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ACE EUROPE: GETRAG, Imperial Tobacco Group & others to Present Oct 21-22

ACE JAPAN: October 7th Tokyo & October 10th Osaka - Still Time to Register

IN THE NEWS: Infor OEM Licenses Aras PLM Platform & Solution Suite

TECHNOLOGY: Improve Your CAD Management Performance with Aras

TECH TIP: GetPermissions SQL Function

RECENT NEWS: Articles, Blogs, Videos, etc.

UPCOMING EVENTS: Webcasts, Conferences, Seminars & more

ARAS TRAINING: Upcoming Sessions

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Big news, lots of great events and tons of materials this fall. If you're working on your PLM strategy and need more detailed information about Aras or want to get a quote / estimate for next year's budget, get in touch with an Aras certified partner or contact us directly... we can help.

Plan now so you can take your PLM initiative to the next level with Aras.

ACE EUROPE: GETRAG, Imperial Tobacco Group, Consilium and others to Present October 21-22 in Germany

ACE 2014 Europe kicks off October 21st with leading global companies and PLM experts presenting strategies for managing complexity and improving product development throughout the extended enterprise.

Hear GETRAG, Imperial Tobacco Group, Consilium, TitanX, Kinnerton Confectionery, Hydrocontrol and many more share their PLM experience and demonstrate the success of their global Aras PLM initiatives.

Professor Martin Eigner from the University Kaiserslautern will report on Industry 4.0 (smart factory) and the PLM strategy of manufacturing companies, and Aras CEO Peter Schroer will highlight the importance of open technologies and resilient product lifecycle management.

Check out the complete agenda at
Attendance is FREE but Registration is required.

ACE JAPAN: October 7th Tokyo & October 10th Osaka - Still Time to Register

ACE 2014 Japan is coming soon and there's still time to reserve your seat. Expanded to two locations, Tokyo and Osaka, ACE 2014 Japan offers an opportunity to learn about next generation product lifecycle management and collaborate on best practices for addressing the complex challenges of global product development.

Attendees will learn from leading companies worldwide including JAMCO, Murata Manufacturing, Yanmar Energy Systems, MAN Diesel & Turbo and others, and hear how they have transformed their businesses with Aras.

ACE Japanは、ユーザー事例や技術的なセッションなど、Aras Innovator をより先進的かつ柔軟にご活用頂くための情報を共有頂く"コラボレーション"の場です。2014年のテーマは「 RIGHT NOW 」です。グローバル企業が抱えるビジネスの課題を解決するためにArasで今すぐ実現できることはたくさんあります。ArasのCEOの Peter Schroer も来日し、キーノートセッションを行います。アジェンダ、講演者、カンファレンスの詳細、参加登録はこちらから :

Aras CEO and Founder, Peter Schroer will deliver the keynote address live in both Tokyo and Osaka.

Agenda and conference details and Free Registration at

IN THE NEWS: Infor OEM Licenses Aras PLM Platform & Solution Suite

Our recent announcement with leading ERP provider Infor caught the eye of a number of industry pundits, including the blog Beyond PLM and research firm Consilia Vector.

If you haven't heard, Infor and Aras have done an OEM deal under which Aras will be the enterprise PLM solution for Infor's ERP systems and offered as Infor PLM Innovator - powered by aras. The new offering will unite Infor users' entire product lifecycle in a single view of the truth from design and manufacturing to purchasing, quality, the supply chain and beyond.

Consila noted that the deal "gives Infor what it craves, a customer checklist that more completely matches item for item with Oracle and SAP."

Beyond PLM agreed in a post titled ERP vendors are ready to clash using PLM weapons, adding "It looks like all three top ERP vendors recognized the value and importance of Product Lifecycle Management. I guess, manufacturing and enterprise companies are challenged how to support innovation with constraints of global product development and manufacturing. Therefore, adding PLM functionality to their product suites is an important imperative for all of them."

