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-- REGISTER NOW - Aras Community Event 2010 Germany
-- NEWS - Android and iPhone Applications Developed for Aras
-- FEATURED PROJECT - Open Source Solution on SharePoint for PLM
-- RECENT BLOGS - Insight, Information, and Opinions
-- TRAINING - Upcoming Sessions
-- DOWNLOADS - Recent Installs

Thanks to everyone for all the recent emails. It's great to hear from you and really good to get your feedback. It's exciting to hear what you're doing with Aras at your company... we're always encouraging new ideas & innovation, and want to hear your stories. Your inputs are the key to success in the corporate community... keep 'em coming! And check out all the activity this month, it's amazing.

REGISTER NOW - Aras Community Event 2010 Germany
On October 21st we will be having our latest Aras Community Event. This time it's in Germany and will be a German language event.

This should be a great opportunity to learn more about Aras and to connect & collaborate with other leading companies about PLM strategy with the Aras solutions.

ACE 2010 Germany will be hosted by Freudenberg at their facilities in Weinheim, and there will be a great line up of speakers presenting on their PLM initiatives and best practices including:

  • GETRAG Ford Transmissions
  • Freudenberg GmbH & Co. KG
  • Deutsche Blisterunion GmbH
  • T-Systems International
  • Ubidyne
Presenting about "Trends in PLM" will be the respected Prof. Dr.‐Ing. Martin Eigner.


Ob Sie der Geschäftsführung einem großen Unternehmen angehören, Bereichs- oder Abteilungsleiter in einem mittelständischen Unternehmen sind oder der IT-Profi bei einem Start-up - Sie erhalten wertvolle Informationen und Einblicke die Ihnen und Ihrer Organisation helfen.

Business- und IT-Profis treffen sich. Anwender und Interessenten haben die Möglichkeit sich auf dem Aras Community Event auszutauschen. Lernen sie mehr über die Aras enterprise open source lösung - direkt aus der praxis.


  • Zentralisierte Innovationsprozesse in einer globalen Umgebung
  • Von PDM zu Enterprise Open Source PLM
  • Aras Innovator integration zu anderen systemen
  • Aras Innovator roadmap
  • Flexible einführung von PLM durch
  • Management von gesetzlichen bestimmungen
  • Enterprise Open Source PLM - die Zukunft
Date: 21. Oktober 2010

Time: 09'00 - 17'10

Location: Weinheim, Germany

Details, Agenda and Registration Free to Attend - No Fees (Space is Limited)

NEWS - Android and iPhone Applications Developed for Aras
In case you missed the news this month, thought you'd want to know that Aras partner Porchys has developed Android and iPhone mobile applications for the Aras Innovator suite of enterprise PLM solutions.

This marks another PLM industry first for Aras, and demonstrates the power of open innovation on our advanced PLM platform which I think is really hot. Design News covered the announcement in an article titled Android and iPhone Apps Debut for Aras PLM.

This first-generation of apps for Android and iPhone mobile devices provides global companies with the ability to extend PLM processes and information to lots of users on the go around the world. The apps enable users to securely access, manage and edit information in Aras from their smartphones.

They are designed to be configured and extended for your company's specific Aras PLM implementation and can support a wide variety of processes across industries. (interpretation decoder: "don't be confused and think these are plug-n-play consumer apps for getting Sports Scores. They represent special purpose clients for custom enterprise PLM implementations, and will require some set-up and extension to really make them sing, but they are incredibly powerful and wicked cool.")

The Android app is available now in multiple marketplaces including AndroLib, AndroidPIT and AppBrain. The Apple AppStore is still qualifying it (they're process is like a black hole :-)

I hear Porchys is working on a Blackberry version as well and considering doing one for the upcoming Windows Phone 7 too.

If you're interested in enabling secure smartphone access to your Aras solution for executives and employees around the world, then you might want to get in touch with Porchys to find out more.

Bottomline is that enterprise mobile for PLM, Quality, Supply Chain, Field Service and other critical business processes is here, now, today... at least on Aras... thanks to the corporate community.

FEATURED PROJECT - Open Source Solution on SharePoint for PLM
As many of you know, over the past couple years we've been doing joint development with Microsoft on an open source project called SharePoint PLM.

The project embeds Aras Innovator inside SharePoint to provide secure, full functional PLM access in SharePoint screens. It's effectively a reference architecture (or as Microsoft refers to it, a 'Proof of Concept') for implementing PLM using SharePoint to enable collaborative product development.

