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ACE 2016: Last Chance to Register

INTERVIEW WITH PETER SCHROER / ARAS CEO & FOUNDER: The Business of Engineering Explained

CAST YOUR VOTE: 2015 Collaborate & Contribute Awards

FEATURED WEBINAR: New Approaches to ALM/PLM Cross-Discipline Product Development

RECENT NEWS: Articles, Blogs, Videos & more.

UPCOMING EVENTS: Webcasts, Conferences, Seminars & more

ARAS TRAINING: Upcoming Sessions

Can't believe ACE 2016 is in 2 weeks? Space is limited and the final spots are almost filled up. If you don't want to be left out, you'd better get registered and reserve your spot!

ACE 2016: Last Chance to Register

The countdown to ACE 2016 is on and it's shaping up to be our biggest ACE yet.

The latest agenda is now available and features presentations from Airbus, BAE Systems, Microsoft and more. Topics include Systems Engineering and MBSE, ALM-PLM Integration, Supply Chain Collaboration, EBOM > MBOM and Manufacturing Process Planning, the Aras Roadmap and much more.

Haven't attended ACE before? Whether your company already uses Aras or is just forming your PLM strategy, there's something for everyone at ACE.

  • If you are considering Aras: Find out the latest information on Aras solutions and technology to power the business of engineering at your company. Meet people just like yourself that are responsible for their global PLM initiative, people that use and support PLM, and the Aras employees and partners worldwide that build, implement and integrate it.
  • If you are just getting started with Aras: Coming to ACE is the best way to make sure your initiative is on the right track. Get the knowledge you need to formulate your strategy, realize your vision and make Aras solutions work for you.
  • If you are already using Aras: ACE is the ideal place to benchmark PLM best practices, discover new functionality, meet other Aras users, hear their stories and learn from their experiences.

Event Details:

  • Date: March 15 - 17, 2016
  • Location: Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center
  • Cost: Free to attend (registration is required)
  • Details & Registration:

Interview with Peter Schroer / Aras CEO & Founder: The Business of Engineering Explained

Product complexity has increased dramatically over the last two decades as electronics and software dominate most products. Manufacturers face multiple challenges: managing product integrity without adequate software development disciplines; managing the involvement of suppliers who control critical technologies; ensuring operational safety for products being updated in the field; and ensuring compliance with regulations.

Traditional PDM technologies have failed to keep pace. Their legacy architectures with tightly independent hard-coded applications, data and process models result in systems that take years to implement and are complex and expensive to upgrade.

Worst of all, legacy PDM systems are focused on managing 3D CAD designs - the Science of Engineering, leaving other critical processes including software, electronics, requirements, process planning, technical publications and quality - the Business of Engineering - disconnected and under-served.

So, what is the business of engineering?

Read the short interview with Peter Schroer, CEO of Aras, and find out.

CAST YOUR VOTE: 2016 Collaborate & Contribute Awards

It's that time of year again - when you get to vote for your favorite Community Solutions and most valuable Community Members.

Cast your vote and help us recognize some of the most proactive members of our community and the contributions they've made over the years.

Then join us for the award ceremony at ACE 2016.

Select your vote based on:

  • Significance
  • Popularity
  • Impact

2016 Collaborate & Contribute Nominees

  • Configurable permissions to support External Portal - Microsoft
  • Mass change capability within Aras Configuration Management - Microsoft
  • Extended Enterprise Access Control - Getrag
  • Ship-builder integration use case - Huntington Ingalls
  • Use case & data model for Ship design visualization with mockup - Hungington Ingalls
  • Advanced PDF Viewer including measurements, image and color comparison - ITG
  • Sharepoint 2013 integration including authentication, folder views and up/download - Renesas
  • Use case for cost reduction of system implementation & maintenance - Kawasaki Heavy Industries
  • Aras Innovator Admin tool to simplify Installation in enterprise - Gentex

Review the nominees then vote for your favorites

FEATURED WEBINAR: Lower Costs by Making Preferred Component Choices

With shortening product lifecycles and increasing product complexity many organizations are struggling with:

  • the selection and management of electronic components
  • part and manufacturer proliferation
  • supply and compliance issues

Watch the recorded webinar and learn how Aras & IHS can help your organization make better/preferred component choices, get them approved faster and stay on top of compliance and EOL issues.

