社長 久次昌彦が出演しました。
これまでの PLM 導入プロジェクトはなぜ失敗したのか、製造業に必要なシステムとは、そして Aras のビジョンとは、久次が語ります。(賢者の選択 FUSION ダイジェスト5分版)


Introduction to Aras Innovator Version 12

In this 20-minute demo, see how Aras Innovator Version 12 manages a digital thread of PLM data: from requirements, systems models, and simulation data; to CAD data management, parts and BOM management, changes and configurations, quality processes, and technical documentation; to manufacturing plans and operational data. See UI support for personalization, flexibility, search, and reporting; along with powerful 3D visualization and secure discussion-style collaboration for the enterprise.

Breaking Down the Silos


Planes, Trains, Ships, and Rockets: Extending your Digital Twin

Hear from Graeme Taylor, Product Manager, as he demonstrates a step by step approach to introduce life parameters to physical assets for each individual Digital Twin configuration for an asset, in any industry.

Integrating the Engineering Ecosystem

Integrating Engineering applications is complex. The Aras platform is uniquely well suited to blend with existing and future applications to create an open, flexible environment.

Managing the Engineering Technology Laggard Syndrome

Engineers by education are trained to be conservative and to implement high safety levels. When it comes to change, especially technology change, engineers are more laggards than others.

The Obstacle is the Way: Littelfuse PLM Journey

Littelfuse is a global manufacturer of technologies in circuit protection, power control, and sensing. Having experienced considerable growth due to acquisitions they were challenged with the management of new product development projects (NPD) specifically related process and technology standardization.

Aras Managed Cloud Services

As your company moves into the cloud, are you confident your organization is ready to implement and optimize the technology on a schedule?

Interview With An Expert: Integrations

Hear from Rob McAveney, CTO at Aras, discuss Aras’s Open integration philosophy and how Innovator has been open from its inception.

What’s New in Latest Open Release of Aras Innovator

Hear from John Sperling, SVP, Product Management as he reviews What’s New in Aras Innovator 12. This presentation covers all Service Packs leading up to our latest open version – Service Pack 9. You will see features that improve efficiency, new applications to expand your PLM vision, capabilities that accelerate the way users navigate and analyze data, and enhancements to boost your low-code application development.

ダイナミック・プロダクト・ナビゲーションを利用した PLM 情報の 3D 表示

CAD のビューイングデータは便利ですが、詳細な構成や設計意図が十分に伝わらず、誤解につながる可能性があります。 Aras のダイナミックプロダクトナビゲーションにより、エンタープライズ PLM システムの中でデジタルスレッドで繋がりあった情報を、ダイナミックに構築し、3D 表示で確認することができます。


テレビ番組「賢者の選択 FUSION」にアラスジャパン社長 久次昌彦が出演しました。


システムズ シンキングのアプローチは、複雑なシステムの設計や長期的なデジタルスレッドを構築する際の戦略には不可欠です。本書は、製品の複雑さに関連したリスクをご紹介するとともに、システムズ シンキングのアプローチを実装のための実践的なガイドとしてご利用いただけます。

Pervasive Simulation in a PLM Platform

Read how simulation can be implemented across entire product lifecycle using Aras PLM Platform. This allows simulation studies to be part of Digital Thread and span interdisciplinary implementation details.

Pervasive Simulation in a PLM Platform

See how simulation can be implemented across entire product lifecycle using Aras PLM Platform. This allows simulation studies to be part of Digital Thread and span interdisciplinary implementation details.

システムズ エンジニアリングと PLM の統合
Aras Innovator は、システムズ エンジニアリングと製品ライフサイクル全体との密接な統合、管理に最適なPLM プラットフォームです。
Leveraging Aras PLM Inside Your SOLIDWORKS Environment

Aras Innovator can work with other PDM systems to connect all of your Multi-CAD CAD data to a single enterprise PLM system, all without leaving the SOLIDWORKS environment you are accustomed to.

The Air Force Research Laboratory’s Digital Greenhouse

Discover how the Air Force is using a “Digital Greenhouse” in several projects to address challenges with data stuck in silos, defining data requirements, and attaining efficiency in IT environments.

A Bottoms-Up Approach to Product Lifecycle Management at Sandia National Labs

Sandia National Laboratories is taking a different approach to PLM. Join us for this webinar to learn how Sandia uses Aras Innovator to employ a bottom-up, iterative approach to PLM in order to solve some unique business challenges — including many not typically addressed by PLM tools.

systems thinking digital transformation JP

システムズ シンキングは、現在および将来の、インテリジェントでコネクテッドな製品のますます複雑化する問題を管理するため、そして、デジタルトランスフォーメーションの成功には不可欠です。

Maximizing Value by Asserting Control Over Your Enterprise Digital Transformation

Due to the complexity of modern systems, systems engineers need a federated collection of atomic data elements woven into a tapestry of “authoritative truth”. System models are a key element of this.

デジタルスレッド変革のための 5 ステップガイド

グローバルなメーカーには、プロジェクトをデジタルスレッドに変換するためのデジタルトランスフォーメーションの強力な基盤が必要です。 デジタルトランスフォーメーションの加速に向けた5つのステップを学びます。

ケアストリームヘルス社におけるMinerva Medical Device PLM を用いたプロジェクトおよび DHF の管理事例

医療画像システムとヘルスケア情報技術ソリューションの世界的なリーディングカンパニーであるケアストリームヘルス社がどのようにプロジェクトおよび DHF の管理を実現したかご覧ください。

Strengthen Your CI/CD Pipeline with Aras’ Test Automation Framework

Join Eli Donahue for a demo of Aras’ Test Automation Framework and see how you can reduce the time and resources spent on manually testing your Aras Innovator customizations and new applications.

Meeting Strategic Goals and Unifying Engineering Across the Enterprise

Cubic established an ambitious scope for the One Cubic Engineering project implementing functionality to address five global standardized processes, three CAD connectors, two custom ERP integrations.