For this latest build a couple other partners with SharePoint expertise, Actify and Razorleaf, joined and last week we announced the most recent release. It's available on the Microsoft open source site called Codeplex - the project link is

This latest release builds on the business intelligence / product analytics scorecards, dashboards and KPI metrics from the previous releases adding some great new Web parts and Silverlight code for additional capabilities including:

  • BOMs, Parts and Parts Lists
  • Structure Browser
  • Engineering Change
  • 3D CAD Viewer
  • Collaborative Workspaces
  • Custom Forms and more
It also enables your company to include (buzzword alert) Enterprise Social capabilities to PLM such as Tagging, Profiles, Blogs, Wikis, etc. for (more buzzwords) Social Product Development.

Unlike some of the other solutions in the PLM market that use SharePoint (you know who) this solution is ideal for large global enterprises that have a company-wide SharePoint initiative and want to incorporate PLM. IOW, if you've got a few dozen people and are looking for a light-weight PLM in SharePoint that's free... this ain't it. This solution is specifically engineered for thousands of users around the world.

It can be used to replace legacy PLM systems if you are looking to consolidate company-wide, or will work with whatever existing PDM/PLM system you've already got like PTC's Windchill, Teamcenter and others.

For more info there's a page on our site about it, as well as, an interview with Peter Schroer (our founder & CEO). I'd also like to congratulate the entire cross-company team from Microsoft, Actify, Razorleaf and our own people here at Aras. Nice work everyone!

So if your organization uses SharePoint in a big way and has been trying to figure out how to incorporate PLM effectively, this solution could be worth checking out. It's robust, flexible, extensible and open... and best of all... you've got total control.

SharePoint PLM open source project on Codeplex

RECENT BLOGS - Insight, Information, and Opinions
Am always interested in your take on issues that confront you and your company, as well as, your perspective on the PLM industry as a whole.

If you have ideas for topics we should write about or comments you'd like to make, please feel free to comment on a post or let me know directly.

Here are some links to recent posts I liked from our blogs and PLM blogs around the Web:

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You can sign up for Email Alerts or RSS feeds from our blog to know about the latest posts.

Also, if you have your own blog or web site, you can link to the Aras PLM Community Blog at and let us know and we'll link to you as well.

TRAINING - Upcoming Sessions
Training combines hands-on exercises, overview presentations, and discussions so that participants achieve an in-depth understanding of the topics.

Get the education you and your team need for success with the Aras solutions. Regularly scheduled training sessions are FREE for Aras Unlimited subscribers.

Also, a series of new online training tutorials by Aras partner TAG Consulting are available at

United States

Oct 4 - Aras Configuring Solutions **NEW** (5 days) - Boston, MA

Oct 18 - Aras Developing Solutions **NEW** (4 days) - Boston, MA

Nov 1 - Aras Configuring Solutions **NEW** (5 days) - Boston, MA

Nov 15 - Aras Developing Solutions **NEW** (4 days) - Boston, MA

Nov 29 - Aras Configuring Solutions **NEW** (5 days) - Boston, MA

Dec 13 - Aras Developing Solutions **NEW** (4 days) - Boston, MA


Oct 8 - Aras Install and PLM Basics - Tokyo

Oct 13 - Aras Innovator Administration - Tokyo

Oct 20 - Aras Innovator Developer & API - Tokyo

Nov 5 - Aras Install and PLM Basics - Tokyo

Nov 9 - Aras Innovator Administration - Tokyo

Nov 17 - Aras Innovator Developer & API - Tokyo

China & Taiwan

Oct 9 - Aras Innovator Administration - WuHan

Oct 12 - Aras PLM Solutions - KunShan

Oct 14 - Aras Innovator Administration - Taipei

Oct 21 - Aras Innovator Administration - KunShan

Oct 25 - Aras PLM Solutions - Hong Kong

Oct 26 - Aras PLM Solutions - Taipei

Oct 27 - Aras PLM Solutions - Chengdu

Oct 27 - Aras Innovator Administration - Hong Kong

Oct 28 - Aras Innovator Developer & API - KunShan

Nov 2 - Aras PLM Solutions - KunShan

Nov 6 - Aras Innovator Administration - WuHan

Nov 11 - Aras Innovator Developer & API - Taipei

Nov 15 - Aras Innovator Developer & API - Hong Kong

Nov 18 - Aras Innovator Administration - KunShan

Nov 24 - Aras PLM Solutions - Taipei

Nov 29 - Aras PLM Solutions - Chengdu

Nov 30 - Aras PLM Solutions - KunShan

Course Descriptions, Calendars, and Registration

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