You will learn how to:

  • lower your sourcing and inventory costs
  • work with strategic supply partners
  • maintain supply continuity
  • achieve material compliance
  • avoid launch delays and missed revenue
  • improve customer satisfaction

Watch the video:

RECENT NEWS - Articles, Blogs, Videos and More

CIMDATA: Aras ACE 2016 Global Conference Coming to Detroit
The ACE conference series brings together industry and technology leaders from around the world to connect and collaborate on strategies to address the growing complexity in global product development, systems engineering, manufacturing, quality and the supply chain.

DESKTOP ENGINEERING: CloudSAFE Ships Cloud Deployment of Aras Innovator
Aras, a provider of PLM (product lifecycle management) software, has partnered with CloudSAFE to launch the CloudSAFE PLM Cloud. The platform is offered as a monthly subscription and powered by Aras' Innovator framework. Organizations an choose to implement a private or hybrid cloud configuration without needed extensive knowledge of setup, configuration or maintenance.

TECHNOLOGY EVALUATION CENTERS: Aras PLM Integrates Technical Publishing Software for More Accurate Documentation
Developed in partnership with Orio AB (formerly Saab Original Parts AB), Aras Technical Documentation allows different publications to share the same source of product information in a modular way. Document assembly is managed using templates, so this consistency ensures that publications conform to regulatory requirements, industry standards, and corporate formatting.

NEW BLOG: New Approaches to Cross-Discipline Product Development
Take a look at the firms and products in the above graphic. Look beyond the coolness factor. I mean, who doesn't want their own A350 or M1 Abrams tank? What they all have in common is a complex set of requirements and a HIGHLY interconnected product definition. Back in the day products were all about the mechanical systems.

UPCOMING EVENTS: Webcasts, Conferences, Seminars & more

Product Innovation Munich 2016 - Munich, Germany - March 8, 2016
PI Munich 2016 brings together the manufacturing industry to explore the process, people and technological challenges faced when building a profitable data-led business strategy

ACE 2016 - Detroit, MI - March 15, 2016
If you're starting a new PLM initiative or replacing an old one, thinking about moving from PDM to PLM, or growing your existing Aras PLM implementation, ACE is the place for you.

Aras Innovator Demo Series: Learn about the latest release of Aras Innovator - Virtual - March 10, 2016
Join Lisa Costa, Aras Solutions Consultant, to find out how the latest release of Aras Innovator - Version 11 SP5, can help drive your digital transformation and power the Business of Engineering. You'll learn about new and enhanced capabilities for creating complex technical documents and quality plans.

CMPIC Configuration Management Training

CMPIC courses are designed to provide a detailed overview of CM planning, naming conventions, numbering practices, baselines, change control, traceability, status accounting, and more. The CMPIC classes explain the role of CM in the organization.

  • Upcoming Sessions
  • CM Foundations - April 4-5, 2016 - Houston, TX
  • CM Identifications - April 6-7,2016 - Houston, TX
  • CM Dynamics - May 2-3, 2016 - Houston, TX
  • CM Implementation - May 4-5, 2016 - Houston, TX

CMPIC Training Schedule - Agenda & Registration

CIMdata PLM Certificate Program

CIMdata's PLM Certificate Program on enterprise PLM best practices provides you with an in-depth PLM education. The training is comprised of 9 sessions delivered over a five-day period through a series of lectures, case studies, tests, and individual as well as group exercises.

