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NEW RELEASE: Aras Innovator 9.4 Open Release

INDUSTRY NEWS: TEC on The Importance of Multi-CAD Performance

FEATURED VIDEO: Users Share Best Practices for Implementation


REGISTRATION OPEN: ACE 2013 Japan amp; Europe

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Get details on the latest open release of Aras Innovator, it's more powerful than ever. PLM alphas should definitely check out AML Studio 2.0. Also, there are lots of customer case studies, articles, videos and demos as well as the full Fall schedule of events and training. So enjoy.

And if you've got big PLM plans for the 2nd half, get in touch with us or your local Aras partner. We can help you take your PLM strategy to the next level.

NEW RELEASE - Aras Innovator 9.4 Open Release

The newest release of Aras Innovator is here and it features a series of CAD-focused enhancements enabling Aras to deliver the best in class multi-CAD management performance in the industry.

The latest release also includes support for Microsoft SQL Server 2012, Windows Server 2012, Windows 8 and IE 10, and lots of other scalability, performance and usability improvements.

As always, Aras Innovator 9.4 incorporates ideas, innovations and contributions from the corporate community, most notably in 9.4 are ConAgra, Diehl Gruppe, Esterline, GE, GETRAG, Hitachi, MAN, MEILLER and Weichuan. Only Aras offers global enterprises direct influence over the roadmap and the ability to drive the direction of your PLM platform.

Best In Class Multi-CAD Performance

10X increase in speed, 10X reduction in memory and 6X smaller AML/XML package size make Aras Innovator the fastest PLM platform for Multi-CAD Check-in / Check-out. New Check-in / Check-out Manager capabilities streamline and automate the check in / out process for entire CAD assembly structures. With a rapid status check for an entire CAD structure, a single compressed Metadata commit and high-performance parallel, asynchronous file check-ins for each level of the CAD structure, Aras users realize greater reliability and faster performance.

Release Highlights:

  • New Check-in Manager capabilities include a rapid status check for an entire CAD structure, a single compressed metadata commit and high-performance parallel, asynchronous file check-ins for each level of the CAD structure
  • Cloud-based secure file exchange capabilities embedded in the Aras Innovator PLM platform called TRUaras from Trubiquity for managed file transfer (MFT), TRUaras is a free service for companies that run Aras
  • TRUaras service enables secure transfer of large CAD assemblies, technical data packages, manufacturing data, inspection amp; test results and other intellectual property with full tracking and traceability
  • Silent Installer for Virtual Machines, Server Farms and Cloud Environments
  • Check-in / Check-out Manager automated conflict detection
  • Feature Activation for Easy Evaluation and Enablement of New Applications
  • Multi-language Installer Capabilities
  • New User Personalization amp; Configuration Capabilities
  • Drag amp; Drop files from Browser to Windows Folders
  • Expanded Multi-Level Table of Contents Navigation
  • Improved One-Click Excel amp; Word Data Export
  • Affected Items Impact Matrix Improvements
  • New Visual Indicators in the Grid Display
  • Ability to Execute Multiple onSearchDialog Events
  • OnBefore / OnAfter Passthrough Capabilities
  • API XML / AML Compression
  • Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2012, Windows Server 2012, Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10

Get the release notes and download Aras Innovator to get started with the latest open release.

Subscribers Take Note: Companies with an active Aras Premier subscription receive free upgrades to the latest release regardless of the amount of customization in their current system. Subscribers should contact Aras support or their Aras partner to schedule their upgrade.

Learn about the Aras subscription package.

INDUSTRY NEWS: TEC on The Importance of Multi-CAD Performance

In this recent post from Technology Evaluation Center, P.J. Jakovlievic reacts to Aras's Innovator 9.4 announcement and the need for improved multi-CAD performance from PLM vendors.

"Multi-CAD management performance is important because global enterprises are increasingly experiencing significant performance issues with legacy PLM systems as they move to managing multi-CAD environments across mechanical and electronics design."

Jakovlievic goes on to say that traditional PLM companies have been slow to respond to the needs of the market, where Aras is delivering across all major CAD platforms.

"The major PLM systems from the traditional CAD companies are naturally optimized for their specific CAD products, and there is little incentive to make integrations to competing CAD products with complete and high performance. As a CAD-neutral PLM platform, Aras has focused on delivering high performance across all of the popular third-party CAD products, such as CATIA, NX, Creo, SolidWorks, Inventor, Cadence, Mentor Graphics, etc. Aras is delivering optimized connectors, high-performance application programing interfaces (APIs), a unified CAD data model across mechanical and electronics, and a highly scalable vault replication."\

Read the complete post on the TEC site, then download the latest release of Aras Innovator and discover Aras for yourself.

