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ARAS ANNOUNCEMENT: Airbus and Aras Sign Strategic Partner Agreement

LATEST RELEASE: Requirements Management 11R2

SUBSCRIBERS: New Service Packs Available

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This summer is off to an exciting and busy start here at Aras... Find out about the latest companies using Aras, our upcoming events, new product releases and more. And don't forget to schedule your next training course!

ARAS ANNOUNCEMENT: Airbus and Aras Sign Strategic Partner

We recently announced a strategic partner agreement with Airbus to use the Aras Innovator platform and solution suite for engineering business processes across the enterprise for up to 30,000 users.

Airbus evaluated several different PLM platforms for this partnership. Aras was selected as the preferred platform based on:

  • Significant coverage of expected scope
  • Open architecture with high-end data modeling "on the fly," no development involved
  • Upgrade services for customization included as part of subscription
  • Easy integration & handling
  • Long term viability and total cost of ownership

Out-of-the-box functional requirements for Airbus included data & document management, lifecycle management, change management, project management and access rights management for security. IS architecture requirements included deployability, connectors, migration & data loading, and support, along with back-end & front-end IT capabilities.

"Our success with the deployment of Test Information Management for aircraft end-to-end across the structural test pyramid in multi-site operation including our extended enterprise proved the viability of Aras for complex engineering business processes," said Anders Romare, Vice President, Engineering Solutions at Airbus. "The unique SaaS subscription business model of Aras which eliminates up-front license costs and includes system upgrades with customizations is also quite compelling."

Read the full announcement

LATEST RELEASE: Requirements Management 11.0R2

The most recent version of Aras Requirements Management is now available for download from the FTP site.

Requirements Management with Aras provides powerful capabilities for complex systems engineering planning, development and realization through the creation of a single, multi-discipline requirements hierarchy.

Key Features of Requirements Management:

  • Provides enhanced requirements capture including files, emails, scanned images and more
  • Enables the organization of requirements by traditional discipline or other groupings
  • Supports validation plans, procedures with reporting, sign-offs and workflow
  • Supports CMMI Level 5 processes for requirements management

For more information about Requirements Management with Aras visit

SUBSCRIBERS: New Service Packs Available

The latest Service Pack for Version 11 is now available - SP2

SP2 details are available on the Documentation page.

Subscribers can schedule a free upgrade to SP2 by contacting Aras support or your Aras certified partner.

The latest Service Pack for Version 10 is now available - SP5

SP5 details are available on the Documentation page.

Subscribers can schedule a free upgrade to SP5 by contacting Aras support or your Aras certified partner.

RECENT NEWS - Articles, Blogs, Videos and More

DESKTOP ENGINEERING: Lockheed Martin Division Selects Aras Innovator
The aerospace and defense company will leverage the Aras Innovator platform to streamline configuration management, change management as well as Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) across the supply chain.

CIMDATA: JAMCO Selects Aras for Enterprise Product Lifecycle Management
After evaluating several PLM solutions, JAMCO chose to integrate and replace two traditional PDM systems with the more modern and flexible platform technology in Aras.The open architecture of Aras will enable platform-independent data sharing among JAMCO's locations in Japan and overseas and collaboration across the extended enterprise.

TEN LINKS: DWFritz Automation to Use Aras PLM
DWFritz will leverage Aras for part and bill of material management, SOLIDWORKS CAD file management, document management and engineering change management.

ARAS ANNOUNCEMENT: Akrapovic Chooses Aras for Enterprise PLM
The company's PLM goal is to automate processes and improve visibility into design and manufacturing operations company-wide.

ARAS NEWS: Autoliv Hirotako Selects Aras for Enterprise PLM
The Aras platform will enable AHSB to seamlessly share electronic design data throughout their extended supply chain while more closely collaborating with customers and adhering to customer APQP compliance processes.

PLM CONNECTIONS: POET Selects Aras for Enterprise Product Lifecycle Management
Aras's flexibility and ability to meet the requirements of POET's rapidly growing business were key drivers in the selection process. POET will implement multiple Aras solutions, including Advanced Product Data Management, Configuration Management and more.

ACE 2015 JAPAN: Aras Announces ACE 2015 Japan in Tokyo - Registration Now Open
Expanded to two days, the conference will provide attendees an opportunity to learn best practices from current Aras users, hear from PLM experts and see live demonstrations. With its community-based format, ACE Japan offers an environment to meet and collaborate with Aras staff, partners and users.

UPCOMING EVENTS: Webcasts, Conferences, Seminars & more

Aras Innovator Demo Series: Self Service Reporting - Virtual - July 29, 2015
Join Aras Product Manager Lopa Subramanian as she shows you a demonstration of Self-Service Reporting with Aras.

