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in this issue
-- EVALUATE - Live Demo & Overview of Aras Enterprise PLM
-- FEATURED PROJECT - SharePoint PLM with Product Intelligence Dashboards, Scorecards, Analytics
-- WEBINAR - Open Source PLM: Advanced Enterprise Functionality, No PLM Licenses
-- PARTNERS - New Partners Welcomed to the Community
-- UPCOMING - Training Sessions
-- Recent Downloads

It's that time of year... Budget planning for 2010. A lot of people are working on their PLM strategy and running the numbers. We're getting a ton of requests for budgetary estimates and Aras Unlimited subscription package quotes.

If you're struggling with the expenses of a Windchill, MatrixOne, Agile, or Teamcenter legacy system, and are responsible for figuring out how to move forward cost effectively, then get in touch >> Aras Contact Info

We can help your company save millions.

EVALUATE - Live Demo & Overview of Aras Enterprise PLM
Seeing for yourself, asking questions, and getting answers is absolutely critical during a decision process, particularly when formulating a PLM strategy.

That's why we will be conducting a Live demo and overview of the Aras enterprise PLM solution suite on Monday October 12th.

It's your chance to see Aras in action, and provides an opportunity to invite your colleagues to learn about Aras as well.

The session is ideal for companies that are currently selecting a PLM solution or are planning / budgeting for initiatives next year. In the Live Demo session you will:

  • See Aras enterprise PLM processes for new product development, enterprise quality management, and global supplier management
  • Learn how the enterprise open source format eliminates PLM license costs
  • Hear real world corporate success case studies
  • Find out how your company can take advantage of the solution contributions from industry leaders like Motorola and Lockheed Martin
Date: Monday, October 12, 2009

Time: 1:00pm - 2:00pm Eastern USA (GMT - 5:00 hrs)

Sign-up for the Live Demo

FEATURED PROJECT - SharePoint PLM with Product Intelligence Dashboards, Scorecards, Analytics
This month's open source community solution project is really powerful and will be important for anybody who's company is implementing Microsoft Office SharePoint.

Earlier this year we worked with Microsoft to expose Aras Innovator through SharePoint delivering enterprise PLM functionality inside SharePoint.

The second open source release of the SharePoint PLM Kit was posted on Microsoft's Codeplex site this month! It's at

The freely available download includes Web Parts, best practices, templates, tools, and source code.

SharePoint PLM Benefits / Vision

  • No PLM licenses needed
  • Easy-to-use Full Featured, more than just browse
  • Includes searching and viewing of product information
  • Enable secure collaboration across extended enterprise
  • Provides KPI metrics, dashboards, scorecards, reports for Executive visibility & decision making
This project makes PLM in SharePoint truly possible. BOMs, Parts, CAD integrations, doc mgt, config mgt, engineering change, NPDI phase-gate, quality management, environmental compliance, product costing, and more combined with the easy-to-use collaboration, wikis, discussion forums, and everything else SharePoint offers.

Check out SharePoint PLM project on Codeplex

WEBINAR - Open Source PLM: Advanced Enterprise Functionality, No PLM Licenses
During the last week of October we'll be hosting a webinar with ConnetPress, the CAD community sites for CATIA, Inventor, Pro/E, SolidWorks, and Siemens PLM Software.

Jonathan Scott from Razorleaf, an independent PLM service provider that specializes in helping companies improve engineering through the measured application of technology and best practices, will discuss how enterprise open source PLM can address today's PLM challenges. He'll cover a series of topics including:

  • Top 5 misconceptions about open source PLM
  • How open source PLM enables an enterprise- wide strategy
  • Different ways to take advantage of open source PLM depending on your company's situation and strategy
Webinar Details
Date: Wednesday, October 28, 2009
Time: 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM Eastern USA (GMT - 5:00 hrs)
FREE Simply register on the ConnectPress site

I'm inviting everyone to join us. It should be a really informative session.

PARTNERS - New Partners Welcomed to the Community
Lots of new partners have been joining the corporate community in the past months and we're overdue to officially welcome them in the newsletter.

Organizations from around the world with extensive PLM experience are becoming Aras partners. If your company needs professional assistance with Aras you should definitely review the Aras Partner page for an expert provider near you.

Please join me in welcoming some of the new community members:

Aldius Consulting Group - ACG provides US-based companies with end-to-end Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution services including implementation, integration with CAD / ERP / SCM systems, data migration and more.

expert plm GmbH - expert plm in Germany has significant expertise in PLM deployments for small and midsized companies and provides a unique Aras smart pack PDM starter package which delivers bundled MCAD and ECAD connectors.

Flexur Systems Pvt. Ltd. - Flexur in India specializes in PLM / PDM training and consulting for midsized companies in automotive, aerospace, energy sector & power equipment providers, foundry and forging companies, machinery manufacturers.

Prodeos - Prodeos in France specializes in providing product development business process consulting, engineering solution deployment, and systems integration services for the enterprise open source PLM solutions from Aras.

UnitForce Technologies - UFT headquartered in Bangalore India is certified ISO 9001:2000 and offers professional services for state-of-the-art engineering and product development solution deployment to clients in Indian and around the world.

Zionex - Zionex in South Korea provides enterprise solution consulting and systems integration services on Aras for Fortune 500 companies with clients including Samsung, LG, Dongbu Steel, Nongshim, and Jeil Industries.

If your firm is a PLM systems integrator we encourage you to join. The Aras Partner Program provides significant advantages over the traditional partner programs offered by PTC, Oracle Agile, and the other legacy PLM / PDM providers.

Learn More about the Aras Partner Program

UPCOMING - Training Sessions
Training combines hands-on exercises, overview presentations, and discussions so that participants achieve an in-depth understanding of the topics.

Get the education you and your team need for success with the Aras solutions.

Remember, regularly scheduled training sessions are FREE for Aras Unlimited subscribers. Upcoming Training Sessions

Oct 12 - Aras Innovator Administration - Boston, MA

Oct 14 - Aras Innovator Workflow - Boston, MA

Oct 15 - Aras Innovator Developer & API - Boston, MA

Oct 26 - Aras Innovator Administration - Munich, Germany

Oct 28 - Aras Innovator Workflow - Munich, Germany

Oct 29 - Aras Innovator Developer & API - Munich, Germany

Oct 1 - Aras PLM Solutions - Taipei, Taiwan

Oct 12 - Aras Innovator Solutions & Administration - Wuhan, China

Oct 15 - Aras Innovator Solutions & Administration - KunShan, China

Oct 22 - Aras Innovator Administration - Taipei, Taiwan

Oct 29 - Aras Innovator Developer - Taipei, Taiwan

Oct 2 - Aras PLM Basics - Tokyo, Japan

Oct 5 - Aras Innovator Administration - Tokyo, Japan

Oct 7 - Aras Innovator Workflow - Tokyo, Japan

Oct 8 - Aras Innovator Developer & API - Tokyo, Japan

Nov 9 - Aras Innovator Administration - Boston, MA

Nov 11 - Aras Innovator Workflow - Boston, MA

Nov 12 - Aras Innovator Developer & API - Boston, MA

Nov 23 - Aras Innovator Administration - Munich, Germany

Nov 25 - Aras Innovator Workflow - Munich, Germany

Nov 26 - Aras Innovator Developer & API - Munich, Germany

Nov 9 - Aras Innovator Developer & API - Wuhan, China

Nov 12 - Aras Innovator Developer & API - KunShan, China

Nov 19 - Aras PLM Solutions - Taipei, Taiwan

Nov 30 - Aras Innovator Solutions & Administration - Wuhan, China

Course Descriptions, Calendars, and Registration

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