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in this issue -- NEWS - Down Economy Shows PLM Licensing Must Change
-- EVENTS - PLM Summit Highlights Best Practice Strategies
-- COMMUNITY QUOTES - Share Your Thoughts, Read What Others Are Saying About Aras
-- RECENT BLOGS - Insight, Information, and Opinions
-- UPCOMING - Training Sessions
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Has your PLM budget been slashed? Is your company searching for a way to do more with less?

My discussions last week at the PLM Summit further validated that companies believe it is absolutely essential to enable new product development and innovation in order to recover stronger than ever...

Problem is that PLM licensing is a huge issue stifling corporate efficiency and collaboration.

Read on and find out more about how Aras can help. You could be in a position to rescue your corporate PLM strategy in the process.

NEWS - Down Economy Shows PLM Licensing Must Change
Desktop Engineering's latest issue includes a new editorial by Peter Schroer, Aras President and Founder, on the economic situation and the fundamental problem with PLM software licensing given the new reality.

He lays out the financial state of affairs that product development executives and engineering IT personnel are confronted with on their critical PLM initiatives. Bottom line is that PLM licensing is broken.

Down Economy Shows PLM Licensing Must Change

Here's an excerpt:

Engineering collaboration and process improvement remain absolutely essential as cross-functional product teams strive to work more efficiently in an environment that includes international supply chain partners.

For the past decade companies have turned to enterprise PLM solutions to satisfy these requirements, but at a cost. The licensing schemes of these systems are complex and costly, requiring a company to purchase different modules and servers along with end-user licenses for each user...

To remain competitive, manufacturers need PLM licensing that enables users across the company and the supply chain to securely access product information and PLM functionality without incurring runaway expenses...

&Read the entire article at Desktop Engineering

EVENTS - PLM Summit Highlights Best Practice Strategies
So, last week Aras was at the PLM Summit 2009 in Miami Fla. This conference appears to be emerging as the thought leadership event for global enterprise PLM strategies. I was impressed (again) by the cross- industry line-up of speakers and the breadth of topics.

There were a lot of interesting topics... and as a PLM junky, I found it difficult to pick which sessions to attend when the conference split into two tracks.

It's clear that even in these difficult times, companies large and small are pressing ahead with their PLM initiatives. Problem for many is that their budgets have been cut and the big PLM license expenses required by the major PLM vendors is a significant obstacle.

This was a common theme, and am guessing it's why we were so busy at the conference. People want a more modern and cost effective approach to rolling out PLM enterprise-wide: Skip the PLM license costs, go straight to solving business problems with Aras.

If you weren't able to make it down, and are interested in the materials then here's some good news... the PLM Summit people do something called a Virtual Conference interactive CD-ROM which includes all the presentation slides and audio recordings of speakers and Q&A sessions. Apparently, it's almost like you were there :-)

They've even offered to give people from the Aras community a discount on the CD.

Virtual Conference interactive CD- ROM
Special Aras Community Discount: $500 (Normally $750)
Just Use this Booking Code: ARA-MKT

My favorite presentation was Ron Marsiglio's overview of how his team at Teledyne implemented Lean Product Development. This is of course a topic that is particularly...

Continue Reading full article on blog

COMMUNITY QUOTES - Share Your Thoughts, Read What Others Are Saying About Aras
Corporate community members are buzzing about Aras and we keep getting friendly emails, comments, and posts. Only hitch is that they're practically invisible except to the recipients here at Aras.

So, we recently added a place on the web site where comments can get listed... a sort of 'Quote Wall' for those of you familiar with Facebook.

Now, you can read what others are saying about Aras and share your thoughts too. It's really cool. Have included a small sampling of some messages we've gotten, and... we encourage you to share your thoughts with us as well.

Check it out and get your 2 cents in...

"We selected Aras because of the comprehensive PLM functionality in the solution combined with the innovative enterprise open source business model which eliminated the up-front license expenses required by the other PLM system providers, because of the open source format Aras enables us to rollout processes incrementally. We are implementing new processes without worrying about the user licensing expenses."

March 2009
Thomas Hartmann, Director of System Testing

"Aras' unique combination of functionality and flexibility allows us to implement a superior solution globally in days rather than months."

June 2008
Bill Bucklew, Director of Performance Excellence
ACCO Brands

"I am extremely impressed to date and very pleased that we took a gamble on the open source solution (to the chagrin of our IT department)."

April 2009
Brent Evers, Engineering Manager
Phoenix International

"The bottom line for Fox is that Aras Innovator enables us to serve our customers better, improve our quality, and significantly reduce our costs all at the same time."

March 2008
Gene Trefethen, Chief Executive Officer
Fox Electronics

Read More Community Quotes, Submit Yours

RECENT BLOGS - Insight, Information, and Opinions
Here are some of our blog posts as well as some interesting posts from other people's blogs.

What Makes The Aras PLM Solution So Advanced?

DEMO Recording of Latest Aras PLM Release

Open Source PLM a Real Option

Future PLM face to face: Open Source vs. Cloud

If you have ideas for topics we should write about or comments you'd like to make, please feel free to comment on a post or let me know directly.

UPCOMING - Training Sessions
Training combines hands-on exercises, overview presentations, and discussions so that participants achieve an in-depth understanding of the topics.

Get the education you and your team need for success with the Aras solutions.

Remember, regularly scheduled training sessions are FREE for subscribers.

Upcoming Training Sessions

July 20 - Aras Innovator Administration - Boston, MA

July 22 - Aras Innovator Workflow - Boston, MA

July 23 - Aras Innovator Developer & API - Boston, MA

July 27 - Aras Innovator Administration - Munich, Germany

July 29 - Aras Innovator Workflow - Munich, Germany

July 30 - Aras Innovator Developer & API - Munich, Germany

July 9 - Aras Innovator Solutions - Taipei, Taiwan

July 15 - Aras Innovator Solutions & Administration - KunShan, China

July 23 - Aras Innovator Administration - Taipei, Taiwan

Aug 17 - Aras Innovator Administration - Boston, MA

Aug 19 - Aras Innovator Workflow - Boston, MA

Aug 20 - Aras Innovator Developer & API - Boston, MA

Aug 24 - Aras Innovator Administration - Munich, Germany

Aug 26 - Aras Innovator Workflow - Munich, Germany

Aug 27 - Aras Innovator Developer & API - Munich, Germany

Aug 6 - Aras Innovator Developer - KunShan, China

Aug 13 - Aras Innovator Developer - Taipei, Taiwan

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