I think our CEO, Peter Schroer, said it best, "This relationship is a real win for everyone. Infor is able to get to market quickly with a highly scalable and flexible PLM offering, we are able to expand the Aras community and reach a wider range of customers with our technology, and global enterprises are able to take full advantage of a seamlessly integrated experience."

To learn more about Infor PLM Innovator - powered by aras - contact your Infor ERP representative

TECHNOLOGY: Improve Your CAD Management Performance with Aras

If you've got CAD - and who doesn't? - odds are you've got more than one system. The odds also favor the fact that you're probably having a heck of a time managing all those files. We can help.

We have a series of CAD-focused capabilities designed to improve CAD management scalability and performance. We think of it as a whole new level of multi-CAD management performance.

As John Sperling, VP of Product Management at Aras, explains, "We believe global enterprises with complex, geographically distributed design environments need greater scalability and much faster performance than they've been able to get from the other major PLM systems."

So we've been focusing improving our API and creating a unified CAD data model across mechanical and electronics. And the results speak for themselves:

  • We've achieved a 10X increase in speed, 10X reduction in memory and 6X smaller XML/AML package size for the fastest PLM platform Multi-CAD Check-in / Check-out performance in the PLM / PDM industry.
  • Our high performance CAD management capabilities span CATIA V5, NX, Creo Parametric / Pro/Engineer, SolidWorks, Solid Edge and of course Inventor and AutoCAD.
  • And unlike the mechanical PDM/PLM systems, our solutions extend to ECAD including Altium, Allegro, DxDesigner, PADS, OrCAD, Zuken and others.
    If your users are fed up with your PDM/PLM system's performance for complex CAD management, learn more about our advanced CAD data management technology.

Then, check out this report on customer benchmark testing run by T-Systems for CATIA V5 check in / check out performance vs. one of the other major PLM systems, and find out how you can improve your company's CAD management to increase design productivity and get rid of frustration.

TECH TIP: GetPermissions SQL Function

Calling SQL from server methods, using either SqlExecute or applySQL brings the benefits of directness and speed plus the resultset returned by the server looks like an Item and can be processed using the IOM. ApplySQL also behaves like dynamic SQL, queries can be built programatically. Until recently the downside was that no Aras Innovator Permissions were applied!

If you look closely in SQL Server Management Studio in Aras Innovator 930SP7 or later you'll see there is a function innovator.GetPermissions. Interestingly there is no SQL Item so it is not part of any core package.

Recently I had occasion to need to use it, and here is a CSharp example for testing it. You will need to replace the ItemType named 'test' and properties in the select clause in qry1 for your purposes; the method can be run using the 'Run Server Method' Action.

So we've been focusing improving our API and creating a unified CAD data model across mechanical and electronics. And the results speak for themselves:

Innovator innov=this.getInnovator();
string user_id=innov.getUserID();
string identities_list=Aras.Server.Security.Permissions.Current.IdentitiesList;
// list has single quotes around ids, which is right for AML idlist attribute but wrong for sql
string qry1=@"
select id,name from test it
  'can_get' -- access type
  , it.permission_id
  , it.created_by_id -- created_by_id
  , it.managed_by_id -- managed_by_id 
  , it.owned_by_id -- owned_by_id
  , it.team_id -- team_id
  , '{0}' -- identities_list
  , '' -- ip_address ?
  , '{1}' -- curr user_id
  , null -- creator_id ? 
  , null -- manager_id ?
  , null -- owner_id ?
  ) > 0
return innov.applySQL(qry1);

Aras subscribers, remember that the Tech Tips in our newsletters and blogs can be found in the Aras KnowledgeBase (Aras KB) in the Subscriber Portal

RECENT NEWS: Articles, Blogs, Videos, etc.

ARAS NEWS: Imperial Tobacco Group Selects Aras as Enterprise PLM Backbone
Following a comprehensive review of leading PLM providers including Siemens PLM Software and Dassault Systemes, Imperial chose Aras for the flexibility and configurability of its PLM plartform...