この事例では、医療と安全技術の世界的なリーディングカンパニーであるドイツのドレーゲル社が、デジタルトランスフォーメーション成功のための要素としてどのように Aras Innovator を採用したかについて言及しています。Aras Innovator 構築により、ドレーゲル社ではよりセキュアに、拡張性を持って、IT コストを抑制しながらより高いパフォーマンスを実現することが期待されています。

Connecting Systems Models and Digital Thread using Aras Innovator

Capturing of a systems model as a structured content that is connected with the rest of the content managed by the Aras Platform. Traceability includes requirements, simulation studies, design details and documents.

ユーザーエクスペリエンスを高める デジタルツインの構築と管理

デジタルツインをどのように定義していますか? Aras では、製品のデジタルスレッド、画像、設計変更および構成管理、さらに Aras の一連のアプリケーションにより、現場の保守サービスで利用するデジタルツインに豊富なコンテキストを与え、使い勝手のよい機能を提供します。このデモでは、メンテナンスの効率性を高めるための新機能を中心に取り上げます。 

An Innovative Approach to Managing Simulation Using Aras Innovator

Built as a native capability on the Aras Innovator PLM platform, Aras Simulation Management application enables capturing of the simulation process, models, and studies at various levels of fidelity and for a multiplicity of design abstractions and variants. In this presentation, see how the simulation environment is created and reused, how it is related to items managed by Aras Innovator PLM platform, and how that platform’s change and configuration management helps to establish and maintain traceability.

エンジニアリング  エコシステムの統合

製品開発のためのソフトウェアは、単体で機能することはできません。Aras プラットフォームは、IT エコシステムが最適に機能することを保証する、根本的にオープンな設計原則に基づいて構築されています。

Seaspan Vancouver Shipyards – From Document Management System to Integrated Shipbuilding PLM Tool

Understand the evolution of Seaspan’s Aras tool from a document management system to the central component of a fully integrated Product Lifecycle Management ecosystem.

Automate Your Testing Process

Take a look at why companies are moving towards automated testing as a part of their application development process and how Aras’ Test Automation Framework improves your ability to test everything.

システムズ シンキングを可能にするデジタルスレッド


Foundational PLM for University Students

Learn how the Purdue Polytechnic Institute’s Department of Computer Graphics Technology (CGT) Virtual Product Integration (VPI) major has integrated Product Data Management (PDM) into the curriculum by implementing Aras Innovator as a foundation.

Aras テスト自動化 フレームワーク(TAF)

システムを変更するにあたり、いかにビジネスへの影響を最小化するかは企業にとって大きな課題です。Aras のサブスクライバーのための、テスト自動化フレームワークのソリューションについてご覧ください。

セキュアに外部とのつながりを構築: サプライヤー、パートナー、 製造委託先と接続する方法

この10年間、製品の複雑さは飛躍的に増大しました。エレクトロニクスとソフトウェアが支配的になり、 IoTが現実のものになりつつある中、その傾向はさらに強まっています。ガートナー社によると、製品の複雑さが高まった結果、ネット接続型デバイスの数が、 2017 年には 84 億台だったのに対し、 2020 年までに 204 億台に増大したそうです。製品の複雑さに対応するため、製造業者はデジタルトランスフォーメーションを推進し、ネット接続型製品の開発、販売によって競争力を維持しようとしています。

Raising the Bar for Product Quality in an Age of Ever-Increasing Product Complexity

Learn how Parata replaced a system of paper check sheets with an Aras solution that is manageable, scalable, and ultimately improved the quality of their products.

ビジネス環境が猛スピードで変化していく中、テクノロジーが追いつかなくなるのは時間の問題です。革新的なコンセプトをすばやく開発する企業は、競争に打ち勝つことができます。 Build with Aras ― Aras を使えば、企業特有の要件に適したソリューションを開発できる、オープンなエンタープライズのローコードプラットフォームを手に入れることができます。 

Engineering Change: The Digital Thread in Action

Learn how new Aras applications are advancing design and production for companies by incorporating real-time field feedback, operational data, Digital Twin simulation, and multidisciplinary change management.

Aras Innovator によるプラットフォーム成功例(英語)

こちらでは、CIMdata が実施した Aras のサブスクライバーへのインタビュー結果の概要を示すとともに、プラットフォーム戦略を推進する際の参考になる情報を解説しています。

Aras における「SAFeポータル」を活用したアジャイル開発の取り組み

Aras では、より多くの新バージョン、SPを短いサイクルでご提供できるようアジャイル開発手法のSAFe®(Scaled Agile Framework)を採用しています。この手法の管理のため、「SAFeポータル」という独自ソリューションを構築しました。今回のデモシリーズでは、Aras での使用例をご紹介することで、皆様に Aras Innovator の柔軟性について知っていただければ幸いです。

デジタル トランスフォーメーションのためのプラットフォーム基盤(英語)

こちらのウェビナーでは、CIMdata が実施した Aras のサブスクライバーへのインタビュー結果をご紹介し、Aras の導入状況、得られた効果、直面した障害、およびその解決策について、CIMdata社が発表します。



demo series dynamic product navigation

CAD data is useful, but without context it can be misleading. Aras’ Dynamic Product Navigation enables users to interrogate lightweight 3D part data within the context of a centralized Enterprise PLM System.

Demo Series: Digital Twin: How to build, manage, and enable a powerful user experience

Here from Graeme Taylor, Product Manager, as he demonstrates functionality to improve maintenance effectiveness by building and managing Digital Twin configurations able to access their own critical information–every time the physical asset changes.

