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-- ARAS PARTNER - BCS Provides Aras Innovator in Chinese
-- NEWS - ACCO Brands Innovation Strategy Using Aras
-- EVENTS - Aras Presents at Product Development & Management Association
-- UPCOMING - Discovery Seminars & Training Sessions
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Wow, what a great year and we're not done yet! The Corporate Community continues to drive more innovation faster and it looks like there's no stopping the momentum. Check out the latest...

ARAS PARTNER - BCS Provides Aras Innovator in Chinese
Over the past year, our strategic alliance partner BCS (Broadway Consulting Services) has been working with companies in China, Taiwan, and throughout Asia providing services, support, and training for Aras Innovator.

As Asian companies continue to expand and engage in global collaboration PLM is increasingly necessary to manage development and operations. Through partnerships with Aras and Microsoft, BCS is bringing the Aras Innovator open solutions for PLM to the region. BCS is there helping businesses achieve greater innovation by taking advantage of the most advanced enterprise SOA available on the Microsoft platform.

Thousands of companies have been visiting the BCS website and engaging in the Aras Community Network, and BCS now holds their Aras training sessions at the Microsoft training centers to accommodate student demand!

BCS has conducted translations of the Aras software solutions into the Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese language variations.

If your company has offices or plants in Asia that need enterprise PLM or if you are working with a partner in Asia that you feel could benefit by knowing about Aras, contact BCS to learn more.

Check it out! >> BCS Website

NEWS - ACCO Brands Innovation Strategy Using Aras
ACCO Brands is one of the world's largest suppliers of branded office products with annual revenues of nearly $2 billion from sales in more than 100 countries. ACCO Brands product lines include Swingline, Kensington, Wilson Jones, Quartet, GBC, Day-Timer, Rexel, and numerous others.

Consumer Goods Technology magazine recently covered an interview with the ACCO Brands Workspace Tools director of performance excellence, Bill Bucklew, on how Aras supports ACCO's innovation strategy.

Bucklew explained, "Our strategy is based on process excellence across our extended supply chain from brand management and new product development and introduction through manufacturing and distribution. We wanted to be better able to base our product development decisions on hard data from across the product lifecycle all the way from design innovation and manufacturability to consumers' use in the field."

He goes on to say, "As we continue to evolve our PLM strategy we use software technology to support the underlying processes. In 2004, we implemented the Aras solution for enterprise PLM and, in addition to other factors, we focused on flexibility and ease of deployment, which are important to our strategy."

Bucklew says, "Since putting the PLM strategy in place we have shifted our area of focus over time to address improvement areas. For example, in 2004 we concentrated on getting our change management process better defined to ensure that our product related information was versioned properly and that we were able to drive changes more quickly. By focusing on the engineering change process we were able to reduce product change cycle times by over 50 percent."

Read the Entire Interview >> Read Now

Learn about Aras Innovator for Yourself >> Download Now

EVENTS - Aras Presents at Product Development & Management Association
Recently, I was asked by the Product Development & Management Association (PDMA) to present on our innovation and corporate transition to an open model.

The PDMA wanted us to share how we kept our focus on providing the optimal environment for corporate community innovation, and how we managed our transformation. What has occurred has been a true winwin situation.

Thousands of companies are taking advantage of the Aras software to improve their businesses, and are realizing considerable advantages though collaborative participation that would have been unattainable without the open model.

The network effect results in better software solutions with more advanced capabilities than any conventional systems provider can produce; the process itself increases market share and sales for Aras. The principles at work are pretty straightforward and undeniably powerful.

Read More >> Click Here

UPCOMING - Discovery Seminars & Training Sessions
Training sessions provide you and your team with the education needed for success with the Aras Innovator solutions, and discovery seminars help you explore the possibilities of how Aras solutions can support your company's specific strategic initiatives.

Both types of sessions combine hands-on exercises, overview presentations, and discussions to provide an in-depth understanding of the Aras solutions.

Space is limited so make plans & register now.

Upcoming Training Sessions - Boston, MA

Jan 14 - Aras Innovator Administration

Jan 16 - Aras Innovator Workflow

Jan 17 - Aras Innovator Developer & API

Upcoming Discovery Seminars - Boston, MA

Jan 22 - Project Program Management

Jan 23 - FMEA Quality Planning

Jan 24 - Configuration & Change Management

Learn More & Register Now >>

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