Working with Aras partner FISHER/UNITECH, Dow will implement Aras program management and project management to allocate and track valuable design and engineering resource

YAHOO FINANCE: Infor and Aras Deliver Transformative Cloud PLM Solution
Capturing data flow between Infor enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications, Infor PLM Innovator supports strategic business processes including product development, new product introduction...

The breadth and flexibility of the PLM platform on a Microsoft-friendly technology stack is expected to help Sinfonia Technology standardize product development, and introduce and manage a wider portfolio of products.

TENLINKS: Aras Enables Enterprise PLM Platform on SQL Server 2014
Aras on SQL Server 2014 offers a new level of enterprise PLM scalability for data center, cloud, and hybrid deployments.

MCADCAFE: Aras Announces OEM Licensing Program for Advanced PLM Suite and Underlying Platform Technology - Under the program, global independent software providers (ISVs) can license, rebrand and repackage Aras's proven capabilities as their own. ISVs can license the entire product...

CIMDATA: 1 Million PLM User Scalability Testing Conducted on Aras with Microsfot SQL Server 2014
Results validate optimal performance and resource utilization for 1,000,000 named users with 250,000 concurrent users - the largest testing conducted to date in the enterprise PLM industry.

IT PRODUCTION: Der Weg zu passgenauer Lifecycle Management-Unterstützung (teil 2)
Wenn Unternehmen interdisziplinäre Produkte schneller und günstiger fertigen wollen, kommen sie am Einsatz von Product Lifecycle Management-Software oft nur schwer vorbei.

NEW BLOG: If all you have is Teamcenter Everything Becomes a 3D CAD Problem
You really need to ask yourself: Do you have an enterprise product lifecycle management business opportunity or a 3D CAD file configuration control problem?

ACE 2014 EUROPE: Aras Announces ACE 2014 Europe Conference October 21-22 in Frankfurt Germany
International conference on enterprise PLM strategies brings together PLM experts, users and decision makers throughout Europe.

FROM THE BLOG: Improve Your CAD Management Performance with Aras
Did you know that Aras Innovator® features a series of CAD-focused capabilities enabling Aras to deliver best-in-class multi-CAD management performance? They're included out-of-the-box along with...

PLM INDUSTRY: "Out of the Box Works for No One" - A conversation with Dr. Martin Eigner
Dr. Martin Eigner recently joined our Board of Advisors and we're very excited to welcome him to the Aras family. Dr. Eigner brings a wealth of PLM industry and technology knowledge to Aras, as well as...

UPCOMING EVENTS: Webcasts, Conferences, Seminars & more

AIAG Automotive Engineering and Technology Forum - Southfield, MI - October 1, 2014
AIAG Automotive Engineering & Technology Forum focuses on the current and future IT-related technologies predicted to transform the vehicle as well as the entire automotive product development systems. The 2014 forum will address strategies, opportunities and solutions in...

CIMdata PLM Roadmap 2014 - Plymouth, Michigan, USA - October 2, 2014
PLM Road Map™ 2014 provides an independent education and a collaborative networking environment where ideas, trends, experiences, and relationships critical to the industry germinate and take root. The theme for this year's conference is "PLM-enabled Continuous Product...

ACE 2014 Japan - Tokyo, Japan - October 7, 2014
ACE 2014 Japan provides attendees an opportunity to learn about next generation product lifecycle management and collaborate on PLM best practices for addressing the complex challenges of global product development.

ACE 2014 Japan - Osaka, Japan - October 10, 2014
ACE 2014 Japan provides attendees an opportunity to learn about next generation product lifecycle management and collaborate on PLM best practices for addressing the complex challenges of global product development.

Product Innovation Congress 2014 - San Diego, California USA - October 21, 2014
PI San Diego 2014 brings together R&D, Engineering and IT experts to discuss approaches to innovation and the technologies being deployed, integrated and developed.