医療機器メーカーが 製品ライフサイクル管理の メリットを得るために


expand your vision and leverage the aras community

Aras ユーザーは、Aras のプラットフォームを使用してアプリケーションをカスタマイズおよび強化してきました。 セッション3 では、コミュニティに焦点を当てと、Aras のプラットフォームサービスで業務用ローコードプラットフォームを活用して、独自の革新的なソリューションを開発する方法をご紹介します。セッション1,2 で新しく構築されたアプリケーションに 3回目の改善を加え、セッションの最後には Arasコミュニティ・プロジェクトを利用して、その範囲を拡大します。 これらのコミュニティ・プロジェクトは、Aras のコミュニティにおいて公開され提供されます。

experiment pivot and fulfill your vision

製品イノベーションを起こす過程では、製品のブラッシュアップのための新たなアイデア、更なるユーザーシナリオの作成が求められます。 新しいアイデアを動的に評価し、投資収益率(ROI)が最も高い最良のビジネスケースを判断することが重要となります。
このセッション2 では、業務シナリオに沿ってカスタムアプリケーションを構築する例を取り上げます。データの視覚化、コンテンツの編集、セッション1 で開発済みアプリケーションへのユーザーフィードバックに応答する機能を追加して、付加価値を生み出す様子をご覧ください。

rapid prototyping your first application iteration

アプリケーションの新規開発に対する需要の高まりは、必要なリソースを上回る勢いです。多くの企業が、従来の開発戦略から脱却するために、柔軟なローコードの開発プラットフォームに目を向けています。このセッションでは、Aras Innovator を活用して新しい機能を作成し、ユーザーのニーズを満たす具体例を検討します。 また、Aras Innovator を使用してアプリケーションを構築する際の迅速な開発環境も体験できます。

systems thinking and digital transformation


ユーザー、環境、その他の製品、ライフサイクル全体の重要なプロセスはすべて、製品のシステムレベルに影響を与えます。このアプローチを念頭に置いて製品を開発した企業は、ビジネスにおける優位性を持つでしょう。このウェビナーを通じ、Aras の新しいアプリケーションが、システムアーキテクチャ、要件設計、およびマルチフィデリティ・シミュレーションをどのように実現し、新しく革新的な方法で製品を進歩させるのにどう役立つかをご覧ください。

[デジタルスレッド実践 2] “つながる”世界での設計変更(日本語)

現在の製品では、ハードウェア、電子機器およびソフトウェアが複雑に関連し合っています。一方、Aras Innovator は関連する部門間での情報やデータをつなぎ、デジタルスレッドを実現します。本ウェビナーでは、サービス現場からの情報を元に、リアルタイムなフィードバック、シミュレーション、および変更管理を行うことによる、Aras Innovator を介した部門間での効果的な設計変更を、デモを交えてご紹介します。

the digital twin in maintenance and service

 デジタルツインのための Aras の新機能により、納品後のサービスやオペレーションのデータも含む製品ライフサイクル構築がどのように可能になるか、また、Aras のコミュニティがどのようにそれをさらに強化させているかをご覧ください。

製造業では、継続的な業務効率向上や売上・利益の拡大、品質向上、バリエーションの増大等が課題となっています。これを解決する一つの方法が、設計の標準化の推進による流用率の向上です。新たな部品の製造や調達コストを抑制できるだけでなく、標準部品を活用したバリエーション展開への道筋もできます。本プレゼンテーションでは、設計の標準化のプロセスを、Aras とエリジオンの最新のソリューションを通してご紹介いたします。(本資料は、2020年4月24日開催 Aras・エリジオン共催オンラインセミナー「3D データを活⽤した標準化推進によるQCD+V 向上」で使用したスライドです)
3D データを活⽤した標準化推進によるQCD+V 向上(日本語/動画 84分)

製造業では、継続的な業務効率向上や売上・利益の拡大、品質向上、バリエーションの増大等が課題となっています。これを解決する一つの方法が、設計の標準化の推進による流用率の向上です。新たな部品の製造や調達コストを抑制できるだけでなく、標準部品を活用したバリエーション展開への道筋もできます。本オンラインセミナーでは、設計の標準化のプロセスを、Aras とエリジオンの最新のソリューションを通してご紹介いたします。

The Digital Collaboration Imperative

Effective communication across the Enterprise is critical to success and requires the ability to change to meet new realities. Clear and easily available communication results in strong requirements and fast innovation.

Watch the demo on Visual Collaboration
Collaboration with Context and Traceability: Beyond the Four Walls of Industry

エアバス社の「Greenhouse(温室)」で 成長するアプリケーション

エアバス社の IT 部門は、機体を何年も待っている顧客のために、業務効率を高め、パフォーマンスを向上させ、組織全体のデジタル変革を実現するためには、多くのアプリケーションを最新化、アップグレード、そして最終的には統合する必要があると考えていました。これを解決したのが、ユーザー自身でプロジェクトを推進できるようになる独自のアプローチ、「Greenhouse」でした。

The Three Secrets to Develop Tomorrow's Vehicle Today

クルマはかつてないほどに洗練されて、コネクティビティもますます高まっています。 この急速な革新の時代で打ち勝つための3つの秘策と、明日の製品開発を今すぐ可能にする方法をご覧ください。

デジタルツインについてのよくある質問に、Aras の CTO である Rob McAveney が答えます。デジタルツインとは何か、構築方法、デジタルツインが生み出す価値、そしてどのように始めるべきか。

Optimizing the entire value chain using plm as the backbone


Deploying the Source of Truth for Model Based System Development

The vision of a Model-Based Enterprise (MBE) is to have an authoritative and traceable source for all artifacts and activities throughout a product’s lifecycle. The promise of reduced costs, higher quality (including tighter adherence to governance and regulations), and improved productivity; drives this digital revolution. 

Learn how the platform approach to system development integrates MBSE, software, requirements management, simulation, and maintenance with examples of how to use the integrated platform to deploy a rapid development greenhouse environment, agile R&D, design space exploration, and supply chain integration.

Download the PDF of the slides.

collaboration with context and traceability

Aras’ Visual Collaboration enables effective communication in a secure environment, allowing you to work seamlessly across the Enterprise. Watch this demonstration for a review of Visual Collaboration’s capabilities and highlight the effectiveness of clear communication across Aras Innovator. You will learn how to view and add comments in the discussions panel, leverage the viewers to gain visibility into all related content, and create markups to effectively communicate changes needed.