  • Upcoming Sessions
  • Ann Arbor, MI - March 7-11, 2016
  • Amsterdam, The Netherlands - June 6 - 10, 2016
  • Boston, MA - October 3 - 7, 2016
  • Santa Clara, CA - December 5 - 9, 2016

CIMdata PLM Certificate Program - Agenda & Registration

CMII/IPE Upcoming Sessions

  • CMII Basics
  • Denver, CO - March 7-10, 2016
  • April 11-14, 2016
  • May 9-12, 2016

  • CMII Comprehensive
  • Denver, CO - April 11-14, 2016

CMII Course Schedule - Registration

TRAINING - Upcoming Sessions

Training combines hands-on exercises, overview presentations, and discussions so that participants achieve an in-depth understanding of the topics.

Get the education you and your team need for success with the Aras solutions. Regularly scheduled Aras training sessions are FREE for companies with an active Aras subscription.

Location Date Course Name / Language Days
Andover3/22/2016Aras PLM Essentials 113
Andover4/11/2016Aras Innovator Configuring Solutions 115
Andover4/18/2016Aras Innovator Developing Solutions 114
Andover5/24/2016Aras PLM Essentials 113
Andover6/6/2016Aras Innovator Configuring Solutions 115
Andover6/13/2016Aras Innovator Developing Solutions 114
Andover7/26/2016Aras PLM Essentials 113
Andover8/15/2016Aras Innovator Configuring Solutions 115
Andover8/22/2016Aras Innovator Developing Solutions 114
Andover9/27/2016Aras PLM Essentials 113
Andover10/3/2016CIMdata PLM Certification5
Gröbenzell3/16/2016DE Getting Started Seminar1
Gröbenzell4/11/2016Aras Innovator Configuring Solutions 11 (Germany)5
Gröbenzell5/10/2016DE Getting Started Seminar1
Gröbenzell6/6/2016Aras Innovator Configuring Solutions 11 (Germany)5
Gröbenzell7/6/2016DE Getting Started Seminar1
Gröbenzell9/14/2016DE Getting Started Seminar1
Osaka3/10/2016Aras Innovator Basic (Japanese)1
Osaka3/18/2016PLM Basic (Japanese)1
Osaka4/15/2016PLM Basic (Japanese)1
Osaka5/20/2016PLM Basic (Japanese)1
Osaka6/17/2016PLM Basic (Japanese)1
Tokyo3/4/2016Aras Innovator Product Engineering (Japanese)1
Tokyo3/10/2016Aras Innovator Workflow (Japanese)1
Tokyo3/23/2016Aras Innovator Developer and API I (Japanese)2
Tokyo3/25/2016Aras Innovator Developer and API II (Japanese)1
Tokyo4/7/2016PLM Basics (Japanese)1
Tokyo4/8/2016Aras Innovator Product Engineering (Japanese)1
Tokyo4/12/2016Aras Innovator Administration 1 (Japanese)2
Tokyo4/14/2016Aras Innovator Workflow (Japanese)1
Tokyo4/15/2016Aras Innovator Administration 2 (Japanese)1
Tokyo4/20/2016Aras Innovator Developer and API I (Japanese)2
Tokyo4/22/2016Aras Innovator Developer and API II (Japanese)1
Troy3/7/2016Aras Innovator Configuring Solutions 115
Troy3/14/2016Aras Innovator Developing Solutions 114
Troy4/26/2016Aras PLM Essentials 113
Troy5/9/2016Aras Innovator Configuring Solutions 115
Troy5/16/2016Aras Innovator Developing Solutions 114
Troy6/21/2016Aras PLM Essentials 113
Troy7/11/2016Aras Innovator Configuring Solutions 115
Troy7/18/2016Aras Innovator Developing Solutions 114
Troy8/30/2016Aras PLM Essentials 113
Troy9/12/2016Aras Innovator Configuring Solutions 115
Troy9/19/2016Aras Innovator Developing Solutions 114

Course Descriptions, Calendars, and Registration