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Aras Subscription Includes Upgrade Services for Global PLM Environments Regardless of Customization

Upgrade Policy Sets New Bar for Enterprise PLM Industry and Removes Major Source of Expense and Frustration for PLM Users

ANDOVER, Mass. and Munich, Germany - February 11, 2014 - Aras®, the next leader in enterprise Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software, has fundamentally changed how global enterprise PLM environments get upgraded. Aras has included upgrade services in the Aras subscription, typically a large additional recurring cost with other PLM providers, regardless of the amount of PLM solution customization.

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A recent CIMdata commentary report titled Aras Innovator: Redefining Customization & Upgrades states, "This [no-cost version-to-version upgrades] is a rather bold guarantee given the historic challenges the industry has experienced with upgrading highly customized PLM deployments." The report goes on to explain, "[We] discovered that there was much more to the story than just a contractual guarantee. Fundamentally, Aras Innovator is engineered to be highly configurable - even customizable - without resulting in expensive and complex version-to-version upgrades and re-implementations."

Unlike other PLM systems that effectively require a re-implementation and data migration, Aras is upgraded "in place" in a fraction of the time and effort because no recoding or data migration are necessary. Because of advanced PLM platform technology Aras upgrades are completed in 1/10th the total time and 1/100th of the total man hours required for conventional enterprise PLM systems, even for highly customized global deployments.

The CIMdata commentary concludes, "The [Aras] solution's ability to be upgraded without causing time and money to be spent on re-implementing customizations is impressive, and those looking for a highly customizable PLM solution should take note...the solution's elegance is in its simplicity and in the fact that it is possible to upgrade without a penalty for customization. The follow-on impacts are significant, and for many of Aras' customers there is a lot more value to come."

"We created our upgrade policy because too many companies are stuck on outdated versions of other PLM systems that have been customized and are too expensive and complicated to upgrade," explained Peter Schroer, President of Aras. "We encourage companies to customize our out-of-the-box solutions and they can be sure that future updates will not be an issue because upgrades are free with our subscription. No one else does this because no one else can."

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We offer the best Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software for global businesses with complex products and processes. Advanced PLM platform technology makes Aras more scalable, flexible and secure for the world’s largest organizations, and a full set of applications provide complete functionality for companies of all sizes. Customers include GE, GETRAG, Hitachi, Honda, Motorola, TEVA Pharmaceuticals, Textron and XEROX. Aras is privately held with global headquarters in Andover, Mass. More at and Twitter @aras_plm