Building Solutions to Fill Functionality Gaps in End-to-End Processes

Chad Jackson, Chief Analysts of Lifecycle Insights, discusses the future of building custom applications quickly and strategically giving users the functionality they need.

Build with Aras


Workflows That Work for You

In this demo, we will dive into how Aras handles workflows, sub-workflows, notifications, and status reporting. You shouldn’t have to change your business to fit your PLM, but it should be easy to change your PLM to meet your unique needs.

デモシリーズ Aras Innovator 12 Configurable User Interfaceを利用したUI/画面カスタマイズ(日本語/24分)
レジリエントな Aras Innovator では、管理者画面から設定変更で各社の求めるシステム要件の多くを実現することができます。ユーザーの目にふれる、UIの構築についても同様です。このデモでは、Configurable User Interface という Aras Innovator のプラットフォーム機能を利用すると、どのような画面/UIのカスタマイズを行えるのかご紹介します。
Azura Data Lake Power BI Aras Innovator
クラウドへの移行が加速し、必要な時に適切な情報が求められるニーズは高まっています。このセッションでは、Microsoftのデバイス部門(Surface、XBOX、HoloLens等)にOnePDMとして導入したAras Innovatorを、企業全体にわたる製品群の複雑で新しい要求に対峙した際に、AzureやAzure Data Lake、PowerBI を活用しスケールさせた事例をご紹介します。

Aras はグローバルなものづくり企業の最高のパフォーマンスを支援します。

Aras Innovator 12 品質管理
この動画では、APQP 及び FMEA ツールを使用してリスク管理・品質改善・再発防止に貢献可能な Aras Innovator 12 の品質管理アプリケーションをデモンストレーションでご紹介し、製品が複雑化し開発サイクルが短くなることにより製造業がおかれる状況を、 Aras Innovator がどのように改善するかご紹介します。
Aras Requirements Engineering: Making Requirements Part of the Digital Thread

Having the ability to establish and maintain traceability of requirements to all system, design, testing and manufacturing data throughout the product’s lifecycle is critical to managing Digital Thread and Digital Twin. It is critical to managing ever-increasing product complexity.

Managing Documents Leveraging Microsoft Office Connector

Management of documents, spreadsheets, and process diagrams is critical to maintaining a digital thread. Documents need versioning, security control, and the context and interdependencies need to be managed.

Aras Innovator 12

今回のデモシリーズでは、これらの Aras Innovator 12 の変遷について振り返りを行うとともに、UX やクエリ定義、ツリーグリッドビューなどのコンポーネント強化、さらにこれらを活用した Product Engineering や 3D Dynamic Product Navigation などのソリューションについてもデモンストレーションでご紹介いたします。

Harnessing Engineering Data to Create Connected Process Plans

The transition from design to manufacturing can be quite complicated. Aras Manufacturing Process Planning creates process plans using your EBOM to generate an MBOM while building the Bill of Process.

The Engineer's Guide to the Resilient Platform


TLW-DT Regulated

More and more industries are finding difficulty meeting regulatory and compliance demands related to their products and development process. The ever-increasing volume and complexity of rules and regulations has led to a huge amount of data being produced in the form of documents and other types of data.


コンシリアム社は、 船舶用火災警報設備といった高い安全性要件の求められる製品を取り扱い、長きにわたり重要な文書を多岐にわたる方法で管理していました。Aras Innovator をどのような点で評価し、今後導入をどのように進めていくか、同社の事例をご覧ください。

How Your PLM is Holding You Back

Traditional PLM systems can’t keep pace with the demands from manufacturers of smart, connected products. Manufacturers must base their PLM applications on a resilient, industrial, low-code platform that adapts and grows with the market.

Product Complexity, Digital Transformation, and the Innovation Imperative

As companies grapple with legacy processes and systems while they develop and manage complex connected products, digital transformation becomes a priority in order to maintain a competitive edge.

ACE User Story: Carestream Health Discusses using Aras Innovator (2 Minutes)

Hear from Carestream Health on the implementation of and the migration to Aras Innovator resulting in better cost and flexibility.

Aras Innovator導入事例

設計製造課題を解決するためにAras Innovatorを採用した村田製作所様。決定に際しての要求事項などと共に、電子回路設計製造分野におけるPLM活用事例を構築方法をご覧ください。

Configuration Data Management in the Digital Thread World

Capgemini shares insights on how a connected PLM / SLM architecture enables the Digital Thread.

Streamline Your Product Development Process with Program Management

The Aras PLM Platform simplifies product development by enabling organizations to link new product development, design and delivery processes in a safe and secure collaborative manner.

部品点数の多さ、複数企業の協業製造など、特徴的なものづくりを行う航空業界でのCADデータ管理の難しさとそれをAras Innovatorで乗り越えようとした同社の取り組みをご覧ください。
Digital Transformation is Not Easy: Three Areas of Focus for Success
When it comes to how organizations are spending their investment capital today, the topic of Digital Transformation dominates the conversation - but realizing the benefits will not happen easily.
The Aras Platform: Where Technology Outpaces Business Change
The Aras platform is built not only to keep up with the pace of business change, but to outpace it.  Read this eBook to find out how Aras can help your business stay ahead of the curve.
Carestream Health: Enterprise PLM - A Global Compliance Imperative(同時通訳)

IoT、グローバリゼーションによるプロセスの複雑化という課題に直面しながらAras Innovator + Medical Device Templateの活用により、医療機器メーカーとしてFDA対応を進め、複数のシステムを統合し、効果的なマスタデータ管理を実現する”Integrated Lifecycle Management(統合されたライフサイクルマネジメント)”のプラットフォームをどのうように構築したか、その実例についてご覧頂けます。

Deutsche Blisterunion and Aras PLM

Learn how Deutsche Blisterunion uses Aras Innovator for high-speed production workflows, compliance, quality assurance and multi-site collaboration, as well as document management, records archiving and a lot more.

