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-- NEWS - Enterprise Open Source from Aras Enables Companies to Cut Costs Dramatically
-- COMPARE - Independently Evaluate Aras Relative to Other PLM Systems
-- FEATURED PROJECT - Supplier Scorecards Add-on
-- TECH WORKBENCH - "Federating" Aras to Other Enterprise Systems
-- UPCOMING - Training Sessions
-- Recent Downloads

Well, the new year has started off with more bad economic news and companies everywhere are trying to cut expenses. The good news is that Aras can help!

Read on to find out how your company can replace your old Windchill, MatrixOne, or Teamcenter system with a more advanced solution from Aras and potentially save 50% or more on your annual PLM budget. You might even get a promotion in the process!

NEWS - Enterprise Open Source from Aras Enables Companies to Cut Costs Dramatically
Companies that have been paying hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars for PLM systems from Oracle, PTC, Dassault, and others are now frantically looking for ways to save money.

This is where enterprise open source comes in... The value proposition is clear: For far less than the existing PLM maintenance your company is currently paying, you get a more modern and advanced PLM solution that drives the business forward and delivers bottom line cost savings.

In a pair of articles this month CIO Insight magazine is reporting on how proven enterprise open source solutions (Aras is featured in one) are saving companies big money and enabling projects to move forward in spite of the recession.

CIO Insight article Open Source Saves the Day cites that, 'In the midst of this contraction, the one significant IT initiative [automotive supplier Ogihara] has managed to keep going is a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) initiative based on software from Aras.' This is made possible because the Aras format has eliminated all the module and user licenses.

The other article Recession Buster: Open Source's Moment notes that a survey by Gartner in November found that 85% of IT executives are currently using open source solutions in their enterprises and the remaining 15% expect to use it in the next 12 months.

What this all means is that your company can quickly migrate to Aras and get a superior PLM solution that enables you to:

  • Stop paying ridiculous rates for PLM maintenance
  • Cut costs dramatically
  • Never pay for another PLM license
Learn More >> Download Aras

COMPARE - Independently Evaluate Aras Relative to Other PLM Systems
Selecting an Enterprise PLM software solution is a critical business decision. The process of evaluating different PLM systems based on requirements can be complex and often becomes mired in opinion.

Many companies find that using a decision management process helps to resolve group deliberation by comparing stakeholder information and priorities.

This month Robust Decisions, a specialist in decision-support systems, added a comparison framework to their site that enables teams to independently evaluate Aras relative to other major PLM systems.

This is an excellent tool to use when your company has an existing PLM system that costs too much and you want to evaluate Aras as an alternative.

Check It Out >> Compare Your System to Aras

FEATURED PROJECT - Supplier Scorecards Add-on
This month features a community solution that is useful to any company that has a supply chain and must evaluate multiple suppliers on an ongoing basis.

The supplier scorecard community solution tracks supplier performance on a number of critical metrics including cost, delivery, and quality ranging from PPM and customer satisfaction to audits, supplier corrective actions, supplier change notices, and more.

Data is measured on a per supplier, per period (quarterly, monthly, or whatever you choose), per company location with an average score for each manufacturing site.

The free download provides a supplier scorecard by adding a tab to the manufacturer item to collect data for that supplier and then includes a roll-up report for executive visibility and review.

Start Measuring Supplier Performance >> Download Here

TECH WORKBENCH - "Federating" Aras to Other Enterprise Systems
Aras uses the term "Federated" to mean data shared between different enterprise systems.

Every company uses multiple business information systems for different processes within the corporate environment such as SAP or Oracle for ERP and a myriad of other legacy systems, both packaged and custom.

In today's world many business processes need to draw on data from multiple systems in order to provide users with the information required to do the job.

Getting at information in these systems can get complicated because they are all at different stages in their lifecycle and rely on all kinds of different technologies. The question is usually how best to expose data in the most cost effective way.

Aras Innovator has an advanced Service-Oriented Architecture (known as a model-based SOA) that lends itself to addressing such needs.

A recently published Tech Workbench document titled How-To Use Federated Data in Innovator describes simple techniques and practices using Aras to gather and present data from other systems as "Federated Data" and how to provide data to other systems as well.

Find Out How >> Tech Workbench

UPCOMING - Training Sessions
Training combines hands-on exercises, overview presentations, and discussions so that participants achieve an in-depth understanding of the topics.

Get the education you and your team need for success with the Aras solutions.

Remember, regularly scheduled training sessions are FREE for subscribers.

Upcoming Training Sessions - Boston, MA

Feb 16 - Aras Innovator Administration

Feb 18 - Aras Innovator Workflow

Feb 19 - Aras Innovator Developer & API

Mar 16 - Aras Innovator Administration

Mar 18 - Aras Innovator Workflow

Mar 19 - Aras Innovator Developer & API

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