FEATURED VIDEO: Users Share Best Practices for Implementation

There's no substitute for advice from people who have "been there, done that."

In this short video, you get direct advice from members of the Aras corporate community who scoped, launched and rolled out Aras Innovator.

Watch as Boeing, Lear and others share their experience. Then download our Best Practices for Implementation whitepaper to make sure your Aras rollout is seemless and smooth.

> Watch the video


Attention PLM alphas... You've been waiting for this, even if you didn't know it... but before I dive in, a little background...

AML (Adaptive Markup Language) is a flexible query language used by in Aras Innovator for all communication between clients and the server.

The AML Studio Editor, created by Eric Domke of Gentex, is a cross browser web application to help developers create AML queries with auto completion, drop down lists and more. This popular solution was a 2012 Collaborate amp; Contribute Award Winner.

With a recent update, AML Studio 2.0 has the ability to run as part of Aras, not only as a standalone program. Other improvements include a tab-based interface, a Query history, additional tools and more.

Check out this short video from Aras partner Minerva. Then head over to the Project Portal to download AML Studio 2.0.

REGISTRATION OPEN: ACE 2013 Japan amp; Europe

Registration is now open for ACE 2013 Japan on September 26th and ACE 2013 Europe on October 29th amp; 30th.

Sign up now and discover all the ways Aras is Doing More, so you can Do More

Every ACE event includes technical presentations and networking with Aras personnel, partners and users. And remember, its free to attend but registration is required. Reserve your spot today.

Register and reserve your spot today.

Register for ACE 2013 Japan

Register for ACE 2013 Europe

RECENT NEWS - Articles, Blogs, Videos and More

CADALYST: Aras Innovator Upgrades Multi-CAD Management Performance
A 10-fold increase in speed, 10-fold reduction in memory, and six-times smaller AML/XML package size make Aras Innovator the fastest PLM platform for multi-CAD check-in / check-out. New Check-in / Check-out...

TENLINKS: Norway's North Sea Electronics to Use Aras PLM
As a provider of end-to-end electronic solutions, including circuit design, layout, assembly and testing, North Sea Electronics (NSE) jumpstarted its Aras implementation with the electronics and high tech (EHT) application from Aras gold certified partner Minerva...

ENOVIA COMMUNITY: A How-To Guide for Successful PLM Implementation
Waterfall or Iterative? In the world of software development and systems implementation, the argument is almost as heated as "tastes great" or "less filling". In our experience, it is rare that the final solution is based entirely on the original set of requirements...

ARAS USERS: Enterprise Change Management: Options amp; Advice
Have questions about the different change management options at Aras? Learn from other users. Watch the video to get a brief overview of your change management options and see how they can work for you. Want...

At ACE 2013, Aras Gold Certified Partner Razorleaf presented a special purpose Aras client using a Raspberry Pi . Raspberry Pi is a credit card sized, single board computer that runs Linux. This client is intended for the...

ON-DEMAND WEBCAST: Customizing Change Management
As global product development processes become increasingly complex, you've got to manage a very sophisticated change management process across electro-mechanical assemblies, product information and...

PARTNER VIDEO: Preview of Aras Out of the Box
You know Aras is flexible and open but if you aren't sure where to start, or you want to begin with established best practices and incorporate your own tweaks, Aras includes lots of business ready solutions...

ARAS VIDEO: DO MORE with Your PLM Software
We all know Aras is a full-featured enterprise PLM system, offering functionality such as configuration management, change management, product management, etc., but what you may not realize is...

FROM THE BLOG: Don't Compromise, Customize
Businesses using Aras range from Fortune 500 companies to small start-ups with end users that are even more unique and diverse in their requirements for Aras. That's why the flexibility and configurability of the...

ACE SPOTLIGHT: Easily Search for Parts on the Cloud
Aras partner, NorthRidge Software has developed a Search solution that can be configured to search across your local database as well as your cloud(s). The combined search results are easy to navigate and group...

USER VIDEO: Improving Global Product Development with Integrated PLM amp; Supply Chain
Korea KOSO, a global manufacturer of custom control valves, integrated Aras PLM with Supply Chain management to address growing challenges in their international design amp; manufacturing processes. They...

