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Ilesfay ensures that the right data gets to the right person at the right time using cloud technologies. Our founders have over 30 years of combined experience solving the problem of distributed expertise and data for Fortune 100 clients. In the past, huge capital investment has been required to build cumbersome point-to-point solutions in which the amount of data or distributed demand for data far outstrips the infrastructure. This has led to users wasting time working on the wrong information and thus making poor decisions, missing project deadlines, and redoing work.

What is Cloud Replication?

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The ability to quickly access reliable data is a key factor in workplace productivity. As the world has become more interconnected and as offices spread farther apart, new technologies are needed to ensure that the right information is being utilized. Ilesfay Replication provides the necessary mechanism to make sure that the right people have the right information at all points in time.

Ilesfay Replication is an advanced server mirroring technology. At its most basic level, server mirroring is the process of creating an exact duplicate set of files and folders between servers in real-time. The use of Ilesfay Replication's server mirroring technologies can solve many different issues for a company’s information infrastructure, such as:

  • Local file access: The closer the information is stored to the end user, the more quickly it can be accessed. Creating duplicate file/folder sets at branch office enhances productivity by making information more readily available to the end-user.
  • Disaster recovery: If a storage device malfunctions, having data in multiple locations enables the recovery of lost or destroyed data.
  • High data availability: Enables load balanced servers to maintain mirrored data for efficient use of server resources and fast data access.

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