Aras Innovator Demo Series: Change Management - Virtual - August 26, 2015
Join Aras Solutions Consultant Lisa Costa as she shows you a demonstration of Change Management with Aras.

ACE 2015 Japan - Tokyo, Japan - September 2, 2015
Whether you're starting a new PLM initiative or rejuvenating an old one, thinking about moving from an existing legacy PDM to true enterprise PLM, or growing your existing Aras implementation, ACE 2015 Japan is the place for you.

CMPIC Configuration Management Training

CMPIC courses are designed to provide a detailed overview of CM planning, naming conventions, numbering practices, baselines, change control, traceability, status accounting, and more. The CMPIC classes explain the role of CM in the organization.

  • Upcoming Sessions
  • CM Foundations - July 27 - 28, 2015 - Andover, MA
  • CM Identification - July 29 -30, 2015 - Andover, MA
  • CM Dynamics - August 24 - 25, 2015 - Andover, MA
  • CM Implementation - August 26 - 27, 2015 - Andover, MA

CMPIC Training Schedule - Agenda & Registration

CIMdata PLM Certificate Program

CIMdata's PLM Certificate Program on enterprise PLM best practices provides you with an in-depth PLM education. The training is comprised of 9 sessions delivered over a five-day period through a series of lectures, case studies, tests, and individual as well as group exercises.

  • Upcoming Sessions
  • Pretoria, South Africa - June 22-26, 2015
  • Boston, MA - September 21 - 15, 2015
  • Cypress, CA - December 7 - 11, 2015

CIMdata PLM Certificate Program - Agenda & Registration

CMII/IPE Upcoming Sessions

  • CMII Basics
  • Charleston, SC - August 3 - 6, 2015
  • Charleston, SC - August 31 - September 3, 2015

  • CMII Comprehensive
  • Denver, CO - July 20 - 23, 2015

CMII Course Schedule - Registration

TRAINING - Upcoming Sessions

Training combines hands-on exercises, overview presentations, and discussions so that participants achieve an in-depth understanding of the topics.

Get the education you and your team need for success with the Aras solutions. Regularly scheduled Aras training sessions are FREE for companies with an active Aras subscription.

Location Date Course Name / Language Days
Andover7/20/2015Aras Innovator Developing Solutions 114
Andover9/14/2015Aras Innovator Configuring Solutions 115
Andover9/28/2015Aras Innovator Developing Solutions 114
Andover10/12/2015Aras Innovator Configuring Solutions 115
Andover10/19/2015Aras Innovator Developing Solutions 114
Andover12/7/2015Aras Innovator Configuring Solutions 115
Andover12/14/2015Aras Innovator Developing Solutions 114
Osaka7/7/2015Aras Innovator Basic (Japanese)1
Osaka7/17/2015PLM Basic (Japanese)1
Osaka8/6/2015Aras Innovator Basic (Japanese)1
Osaka8/21/2015PLM Basic (Japanese)1
Osaka9/10/2015Aras Innovator Basic (Japanese)1
Tokyo7/21/2015Aras Innovator Administration 1 (Japanese)2
Tokyo7/23/2015Aras Innovator Workflow (Japanese)1
Tokyo7/24/2015Aras Innovator Administration 2 (Japanese)1
Tokyo7/29/2015Aras Innovator Developer and API I (Japanese)2
Tokyo7/31/2015Aras Innovator Developer and API II (Japanese)1
Tokyo9/4/2015PLM Basics (Japanese)1
Tokyo9/8/2015Aras Innovator Administration 1 (Japanese)2
Tokyo9/10/2015Aras Innovator Workflow (Japanese)1
Tokyo9/11/2015Aras Innovator Administration 2 (Japanese)1
Tokyo9/16/2015Aras Innovator Developer and API I (Japanese)2
Tokyo9/18/2015Aras Innovator Developer and API II (Japanese)1
Troy7/21/2015Aras PLM Essentials 11 *NEW*3
Troy8/10/2015Aras Innovator Configuring Solutions 115
Troy8/17/2015Aras Innovator Developing Solutions 114
Troy8/25/2015Aras PLM Essentials 11 *NEW*3
Troy9/22/2015Aras PLM Essentials 11 *NEW*3
Troy10/20/2015Aras PLM Essentials 11 *NEW*3
Troy11/9/2015Aras Innovator Configuring Solutions 115
Troy11/16/2015Aras Innovator Developing Solutions 114
Troy12/1/2015Aras PLM Essentials 11 *NEW*3

Course Descriptions, Calendars, and Registration