PLM INDUSTRY TRENDS: Executive Support for PLM amp; Why You Need It
I recently reread a Zero Wait-State blog post, "The PLM State: Why PLM is NOT Boring - It's the greatest thing since sliced bread." It discusses Jos Voskuil's post titled, "How Come PLM is Boring" and the...

SUBSCRIBER EXCLUSIVES: Content, Features amp; Functionality

Online Learning: Product Engineering Essentials
Online training course for Aras Subscribers. Learn the fundamental concepts and skills needed to operate the Product Engineering solution in Aras

ACE USER VIDEO: Reimagining the PLM Experience
Discover how this global high-tech leader delivers innovative electronics products to the automotive, aerospace and fire protection industries with Aras PLM...

PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Aras Requirements Management
Get an overview of the new Requirements Management solution, then go ahead and start using the solution... it's already included in your Aras Subscription.

UPCOMING EVENTS: Webcasts, Conferences, Seminars & more

PARTNER WEBCAST: Energize your Program and Project Management with ARAS - August 13, 2013
Aras Program and Project Management provides comprehensive functionality to reduce project costs, improve profit margins and shorten product development cycles. See a demonstration of ARAS's PPM capabilities, including program...

INDUSTRY EVENT: 2013 Global Product Data Interoperability Summit (GPDIS) - Chandler, AZ - September 9, 2013
Boeing and Northrop Grumman have once again joined together to organize the Global Product Data Interoperability Summit (GPDIS), a summit for exploring data interoperability challenges. This technical summit is conducted...

PARTNER WEBCAST: The Value of using ARAS for Quality Planning - virtual - September 10, 2013
Aras Quality Planning provides enterprise organizations with comprehensive tools and processes to manage risk, improve quality and attain environmental, regulatory, safety, medical and other forms of compliance. Learn how to leverage Aras for Closed-loop product risk management...

ACE EVENT: ACE 2013 Japan - Tokyo, Japan - September 26, 2013
ACE Japanは、ユーザ事例紹介や技術的なセッションなどを交えた、参加者による情報交換の場です。今回は"DO MORE"をテーマに掲げ、Arasをより先進的に、より柔軟に、そしてよりコラボレーティブにご活用頂けるよう、具体的かつ有益な情報をご提供させて頂...

INDUSTRY EVENT: CMII Europe 2013 - Zurich, Switzerland - September 30, 2013
Join us for CMII Europe, the leading conference on enterprise-wide Configuration Management in Europe. Attendees will learn about enterprise configuration and change management. Participants will have the opportunity to network and discuss...

INDUSTRY EVENT: AIAG Automotive Engineering and Technology Forum - Southfield, MI - October 2, 2013
AIAG Automotive Engineering amp; Technology Forum focuses on the current and future IT-related technologies predicted to transform the vehicle as well as the entire automotive product development systems. The 2013 forum will address strategies, opportunities and...

INDUSTRY EVENT: Product Innovation Chicago 2013 - Chicago, IL - October 9, 2013
Product Innovation Chicago 2013 unites R&D, Engineering and IT providing insight and inspiration into product information creation, development and management. The event features end-user led, real-world case studies in a cross industry, vendor agnostic, environment...

PARTNER WEBCAST: The Value of using ARAS for Quality Planning - virtual - October 10, 2013
Aras Quality Planning provides enterprise organizations with comprehensive tools and processes to manage risk, improve quality and attain environmental, regulatory, safety, medical and other forms of compliance. Learn how to leverage Aras for Closed-loop FMEA processes and action...

INDUSTRY EVENT: 26th Annual CMII Conference - Las Vegas, NV - October 21, 2013
The Institute of Configuration Management's international conference provides companies from around the world, expert information and case study examples on how to implement the CMII best practices for configuration amp; change management.

ACE EVENT: ACE 2013 Europe - Bad Soden, Germany - October 29, 2013
Join us at ACE 2013 Europe to discover all the ways Aras is doing more so you can DO MORE: More Solutions, Applications and Capabilities. More Scalable, Secure and Open Platform. More Collaboration, Integration and Communication. Event includes technical...

CMPIC Configuration Management Training

CMPIC courses are designed to provide a detailed overview of CM planning, naming conventions, numbering practices, baselines, change control, traceability, status accounting, and more. The CMPIC classes explain the role of CM in the organization.

