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-- FEATURED PROJECT - Project Resource Management Solution Contribution from Motorola
-- WEBCAST - Microsoft Enterprise Solutions Overview & Demo
-- EVENTS - Aras at Microsoft Dynamics AX Users Group
-- UPCOMING - Training Sessions
-- Recent Downloads

More contributions from the Corporate Community this month - Hello Moto! We're getting some great inputs from everyone. Also, more sessions throughout the fall season, and of course... Go Red Sox!!!

FEATURED PROJECT - Project Resource Management Solution Contribution from Motorola
Recently Motorola made an innovative solution contribution that will benefit everyone in the corporate community. Through collaborative development Motorola has created a pair of Program Management solution add-ons for:

  • + Project Resource Planning & Management
  • + Project Precedence Diagramming
The resource planning & management add-on provides Microsoft Excel-based interactive reports of projectrelated resources to identify potential resource bottlenecks and avoid overload situations.

The project precedence diagram add-on gives companies the ability to visually identify a project's critical path and activity dependencies to optimize project scheduling for faster projects.

Both solution add-ons were contributed back after extensive development and testing by Motorola and are currently being used in day-to-day operations.

Motorola's enthusiastic corporate community involvement is really great and everyone is excited about their innovative contributions. Thanks Motorola!!!

Now, you can get Motorola's proven best practices as community solution add-ons, and help your company get a better handle on enterprise project management collaboration today.

Check it out! >> Download Here

WEBCAST - Microsoft Enterprise Solutions Overview & Demo
If you haven't seen the most advanced Microsoft Enterprise Solutions on the market that are the result of the Aras corporate community participation, here's your chance.

Next Monday we will do a live webcast to provide an overview of the significant innovation that is occuring in business process management (BPM) because of the Microsoft open approach that the Aras Innovator model-based SOA provides.

Corporate community members continue to rollout better software solutions for processes such as enterprise PLM for collaborative innovation management, NPI for new product introduction, APQP/CAPA for quality compliance management, and many other processes across their global supply chains.

The webcast is ideal for companies that are in the process of selecting a solution right now or are planning initiatives for next year.

In the webcast you will see:

  • Real world corporate success examples
  • How your company can take advantage of proven best practices from Motorola, Delphi, Lockheed Martin, and numerous other recognized industry leaders
  • How the superior innovation of Microsoft enterprise corporate community solutions from Aras will work for your company
Date: Nov 5, 2007 (next Monday)

Time: 1:00pm Eastern USA (GMT -5:00 hrs)

FREE Webcast -- Space is limited to the first 20 registrants.

EVENTS - Aras at Microsoft Dynamics AX Users Group
This month Aras was in Orlando Florida for the Microsoft Dynamics AX User Group (AXUG) International Summit 2007. People from all over the world came to share their experiences with the Microsoft ERP system Dynamics AX, formerly called Microsoft Business Solutions Axapta.

Over 250 companies participated this year included Bemis, Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Kelly Aerospace, Microsemi Corporation, Phillips, Rayloc, Swagelok Company, and many more.

Companies running Dynamics AX for ERP were interested the Microsoft enterprise solutions from Aras for PLM product development and APQP quality compliance because Dynamics AX does not currently address either area.

Many companies that we met expressed the need to maintain complex configurations with lifecycle capabilities and engineering change management. Another important area was supplier corrective action requests (SCAR) over the Internet for global collaborative participation and closed-loop resolution of quality issues.

Everyone we spoke with really liked the Microsoft open approach, and it was clear how business of all sizes can participate to extend the integrated enterprise solutions for PLM and APQP. It seems like the Aras corporate community will increasingly have Microsoft Dynamics AX companies joining the SAP, Oracle, and QAD ERP users to provide even more innovation and collaboration in the future.

Get Aras Innovator for Your Company >> Download Now

UPCOMING - Training Sessions
Training sessions provide you and your team with the education needed for success with the Aras Innovator solutions, and discovery seminars help you explore the possibilities of how Aras solutions can support your company's specific strategic initiatives.

Both types of sessions combine hands-on exercises, overview presentations, and discussions to provide an in-depth understanding of the Aras solutions.

Space is limited so make plans & register now.

Upcoming Training Sessions - Detroit, MI

Nov 5 - Aras Innovator Administration

Nov 7 - Aras Innovator Workflow

Nov 8 - Aras Innovator Developer & API

Upcoming Training Sessions - Boston, MA

Dec 3 - Aras Innovator Administration

Dec 5 - Aras Program Management

Dec 6 - Aras Quality Planning

Dec 7 - Aras Product Engineering

Learn More & Register Now >>

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