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-- REGISTER NOW - Aras Community Network: Europe 2008 - October 17th
-- FEATURED PROJECT - Community Solution Demo Database
-- EVENTS - Aras at International CMII Conference and PLM Summit
-- PARTNERS - New Partners Welcomed to the Community
-- UPCOMING - Training Sessions
-- Recent Downloads

People all over the world are recognizing the power of our advanced solutions and open approach! And there are lots of opportunities coming up to meet with community members and share best practices; the European Aras Community Event, the International CMII Conference, the PLM Summit, and whole series of training sessions... Come, Connect, Collaborate!

REGISTER NOW - Aras Community Network: Europe 2008 - October 17th
The European community event is filling up. If you are planning to attend, you need to register soon to reserve your seat!

Keynote speaker will be Prof. Dr. Martin Eigner, renowned strategic PLM thought leader, Professor at the Technische Universität Kaiserslautern, and founder of Eigner+Partner [acquired by Agile / Oracle]. He will provide his personal insights on the Aras revolutionary innovation in PLM.

Date: Friday October 17, 2008

Location: Unterschleißheim, Germany (just outside Munich)

No Registration Fee: Free to Attend (Space is Limited)

You will gain valuable knowledge from other corporate community members so that your company can achieve PLM success with the Aras solutions.

It's FREE to attend, and space is limited so registration is required.

Learn More & Plan to Attend >> Register Now

FEATURED PROJECT - Community Solution Demo Database
This month we thought it would be useful to showcase a bunch of different Aras community solutions from the Project site.

So, now you can get a development demo that includes a number of the different community solutions from the project site.

When you load this database you get a wide variety of community solutions from functionality that is used in production at global companies to capabilities that people have contributed as a prototype starting point. And there's data for each solution!

NOTE: You should load this package into a clean installation and remember this is a development system database, there are bugs... and there are certainly some interesting Aras tricks and screen UI's that are not in the initial Aras Innovator download (you are welcome to re-purpose and re-use anything you find useful!).

Check it out! >> Download Here

EVENTS - Aras at International CMII Conference and PLM Summit
PLM Summit 2008 - St. Augustine, FL - October 13-14, 2008

The PLM Summit is the premier event for leading companies to share PLM strategies and results. Speakers will include Coca-Cola, Honeywell, Medtronic, Proctor & Gamble, Rolls-Royce, Timberland, and Unilever, just to list a few.

Aras will be sponsoring the event with our new partner GIV Solutions! Come and learn about PLM processes from global leaders and find out firsthand about the advanced PLM solutions from Aras and GIV.

International CMII Conference 2008 - Orlando, FL - October 5-8, 2008

See us in person next week at the International CMII Conference. Companies from around the world will be there to learn the industry best practice standards for configuration & change management. This year, in addition to Aras, speakers include Boeing, Brocade Communications, Echostar, Lockheed Martin, US Navy, and many more.

Aras Session: Advanced CMII Process Overview
Oct 6 at 1pm - Salon 11
Oct 7 at 2pm - Salon 11

Email me if you're going and we can connect down in Orlando!

Hope to see you there!

PARTNERS - New Partners Welcomed to the Community
Since we updated the Aras Partner Program this summer there has been overwhelming interest!

If you're company is a professional services firm or a systems integrator you can learn about the benefits and opportunities of joining the Aras community as a partner on the Aras Partner page.

We'd like to welcome and introduce some more new partners!

BayState InfoTech - BayState InfoTech is an information technology consulting and services firm providing digital enterprise solutions for CAD/CAM/CAE, enterprise PLM, knowledge based engineering, and systems integration.

CMC Systems - CMC provides management consulting and technology systems integration services and specializes in smart workflow business process automation and high-performance business intelligence.

CRUCIS Technology - CRUCIS provides business and technical consulting expertise in engineering processes and quality management for Aras Innovator enterprise PLM implementations.

GIV Solutions - GIV Solutions specializes in the complex product packaging life-cycle management processes in the consumer packaged goods [CPG], food & beverage, and pharmaceutical verticals.

xPLM Solution - xPLM has more than 20 years experience delivering packaged connector integration products for CAD, EDA, PDM, and ERP systems for seamless data exchange across the enterprise.

UPCOMING - Training Sessions
Aras training sessions provide you and your team with the education needed for success with the Aras Innovator solutions on your company's strategic initiatives.

Sessions combine hands-on exercises, overview presentations, and discussions to provide an in-depth understanding of the Aras solutions.

Space is limited so make plans & register now.

Upcoming Training Sessions - Boston, MA

Oct 13 - Aras Innovator Administration

Oct 15 - Aras Innovator Workflow

Oct 16 - Aras Innovator Developer & API

Nov 10 - Aras Innovator Administration

Nov 12 - Aras Innovator Workflow

Nov 13 - Aras Innovator Developer & API

Dec 8 - Aras Innovator Administration

Dec 10 - Aras Innovator Workflow

Dec 11 - Aras Innovator Developer & API

Learn More >> Register Now

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