LORD: Robust End-to-End Document Management Processes with Aras

Find out how Aras allows for fully configurable business-logic in order to define business processes, tailor audience-specific reporting and notifications, and display relevant data via customizable dashboards at LORD Corporation.

Autronica's Aras PLM Selection

Learn why Autronica selected Aras as their PLM solution for high tech electronics.

Cofely slide image of CMII on Aras

Learn how Cofely uses Aras to create and implement a CMII-based configuration management system to document its processes, create model documents, manage configuration changes, and perform root cause analysis.

Digital Engineering: Making the Case for an Open PLM Platform

Is your current PLM system future-proof? Digital Engineering explores how a resilient PLM platform can handle critical shifts like changing business models, entering new markets or acquiring companies.

Pabst Brewing Company: The Enterprise Hub - Enabling Innovation Through Contribution and Collaboration with Aras

Pabst Brewing Company shares how their success overcoming the roadblocks of hoarded knowledge and enabling process management with project management tasks to enable Lean thinking with Aras.

Making the Case for Resilient PLM




Aras Innovator: Architected for the Future

In this commentary, leading PLM analyst firm, CIMdata, explores how Aras Innovator’s resilient platform architecture makes it ideally suited for companies looking for a long-term strategy for digital transformation. Learn why CIMdata says “The Aras PLM platform belongs on a short list for companies looking for a flexible platform that can meet their current and long-term PLM requirements.”

【ACE 2019 Japan】ルネサスエレクトロニクスでは、Aras Innovatorを用いて設計ECM(Engineering Chain Management)プラットフォームを構築しています。その狙いとともに、構築の道程や今後の展開についてご紹介します。

【ACE 2019 Japan】三菱重工業の防衛航空機部門では、旧来のホストでの BOM 情報管理及び紙での管理から脱却するため、Aras Innovator による PLM システムの構築を進めています。

【ACE 2019 Japan】2019年度10月のリリースに向けて、1月より開始したAras Innovatorの機能開発において、ヨコオがベンダーと工夫したプロジェクト推進の手法をご紹介します。
【ACE 2019 Japan】慶應義塾大学大学院システムデザイン・マネジメント研究科 石橋 金徳 氏 / ”コトとモノの統合デザイン”、”複雑システムの機能安全”、”戦略的検証計画”など国内の先駆的なシステムズエンジニアたちが立ち向かっている課題とそのアプローチについてご紹介します。
【ACE 2019 Japan】AIを活用してプログラミングレスで自動テストを作成できるツール「Magic Pod」を、実際にAras Innovator上でテスト作成した例を交えながらご紹介します。
【ACE 2019 Japan】製造業 DX プラットフォーム構築のための当社の考える「DX と PLM システムの位置付け」をご紹介します。今後技術革新や国際規格や団体規格、社内外のレギュレーションの変更などの外部要因の変更が発生することが予想されその変化に耐えることができるシステムが求められています。品質マネジメントシステムはもちろん自社独自でゲート管理をおこない高いレベルで QCD が実現できてこそ国際競争力の維持に必要不可欠な要素です。Aras Innovator の特徴を用いて Aras Innovator のプロジェクト管理機能を活用して先行品質計画をどのように Aras Innovator で実現することができるのかをご紹介いたします。
【ACE 2019 Japan】日本初の電気設計 CAD ベンダーである図研は、1997 年から電気・電子機器設計専用 PLM を提供してきました。
製品設計を成功に導くために、なぜ、電気・電子機器設計専用 PLM が必要なのか、Aras Innovator と何を融合するのか、MBSE をはじめとする上流とのコラボレーションを交えてご紹介します。
【ACE 2019 Japan】製造業が今取り組むべくクラウドのビッグコンピューティングを利用した CAE ソリューションを紹介します。具体的にはイノベーションを加速する HPC や Simulation、クラウドベースエンジニアリング(CAD VDI)、デザインエンジニアリング、Deep-Learning や AI などでの事例を紹介しながら、マイクロソフトの取り組みをご紹介します。
【ACE 2019 Japan】近年、機械産業を中心とする繰返し受注設計の業務領域において、モジュール標準化・共用化を目指す取組みが活発に行われています。現在、DIPRO では本領域の課題を解決すべく、標準・特注の組合せ業務に対応できる、Aras Innovator をベースとした業務・機能テンプレートの構築に取り組んでいます。昨年度は仕様管理を中心とする EBOM 基本機能の開発(Connect 1)が完了しました。講演では、本テンプレートの概要や活用方法等をご紹介するとともに、今年度、拡張構想にある iCAD 連携開発(Connect 2)についてもご紹介いたします。
【ACE 2019 Japan】CAD・CAM・CAE 技術の進歩にともない、設計開発の過程では膨大なデジタルデータを得ることができるようになりました。しかしながら、これらのデジタルデータを導出するプロセス・データの精度や粒度が曖昧であるが故に、実際の製品開発の現場においては、これらのデータを十分に活用できていないという現状があります。
本講演では、Aras Innovator によりシミュレーションのデータだけでなく、シミュレーションのプロセスそのものを管理し、これらのデジタルデータを徹底的に使い倒す方法を、実例を交えてご紹介します。
【ACE 2019 Japan】Aras Innovator が標準で装備しているドキュメント管理の機能及びAras Office Connector を利用し、End-to-End のドキュメント管理プロセスについてデモを交えながらご説明します。使い慣れたMicrosoft Word、Excel、PowerPoint、および Outlook からダイレクトに Aras Innovator にアクセスし、効率的なドキュメント管理を実現します。
【ACE 2019 Japan】多くの製造業で採用が加速している Aras Innovator。本セッションではなぜ Aras Innovator を多くの企業が採用しているのか?どのような機能を持っているのか?といった Aras Innovator の基本を、デモンストレーションを混じえながら初めての人にもわかりやすくご紹介します。
DT Global Deployments
【ACE 2019 Japan】製造業の業務プロセスのデジタル化をさらに進化させたデジタルトランスフォーメーションが改めて提唱されてから、各社がどのように取り組み、何が実現可能かが最も大きな関心となっています。本セッションでは、日本の製造企業の皆様へのデジタルトランスフォーメーション構築のヒントとなるような、国外のグローバルな最新デジタルトランスフォーメーション事情を共有させて頂きます。
Creating Smarter Documents with Technical Documentation

Come discover Tech Docs and learn how this capability might be useful for your technical documentation needs. For those who haven't looked at Tech Docs in a while, come see what has changed along with our plans for future enhancements.

