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-- FEATURED PROJECT - Freudenberg Meeting Manager Solution Contribution
-- CERTIFICATIONS - Aras Receives 4 Star CMII Certified Rating
-- EVENTS - Aras at CMII Conference & PLM Roadmap 2007
-- UPCOMING - Discovery Seminars & Training Sessions
-- Recent Downloads

Another great contribution from the Aras Community this month! Also, exciting news from last month's events, as well as, more upcoming sessions this fall.

FEATURED PROJECT - Freudenberg Meeting Manager Solution Contribution
Last month corporate community member Freudenberg FDS in Germany made a very useful solution project contribution for companies that need to better track & manage meeting minutes and the resulting action items.

Action items result in email notifications and reminders, and workflow activities appear in the user's Inbasket until the deliverables are complete.

Now, another corporate community member, Hayes Lemmerz International, is already working on further enhancements. They are creating associations for action items to specific issues, projects, and recurring meeting types.

Hayes Lemmerz is also planning on adding red- yellow-green traffic light indicators to signify each action's status relative to the deadline date.

This is the type of corporate community collaboration that benefits every company that participates and continues to extend the value your company receives when using the Aras solutions.

Check it out! >> Screenshots & Download Here

CERTIFICATIONS - Aras Receives 4 Star CMII Certified Rating
This month Aras received a 4 star CMII certification rating from the Institute of Configuration Management's CMII Research Institute.

The 4 star rating signifies that the Aras Innovator solution:

+ Exceeds the stringent requirements for comprehensive CMII configuration management & enterprise change workflows

+ Demonstrated continuous improvement and enhancement of the configuration & change management process capabilities over a multi-year period

+ Is used internally by Aras to manage our own CMII processes

+ Has received 'highly positive' feedback from CMII certified ICM graduates at companies in the field using the Aras solutions

CMII certification provides corporate community members with additional independent validation that the Aras Innovator solutions meet the highest quality standards and deliver the most robust functionality available.

The 4 star certification rating surpasses the ratings of all of the major PLM system providers including PTC, Oracle/Agile, Dassault, and UGS.

This certification is the direct result of the CMII solution project contributions made by our corporate community members.

We would like to recognize Delphi, Varian, Lockheed Martin, and the many others who are participating and providing the inputs necessary to achieve this accomplishment.

Learn about Aras Innovator for Yourself >> Download Now

EVENTS - Aras at CMII Conference & PLM Roadmap 2007
In September Aras presented at two important conferences; the Institute of Configuration Management's International CMII Conference and the PLM Roadmap 2007.

Here are some of the highlights from the conference sessions:

International CMII Conference 2007

People from around the world came to Seattle for the Institute of Configuration Management's annual conference. Participating companies included Airbus, BAE Systems, Boeing, Bose, General Electric, Microsoft, Nike, Rolls Royce, and numerous others.

In the Aras sessions participants were able to see the recent contributions that community members have made including the Delphi affected items wizard.

Everyone was excited about the ability to use the Aras solutions to maintain complex configurations and manage enterprise change processes in conjunction with their PDM and ERP systems. In fact, when we finally wrapped up our presentation the crowd gave Rob McAveney from Aras a raucous round of applause! Congratulations Rob, take a bow :-)

PLM Roadmap 2007

This conference by Collaborative Product Development Associates (CPDA) provided a broad range of perspectives on how enterprise PLM strategies are being impacted by globalization.

Aras showed how the Microsoft open approach is being used to deliver enterprise PLM, NPDI, and APQP by extending companies' existing PDM and ERP systems without the need to spend more money on expensive software licenses from PTC, UGS, and Dassault.

The interactive session provided examples of how business of all sizes are achieving new levels of innovation and collaboration by taking advantage of the proven Microsoft open solutions from Aras.

UPCOMING - Discovery Seminars & Training Sessions
Discovery seminars help you explore the possibilities of how Aras solutions can support your company's specific strategic initiatives, and training session provide you and your team with the education needed for success with the Aras Innovator solutions.

Both types of sessions combine hands-on exercises, overview presentations, and discussions to provide an in-depth understanding of the Aras solutions.

Space is limited so make plans & register now.

Upcoming Discovery Seminars - Boston, MA

Oct 15 - Project Program Management

Oct 16 - FMEA Quality Planning

Oct 17 - Configuration & Change Management

Upcoming Training Sessions - Detroit, MI

Nov 5 - Aras Innovator Administration

Nov 7 - Aras Innovator Workflow

Nov 8 - Aras Innovator Developer & API

Learn More & Register Now >>

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