  • Upcoming Sessions
  • CM Dynamics - Aug. 19 - 20, 2013, Seattle area
  • CM Implementation - Aug. 21 - 22, 2013, Seattle area
  • ANSI/EIA-649B - September 16 - 18, 2013, San Diego, CA
  • CM Foundations - Sept. 24 - 25, 2013, Orlando, FL
  • CM Structures - Sept. 26 - 27, 2013, Orlando, FL
  • CM Dynamics - Sept. 30 - Oct. 1, 2013, Orlando, FL
  • CM Implementation - Oct. 2 - 3, 2013, Orlando, FL
  • CM Foundations - Oct. 21-22, 2013, Hampton, VA
  • CM Structures - Oct. 23-24, 2013, Hampton, VA
  • CM Dynamics - Nov. 18-19, 2013, Hampton, VA
  • CM Implementation - Nov. 20-21, Hampton, VA
  • CM for IT amp; SW Development, Nov. 4-7, 2013, Orlando, FL
  • CM Standards amp; Practices Update - Nov. 18-20, 2013, San Diego, CA

CMPIC Training Schedule - - Agenda & Registration

CIMdata PLM Certificate Program

CIMdata's PLM Certificate Program on enterprise PLM best practices provides you with an in-depth PLM education. The training is comprised of 9 sessions delivered over a five-day period through a series of lectures, case studies, tests, and individual as well as group exercises.

  • Upcoming Sessions
  • Boston, Massachusetts, USA - September 16 - 20, 2013
  • Birmingham, UK - October 21 - 25, 2013
  • Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA - December 2 - 6, 2013

CIMdata PLM Certificate Program - - Agenda & Registration

TRAINING - Upcoming Sessions

Training combines hands-on exercises, overview presentations, and discussions so that participants achieve an in-depth understanding of the topics.

Get the education you and your team need for success with the Aras solutions. Regularly scheduled Aras training sessions are FREE for companies with an active Aras subscription.

Also, there are several self-paced, online training tutorials available at the Tata Technologies engineering training site called i GET IT. Use the "TAG-10-RES" discount code for 10% off i GET IT training on Aras, as well as, all the other i GET IT training offerings.

Location Date Course Name / Language Days
Andover8/19/2013Aras Innovator Configuring Solutions5
Andover8/26/2013Aras Innovator Developing Solutions4
Andover9/9/2013Aras Innovator Configuring Solutions5
Andover9/23/2013Aras Innovator Developing Solutions4
Andover10/7/2013Aras Innovator Configuring Solutions5
Andover10/14/2013Aras Innovator Developing Solutions4
Andover11/4/2013Aras Innovator Configuring Solutions5
Andover11/11/2013Aras Innovator Developing Solutions4
Osaka8/20/2013Aras Innovator Administration 1 (Japanese)2
Osaka8/22/2013Aras Innovator Workflow (Japanese)1
Osaka8/23/2013Aras Innovator Administration 2 (Japanese)1
Osaka9/6/2013PLM Basics (Japanese)1
Tokyo9/6/2013PLM Basics (Japanese)1
Tokyo9/10/2013Aras Innovator Administration 1 (Japanese)2
Tokyo9/12/2013Aras Innovator Workflow (Japanese)1
Tokyo9/13/2013Aras Innovator Administration 2 (Japanese)1
Osaka9/17/2013Aras Innovator Administration 1 (Japanese)2
Tokyo9/18/2013Aras Innovator Developer and API I (Japanese)2
Osaka9/19/2013Aras Innovator Workflow (Japanese)1
Osaka9/20/2013Aras Innovator Administration 2 (Japanese)1
Tokyo9/20/2013Aras Innovator Developer and API II (Japanese)1
Tokyo9/26/2013ACE 2013 Japan1
Osaka10/11/2013PLM Basics (Japanese)1
Osaka10/22/2013Aras Innovator Administration 1 (Japanese)2
Osaka10/24/2013Aras Innovator Workflow (Japanese)1
Osaka10/25/2013Aras Innovator Administration 2 (Japanese)1
ShangHai8/8/2013Configuring Solutions (Chinese)2
ShangHai8/22/2013Developing Solutions (Chinese)2
Wuhan9/5/2013Aras Solutions and Administrator Training (Chinese)2
Shenzen9/12/2013Configuring Solutions (Chinese)2
Wuhan9/26/2013Developing Solutions (Chinese)2
Taipei8/15/2013Configuring Solutions (Taiwan)2
Taipei9/12/2013Developing Solutions (Taiwan)2

Course Descriptions, Calendars, and Registration

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