Optimizing Your Product Development Process with Collaborative Change Management

Managing and communicating change across many groups remains a core challenge for any company that makes products. It needs to be done in a clear, collaborative, and transparent manner, but ever increasing complexity makes this process exponentially more difficult. Change processes that are ineffective or poorly managed can leave organizations struggling to improve quality while also dealing with increased time-to-market and poor cost management.

ACE Europe 2019 Video
Find out about the Aras Community Event (ACE) 2019 Europe in Munich! You’ll quickly discover that ACE Europe is a unique setting with lots of network opportunities & great presentations we created to bring together the best and brightest to discuss the industry’s toughest challenges. Attendees could choose from dozens of presentations from thought leaders, Aras management team and Aras customers (e.g. BAE Systems, MAN Energy Solutions).
Is Your Technology Resilient Enough for Digital Transformation?

Is your organization prepared for digital transformation? This infographic provides insight on why you need to be thinking of digital transformation and how to prepare for a quickly changing business environment.

Download our eBook
The Resilient Platform: Three Essential Characteristics

Aras Video - Transform What You Do
企業データや顧客体験、ビジネス革新や製品に関するイノベーション、運用ライフサイクルからの情報を含めたシステムインフラ等、ライフサイクルの全体に渡ってお客様自身が主役となること(Own The Lifecycle)を、Aras はご提案します。
Managing Commercial Parts with Component Engineering

Join Gary Wilmot, Aras Solutions Consultant, to learn how the Aras Component Engineering application allows you to select, source, and compare electronic components that meet requirements, with access to up-to-date technical, obsolescence, and compliance data from leading manufacturers.


Aras Innovatorでは、標準のアクセス制御機構であるユーザーロールに基づいたアクセス制御に加えて、ユーザーやアクセスする情報の属性に応じて制御するMAC Policyと、プロジェクトチーム単位でのアクセス制御に有用なDACという新しいアクセス制御機構を提供しています。本ウェビナーでは3つのアクセス制御機構の特徴と、どのようにして柔軟なアクセス制御を実現するのかをデモンストレーションをまじえてご紹介します。

The Aras Resilient Platform

Aras のテクノロジーが、ユーザーを特定のテクノロジーに閉じ込めることなく、変化するビジネス要件に適応するように設計されたレジリエントなプラットフォームで業界を席巻していることをご確認ください。

Simulation to Digital Thread

Simulation has often been disconnected from the rest of the development process, struggling with traceability and the ability to provide meaningful feedback in a timely manner. Watch this demonstration as it shows how Aras Innovator can use simulation to evaluate the performance of a design as it progresses, and how the results of simulations can be tied back to Requirements to do closed-loop Verification and validation at every stage of the product lifecycle.


「Visionary(先見の明)」という言葉は、他の人たちが予見しなかった未来を想像した人々を表すためによく使われます。Aras では、そのような人々のことを「しなやかな思想を持つ人」と考えています。レジリエント(しなやか)な思想を持つ人が、なぜレジリエントなプラットフォームを必要とするのか、そして未来の知られざる課題に対応するために必要な 3 つの重要な特性についてお伝えします。


回路保護、ヒューズ、電力制御の技術で世界をリードするリテルヒューズ社では、企業の成長とともに、自動車業界におけるISO 9001:2015 および IATF 16949:2016 への準拠なども含めた新製品開発に課題を抱えていました。Aras Innovator の選定、導入前の業務整理、今後のロードマップなど、同社の事例をご覧ください。

組織全体でのシミュレーションの活用: PLM による設計との統合


Dynamic 3D Product Navigation

In this webinar you will learn about Dynamic Product Navigation and see the first set of a suite of enhancements to the Aras PLM Platform which provide the ability to configure and display 3D models of your product regardless of the CAD system the data originated from using a simple, intuitive user interface.


Two major trends—increasing product complexity and the growing role of the supply chain in design and manufacturing― have been playing out in manufacturing companies across all industries. The convergence of these trends has created a significant challenge for design collaboration with outsourced manufacturing partners―impacting productivity and operational excellence every day.

Businesses will need to invest in upgrading their current technology to meet these new realities. Regardless of the approach, in order to make these investments reflect a positive return on their investment (ROI), the solution will need to consider the business processes, volume and location of users, technical landscape and security of the data. Watch this presentation to learn how you can transform your global supplier collaboration while securing your IP.

Learn more about enabling IP-secure supplier collaboration.

Aras Innovator Overview

With the release of version 12, Aras Innovator continues to disrupt the PLM market with unprecedented usability and adaptability. Watch as Aras Solutions Consultant, Gary Wilmot, demonstrate the latest Aras Innovator capabilities including, Parts and Bills of Materials Creation, Configuration, Effectivity and  Change Management, Quality Management, Manufacturing Process Planning, Technical Documentation, Visual Collaboration and Enterprise Search.

Optimize Global Operations with Aras Product Innovation Platform
Aras’ Visual Collaboration enables effective communication in a secure environment, allowing you to work seamlessly across the Enterprise. Watch this demonstration for a review of Visual Collaboration’s capabilities and highlight the effectiveness of clear communication across Aras Innovator. You will learn how to view and add comments in the discussions panel, leverage the viewers to gain visibility into all related content, and create markups to effectively communicate changes needed.

