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-- EVENTS SUMMARY - Aras Community Network: Europe 2008 - Highlights
-- FEATURED PROJECT - Community Solution Windows File Check-in
-- WEBCAST - Live Overview & Demo of the Aras Solution for PLM
-- UPCOMING - Training Sessions
-- Recent Downloads

Good news for corporate community members even in these volatile economic times... the practicalbusiness advantages of the open model make more sense than ever: Freedom from Licensing, No Up- front Capital, Unlimited Users... everyday more & more companies are realizing that the open approach is the way of the future. Bravo!

EVENTS SUMMARY - Aras Community Network: Europe 2008 - Highlights
This month we held the first European community event in Munich Germany and had an outstanding turn out. People came from all over to make new connections, share, and learn about the Aras open model for advanced PLM solutions.

The keynote speaker was Prof. Dr. Martin Eigner, the renowned strategic PLM thought leader, and he explained his research on the future of PLM. He makes a strong, data driven case that the days of "do it all at once" PLM initiatives are gone, and that future projects will be incrementally oriented and metrics driven with PLM dashboards & scorecards to demonstrate product innovation success and justify new product development investments.

The Aras open model and SOA approach embody this new reality providing an ideal means of attaining a real Return On Investment [ROI] much more quickly than previously possible.

Martin Allemann, Aras VP for EMEA, provided everyone with a compelling vision of how the open model delivers both business benefits (Freedom from Licensing, No Capital Necessary) and significant innovation advantages.

Also, Freudenberg Group, the largest private manufacturer in Germany with over 5 billion Euro in annual revenues, shared with the community their experience rolling out Aras Innovator to over 26 sites across Europe...

Read All About It! >> Click Here

FEATURED PROJECT - Community Solution Windows File Check-in
This month's featured community solution project is for any company that wants to enable users to check- in files quickly and easily using the Windows Explorer Context menu "Send To".

With this add-on solution people can simply select one or more files in Windows Explorer and right click "Send to Aras Innovator".

Bam! The files are uploaded to the vault. No time consuming click, click, click like with other systems. Why recreate the wheel? Aras leverages the power of Windows to enable lightning fast, super easy file check-in.

Now, users throughout the company are instantly more productive and can get on with the value added activities and run the business.

WEBCAST - Live Overview & Demo of the Aras Solution for PLM
This Monday we will be conducting a Live Webcast overview and demo of the Aras solution for enterprise PLM. Here's your chance to see and ask questions about the most advanced system for PLM, quality management, and other global supply chain processes.

The webcast is ideal for companies that are currently selecting a PLM solution or are planning / budgeting for initiatives next year.

In the webcast you will:

  • Learn about Freedom from Licensing, No up-front Capital Expesne and Unlimited Users
  • See the proven Aras Innovator enterprise open source solutions
  • Hear real world corporate success case studies
  • Find out how your company can take advantage of the solution contributions from Motorola, Lockheed Martin, and other industry leaders
Date: Nov 3, 2008 (this coming Monday)

Time: 1:00pm Eastern USA (GMT -5:00 hrs)

FREE Webcast -- Space is limited to the first 20 registrants.

UPCOMING - Training Sessions
Aras training sessions provide you and your team with the education needed for success with the Aras Innovator solutions on your company's strategic initiatives.

Sessions combine hands-on exercises, overview presentations, and discussions to provide an in-depth understanding of the Aras solutions.

Space is limited so make plans & register now.

Upcoming Training Sessions - Boston, MA

Nov 10 - Aras Innovator Administration

Nov 12 - Aras Innovator Workflow

Nov 13 - Aras Innovator Developer & API

Jan 12 - Aras Innovator Administration

Jan 14 - Aras Innovator Workflow

Jan 15 - Aras Innovator Developer & API

Learn More >> Register Now

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