PDT Europe 2014 - Paris, France - October 14, 2014
The theme of PDT Europe 2014 is Shaping the PLM Platform of the Future. The PLM Platform of the Future is unlikely to be a monolithic system from one vendor. It follows that standards and openness are essential parts of the PLM Platform of the Future and we will look into the deployment of information.

Aras Innovator Demo Series: Complex Product Data Management - Virtual - October 15, 2014
This event will cover the latest topics and trends in product data management and include a live demonstration of PDM designed to handle today's complex product and processes.

ACE 2014 Europe - Bad Soden, Frankfurt - October 21, 2014
If you're starting a new PLM initiative or replacing an old one, thinking about moving from PDM to PLM, or growing your existing Aras PLM implementation, ACE Europe is the place for you.

CMPIC Configuration Management Training

CMPIC courses are designed to provide a detailed overview of CM planning, naming conventions, numbering practices, baselines, change control, traceability, status accounting, and more. The CMPIC classes explain the role of CM in the organization.

Upcoming Sessions:

CM Dynamics - October 20-21, 2014 Hampton, VA
CM Implementation - October 22-23, 2014 Hampton, VA

CM Foundations - Sept 30-Oct 1, 2014 Orlando, FL
CM Structures - October 2-3, 2014 Orlando, FL
CM Structures - October 6-7, 2014 Orlando, FL
CM Structures - October 8-9, 2014 Orlando, FL

CM Foundations - December 8-9, 2014 San Diego, CA
CM Structures - December 10-11, 2014 San Diego, CA
CM Dynamics - January 12-13, 2-15 San Diego, CA
CM Implementation - January 14-15, 2015 San Diego, CA

CMPIC Training Schedule - Agenda & Registration

CIMdata PLM Certificate Program

CIMdata's PLM Certificate Program on enterprise PLM best practices provides you with an in-depth PLM education. The training is comprised of 9 sessions delivered over a five-day period through a series of lectures, case studies, tests, and individual as well as group exercises.

Amsterdam, Netherlands - October 20-24
Ann Arbor, MI - December 1-5

CIMdata PLM Certificate Program - Agenda & Registration

ARAS TRAINING: Upcoming Sessions

Aras Training combines hands-on exercises, overview presentations, and discussions so that participants achieve an in-depth understanding of the topics.

Get the education you and your team need for success with the Aras solutions. Regularly scheduled Aras training sessions are FREE for companies with an active Aras subscription.

Location Date Course Name & Language Days
Andover10/13/2014Aras Innovator Configuring Solutions5
Andover10/20/2014Aras Innovator Developing Solutions4
Andover11/10/2014Aras Innovator Configuring Solutions5
Andover11/17/2014Aras Innovator Developing Solutions4
Andover12/8/2014Aras Innovator Configuring Solutions5
Andover12/15/2014Aras Innovator Developing Solutions4
Tokyo10/16/2014PLM Basics (Japanese)1
Tokyo10/17/2014Aras Innovator Product Engineering (Japanese)1
Tokyo10/21/2014Aras Innovator Administration 1 (Japanese)2
Tokyo10/23/2014Aras Innovator Workflow (Japanese)1
Tokyo10/24/2014Aras Innovator Administration 2 (Japanese)1
Tokyo10/29/2014Aras Innovator Developer and API I (Japanese)2
Tokyo10/31/2014Aras Innovator Developer and API II (Japanese)1
Tokyo11/6/2014PLM Basics (Japanese)1
Tokyo11/7/2014Aras Innovator Product Engineering (Japanese)1
Tokyo11/11/2014Aras Innovator Administration 1 (Japanese)2
Tokyo11/13/2014Aras Innovator Workflow (Japanese)1
Tokyo11/14/2014Aras Innovator Administration 2 (Japanese)1

Course Descriptions, Calendar and Registration

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