Hear about the Aras vision and plans for future releases. Aras is busier than ever, innovating on technology, PLM processes, and new applications. We’ll share all of our latest crazy ideas and show you how they’ll shape the future of PLM.


Own the Lifecycle(製品ライフサイクルのデータや情報に主体性を持つこと)を可能にするプラットフォームが、企画から保守まで一連の実用的なデータとそれを必要とするチームとをどう繋ぎ、製品の改善と戦略的な機敏性の両方をいかに加速するさせるかをご紹介します。

Requirements Engineering EB
製品はますます複雑になっているため、システムや製品の設計には要件管理が非常に重要です。しかし、要件管理は依然として独立したスタンドアロンの要件管理ツールで行われていることが少なくありません。そして、実際には、多くの設計の失敗は要件管理の不備に起因する可能性があります。この eBook は、要件管理に関して企業が直面している現在の課題とリスクを調査し、Aras の要件管理向けアプリケーション「Aras Requirements Engineering」によって提供されるソリューションと利点を概説します。
Learn how you can accomplish more with the Aras community

The Aras Community is an open group of developers, analysts, admins, and users that share their PLM and Aras knowledge across industries. To support our community, Aras provides a platform packed with resources and features to empower community members. Watch as Eli Donahue, Aras Labs Lead Engineer, demonstrates what the Aras Community platform has to offer you. He’ll start with a brief overview of the Aras Community site, followed by demos of a few open source projects that community members have shared.


Digital transformation is the common goal found across industries today. To achieve this goal, a platform architecture is found to be the core enabler where improvements in revenue opportunities occur.

Watch this webinar with Thomas Gill, Senior Consultant at CIMdata, as he discusses issues with legacy monolithic architectures, key elements of a product innovation platform architecture and the business benefits that can be achieved with a modern solution.

Amscan showcases their customizations with Aras PLM. Experience the power of tailored product lifecycle management.

Amscan has taken full advantage of the Aras open, flexible architecture. Check out these cool customizations, including the Xcelerator Excel bridge to PLM, Grid Customizations for easier dater interaction, Performance Analysis and Stress Test Tool and more.

Simplify Formulas & Recipes with AIPC's Aras Formula Solution

Learn why AIPC chose Aras to manage formulas, recipes, packaging specifications, suppliers and more.

Akrapovič leverages Aras PLM for flexible integration. Explore their unique approach to optimizing product development

See how Akrapovič takes advantage of Aras's flexible platform to connect with their SAP interface and extend core functionality.

Aras and IBM ALM PLM Partnership at Airbus

See real-world scenarios detailing a new and different approach to ALM and PLM based on a reference architecture implementation utilizing OSLC at Airbus.

agile for the enterprise with safe portal

Join Crystal Brandl, Product Manager at Aras, for a first look at the SAFe Portal. This demonstration will highlight many of the common elements of SAFe, including Agile Release Trains, Program Increments, Iterations, Features, Issues, and Tasks.  You will also take a look inside how Agile Teams are managed, and the Kanban boards used to visualize the backlog and work-in-progress.

How Industry Does Quality: Lessons Learned from the PLM-Quality Connection

Quality goes beyond compliance. Product safety, customer satisfaction, and design innovations all rely on well-integrated processes and technologies for quality planning, quality management, and product development. In this guide, see how Aras helps OEMs transform their approach to quality.

Platform Architecture: A Core Digital Transformation Enabler

To effectively execute a digital transformation, a resilient product lifecycle management platform is critical. Product data volume and complexity are growing exponentially, and therefore must be addressed to ensure long-term success. A product innovation platform is a state-of-the-art way to create a resilient foundation that can support end-to-end product lifecycle requirements. Customers recognize Aras for its architecture, which has been based on web services from its inception.

Aras プラットフォーム セキュリティ


Aras Innovator 12 最新のユーザーエクスペリエンス

Aras Innovatorバージョン12は、すべてのArasユーザーがより効率的に作業を進めることができることを目指して全く新しいユーザーエクスペリエンスを導入しています。経験豊富なユーザーにとっても使い始めて間もないユーザーにとっても、クライアントのナビゲーションアーキテクチャーは、ユーザーが必要なコンテンツを少ないステップで見つけることができるように再設計され、関連するデータとコマンドを容易に認識できる様にインターフェースが単純化され、データ編集プロセスがより直観的になりました。Aras Innovatorバージョン12の生産性や使いやすさの向上について、デモンステレーションを通してご紹介します。

A Guide to Simulation for Innovation

今日、そして将来の製品イノベーションはシミュレーションによって左右されると言えます。Aras のデジタルスレッドを使用してシミュレーション データとその結果を管理することにより、シミュレーションの価値を製品ライフサイクル全体に拡げられるだけでなく、今日および将来に向けてのイノベーションの促進につながります。

ARAS PLMプラットフォーム



Hear from Bob Parker, SVP at IDC, as he shares IDC’s research on the characteristics of the digitally determined and how they are putting innovation at the forefront of their efforts. You will also learn how these companies are scaling these efforts by implementing an open and robust product innovation platform.

Product Engineering with Effectivity

Watch the demo to learn how easy it is to create additional effectivity variables and manage your scope, how to set effectivity expressions–as simple or complex as your business requires, and how to resolve structures fully or partially given the effectivity resolution criteria.

Product Strategy Input Session : Data Input Usability

Whether it has to do with mass property editing, multilingual entry, creating relationships, or keyboard-friendly workflows, let us know how we can make data input faster and more user-friendly for you.

Aras Innovator in the Classroom

The team from Purdue University Polytechnic Institute walk through the challenges and next steps when it comes to introducing PLM into the undergraduate curriculum.


