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-- INFO - Understanding Integration & Federation with Aras
-- FEATURED PROJECT - Item Folders to organize Files & Items in Multi-Level Structures
-- WEBCAST RECORDING - Aras EPLM for SolidWorks Enterprise PDM Demo
-- TRAINING - Upcoming Sessions
-- DOWNLOADS - Recent Installs

This month we've got some good, substantive technical info for the PLM architects out there along with more on EPLM for SolidWorks EPDM... and if you're preparing next year's PLM strategy, get in touch. We can help answer any questions about Aras, and provide a budgetary estimate for 2012 planning.

INFO - Understanding Integration & Federation with Aras
In any enterprise-wide PLM deployment the subject of integration to legacy systems is going to be important.

Everybody knows that Aras has a comprehensive suite of pre-packaged connector integrations for MCAD, EDA / ECAD and ERP systems, however, not everyone knows about our custom integration capabilities.

Whether the topic is interfacing with the ERP suite, extending an old PDM system or plugging into an EAI / ESB environment, it's necessary to securely share data between systems across your company's global IT landscape.

We get asked about Aras's integration capabilities regularly, and it's one of the areas where our PLM platform has a significant advantage over the major legacy PLM systems that most people are familiar with.

As an open architecture, Aras has a number of obvious advantages... open APIs, a published data dictionary, an openly available data model... but that's really only half the story.

From a technological perspective we're using a more modern approach, a pure Web services approach, that's designed from the ground up with technology agnostic interoperability in mind. Aras can be "connected to", "integrated with" and "wrapped around" anything you've got whether its based on IBM, Oracle, SAP, Linux, Unix, Microsoft or even Progress... or "all of the above". We even include a Web services wizard in our Solution Studio out-of-the-box.

We understand that global companies need to combine data from numerous existing systems in order to manage products across the lifecycle, and we recognize that a highly robust, scalable and secure Federated approach is the right way to do this; both from a technical and a business perspective.

So, here's a series of overview materials that can help you better understand our advanced capabilities for Integration & Federation:

Aras Integration & Federation Overview

How to Think About Integrations with Aras

Understanding Federation and Web Services in Aras

And unlike most enterprise PLM providers that just show you slides, you can actually validate everything we're talking about. For those hands-on people, there are a lot of detail-level materials available such as the Aras Programmers Guide and documents like How-To Use Federated Data in Aras and How-To Consume a Web Service in a Method using Aras and much more.

FEATURED PROJECT - Item Folders to organize Files & Items in Multi-Level Structures
This month we're highlighting a really useful open source solution project called "Item Folders". It basically provides a really intuitive alternate way to organize Files & Items in Multi-Level Structures.

This add-on solution installs on top of our out-of-the-box Product Engineering and Program Management solutions to give you a quick & easy way to handle multi-level Folder structures for both files AND items which is pretty cool, really simple and very powerful.

Each Folder can list attachments (files) or controlled (related) Items like Documents or Parts (Poly Item List).

It also enables the creation of Folder Structures from Folder Templates.

It was just posted at the end of October and there have already been more than 180 downloads.

Check out this month's project and if you make an interesting improvement to it, let us know. As always, we encourage you to contribute back for everyone.

Download and check out the Item Folders project

WEBCAST RECORDING - Aras EPLM for SolidWorks Enterprise PDM Demo
So, last month we intro'd an exciting new commercial offering for companies that run SolidWorks(R) called Aras EPLM for SolidWorks Enterprise PDM.

We've gotten a great reception from the market, and some really 'solid' reviews as well. One of my favorites is the review by Josh Mings over at SolidSmack who said, "Aras turns SolidWorks into a Data Chuckin' PLM Workflow Beast... Aras-EPLM is exactly the solution I was looking for - keep SolidWorks EPDM and scale it without having to replace it."

Aras EPLM delivers functionality that is highly sought-after by companies that rely on SolidWorks such as:

  • Engineering BOM that's truly Item-based for complex configuration management
  • Enterprise Change Management that extends across the global supply chain
  • Integrated Project Management with stage-gate project portfolio dashboards
...and that's just the beginning. We did a live webcast to show off as much as we could in an hour, and even if you missed it, you can see the solution in action and find out more on our webcast recording. Watch the Aras EPLM for SolidWorks Webcast Demo Recording

CMPIC Configuration Management Training

CMPIC courses are designed to provide a detailed overview of CM planning, naming conventions, numbering practices, baselines, change control, traceability, status accounting, and more. The CMPIC classes explain the role of CM in the organization.

Upcoming Sessions
CM Assessor Certification - San Diego CA - Dec 5 - 7
SCM: Strategies, Techniques & Tools - Orlando FL - Dec 5 - 8
CM Foundations - San Diego CA - Dec 12 - 13
CM Structures - San Diego CA - Dec 14 - 15
CM Dynamics - San Diego CA - Jan 9 - 10
CM Implementation - San Diego CA - Jan 11 - 12
CM Foundations - Panama City FL - Jan 23 - 24
CM Structures - Panama City FL - Jan 25 - 26
CM Dynamics - Panama City FL - Feb 21 - 22
CM Implementation - Panama City FL - Feb 23 - 24
CM Foundations - Stafford VA - Jan 30 - 31
CM Structures - Stafford VA - Feb 1 - 2
CM Dynamics - Stafford VA - Feb 27 - 28
CM Implementation - Stafford VA - Feb 29 - Mar 1

CMPIC Training Schedule - - Agenda & Registration

CIMdata PLM Certificate Program

CIMdata's PLM Certificate Program on enterprise PLM best practices provides you with an in-depth PLM education. The training is comprised of 9 sessions delivered over a five-day period through a series of lectures, case studies, tests, and individual as well as group exercises.

Upcoming Sessions
Santa Clara, CA - Dec 5 - 9
Atlanta, GA - Feb 6 - 10
Birmingham, UK - Mar 12 - 16

CIMdata PLM Certificate Program - - Agenda & Registration

TRAINING - Upcoming Sessions
Training combines hands-on exercises, overview presentations, and discussions so that participants achieve an in-depth understanding of the topics.

Get the education you and your team need for success with the Aras solutions. Regularly scheduled Aras training sessions are FREE for companies with an active Aras subscription.

Also, there are several self-paced, online training tutorials available at the Tata Technologies engineering training site called i GET IT

United States

Dec 12 - Aras Configuring Solutions (5 days) - Boston, MA

Jan 9 - Aras Configuring Solutions (5 days) - Boston, MA

Jan 23 - Aras Developing Solutions (4 days) - Boston, MA

Feb 6 - Aras Configuring Solutions (5 days) - Boston, MA

Feb 20 - Aras Developing Solutions (4 days) - Boston, MA


Dec 2 - Aras Install and PLM Basics - Tokyo

Dec 6 - Aras Innovator Administration 1 - Tokyo

Dec 8 - Aras Innovator Workflow - Tokyo

Dec 9 - Aras Innovator Administration 2 - Tokyo

Dec 14 - Aras Innovator Developer & API 1 - Tokyo

Dec 16 - Aras Innovator Developer & API 2 - Tokyo

Jan 13 - Aras Install and PLM Basics - Tokyo

Jan 17 - Aras Innovator Administration 1 - Tokyo

Jan 19 - Aras Innovator Workflow - Tokyo

Jan 20 - Aras Innovator Administration 2 - Tokyo

Jan 25 - Aras Innovator Developer & API 1 - Tokyo

Jan 27 - Aras Innovator Developer & API 2 - Tokyo

Course Descriptions, Calendars, and Registration

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