【ACE 2019 Japan】Aras Manufacturing Process Planning(MPP)は、PLM における製造データおよびプロセス管理のための統合的なアプローチを提供するソリューションです。グラフィカルでコンカレントなプロセス計画、MBOM、作業指示の作成に加え、リアルタイムなEBOM/MBOM の自動照合をサポートします。本セッションでは、MBOM で号機情報を管理するために、Aras Effectivity Services を用いて MPP をカスタマイズした事例をデモを交えてご紹介いたします。

Component Engineering

Learn how the Aras Component Engineering Application, as part of the Aras PLM Platform, empowers Component Engineers with a single source of Electronic Component information - enabling them to make informed decisions on appropriate components to select from already purchased components or sourcing new components.


【ACE 2019 Japan】4 年半の歳月を経て、Aras Innovator のメジャーバージョンが遂に「12」にアップグレードしました。本セッションでは、刷新されたユーザエクスペリエンス(UX)を中心に、Aras Innovator 12 の最新機能をご紹介します。

MIT Lincoln Laboratory and Razorleaf

MIT Lincoln Laboratory (MITLL) is in the process of deploying Aras Innovator as the backbone of its new model-based digital thread. As an FFRDC, the laboratory serves a number of sponsors in the aerospace and defense industries, and sits at the very beginning of the R&D process for those organizations.


【ACE 2019 Japan】Aras11 SP15 で登場した Graph Navigation。複雑に絡み合った PLM 内の製品構造、Digital Thread 情報をグラフィカルに視覚化することで、情報間の関係性を紐解いて欲しい情報に簡単かつ迅速に辿り着けるようになります。本セッションでは、Graph Navigation とその裏側にある Query Builder の設定方法をご紹介するとともに、将来的な拡張に関するアイデアを共有します。

Aras Innovator as Enabler of Digital Engineering at Sandia Labs

An overview of the role of Aras Innovator in support of digital engineering initiatives at Sandia Labs as well as its envisioned future role as part of a comprehensive PLM vision currently under development.


【ACE 2019 Japan】Aras Labs は、Aras 社内の先端 R&D チームです。
Aras Labs では、広くコミュニティの皆さまから Aras の活用事例をお聞きし、各種メディアを通じて新技術に関する情報発信や、コミュニティプロジェクトやプロトタイプ開発を通じて新製品開発を促進するなど様々な活動を行っています。
本セッションでは、現在 Aras Labs で取り組んでいるコミュニティプロジェクト、Federation Services プロトタイプ等の活動事例をまじえ、皆さまの日々の Aras 利用・開発に役立つ情報をご紹介します。

Breaking the shackles of text-based requirements

Definition and management of requirements is going through major methodology changes. Design complexity shifts requirement content from basic formatted text towards XML schema managed complex structures (structured content). This presentation will explore how Aras Requirements Engineering architecture allows to start exploring and implementing various methodologies for requirements modeling, reuse and traceability - approaches not possible previously.

Ace19 Product Data Exploration

Although it had its roots as a simple, yet powerful graphical query mechanism for constructing custom queries, the Query Builder (and the Query Definitions created by it) has become the core mechanism for defining data structures used in many areas of Aras Innovator, including PLM Visualization and Configuration Tools. Learn about the Query Builder, hear about the enhancements in the past year, and see how it's used for defining Tree Grid and Graph Views, determining access rights, Part Effectivity, data migration, as well as our plans for its use in the near future.

次世代の要件管理ソリューション - Aras Requirements Engineering

【ACE 2019 Japan】Aras Requirements Engineering は、すでに Aras Innovator プラットフォーム上で管理されている他の PLM 管理設計データ(メカ、エレ、ソフト)にも関連付け、デジタルスレッドを構築し、製品開発ライフサイクルを通してトレーサビリティを提供します。本セッションでは、構造化されたコンテンツとして定義された要件管理の方法をご紹介します。

A Journey to Change Management on the Aras Platform

In 2016, General Motors embarked on a project to replace the homegrown Change Management System with Aras Innovator. Since then, Aras Innovator has provided enhanced capabilities and a more robust workflow on a supported upgradeable framework. Hear highlights about the Aras and GM journey.


【ACE 2019 Japan】Aras では、最も標準的なロールベースのアクセス制御だけでなく、ユーザやアクセスする情報の属性に応じて制御する Mandatory Access Control (MAC)ポリシー、組織に縛られないプロジェクト単位のセキュリティ切り分けなどに有用な Domain Access Control (DAC)によるアクセス制御を提供しています。本セッションでは、デモンストレーションを交えながらこれらのアクセス制御機能についてご紹介いたします。


【ACE 2019 Japan】Aras Innovator は、全ての主要 CAD システムの設計データを管理できる CAD 非依存のプラットフォームです。この一元化されたデジタルロケーションから、設計者は、最新の製品情報やファイルにリアルタイムにアクセスして共有することができます。本セッションでは、CAD データ管理のニーズをサポートする機能をご紹介いたします。

Challenge and Solutions in QMS with Aras Innovator

The Medical System business unit of Fujifilm serves a global customer base of hospital systems and clinics so that Fujifilm is required to comply multiple international regulations such as the audits of government and certifying body. In this session, Fujifilm will share its challenges and solutions in building more reliable Digital QMS with Aras Innovator for achieving faster and more traceable DHF.

Component Management in PLM

Aras Component Engineering provides access to the 500M+ components available in the IHS Markit CAPS database. This allows subscribers to search and compare components, download part details, compliance information as well as have access to Product Change Notices, End of Life notices and more. This presentation will provide an overview of Component Engineering and cover the latest enhancements.

このプレゼンテーションでは、Aras Innovator の Office コネクターを活用し、自動化を通じて製品仕様の正確性と信頼性を確保した事例についてご紹介します。


【ACE 2019 Japan】Aras Technical Documentation(技術文書)は、予め定義された文書の骨組みに対して、様々な構成要素を適用してドキュメントを作り上げるのに最適な機能を提供するオーサリングツールです。Technical Documentation を利用することにより、いろいろな部門のユーザーが統一された構成の文書を作成し、ビューイング、共有、公開することができます。また、コンテンツを PLM データと紐づけることによって、設計変更などの反映を動的に行うことが可能です。