Customer Videos

Microsoft: Harnessing the Power of Agile with Aras
Microsoft shares their unique approach to consolidating and standardizing its Product Data Management across all of its hardware groups: building on top of an open cloud-based PLM with Aras and leveraging internal expertise of agile methodologies.
Hear from Microsoft as they discuss the agile implementation of Aras PLM and how it was one of the fastest implementations in the industry.
Watch this full presentation as ECCO goes into detail on their PLM Journey.
Audi Systems Engineering Program (ASE): Breaking the Silos (47 Minutes)
Watch this full presentation as Audi's Martin Neff – Chief Architect Systems Engineering Program – discusses and demonstrates why the Aras Innovator platform is a crucial part of their new solution.
David Kappos - The Global Innovation Economy (35 Minutes)
Watch this full presentation from ACE US where David Kappos, of the US Patent Office, discusses the global innovation economy.
L-3 Technologies - Transforming the Product Innovation Platform (39 Minutes)
This presentation outlines the PLM journey within TRL covering the following phases; Challenges from the increasing product and compliance complexity, Initial system evaluations, Building the business case, Agile System Implementation approach taken, Results we are releasing and Direction of the future roadmap.
Microsoft: Extending Aras to Azure and Azure Data Lake and PowerBI (46 Minutes)
Watch this full presentation as Microsoft documents the journey they experienced with its Aras Innovator implementation in meeting increasingly complex requirements and ever changing demands from the product groups across the organization to improve scalability and efficiencies with Azure and Azure Data Lake and PowerBI.
Schaeffler: The Importance of PLM in Achieving Mobility Tomorrow (41 Minutes)
Watch this full presentation for a description of the Schaeffler PLM-strategy and how the joint project between Schaeffler/IBM and Aras is going to meet the R&D requirements.
Watch this brief clip from Airbus as they explain their project pipeline using The GreenHouse and how they worked with Aras to utilize agile capabilities.
When GE Aviation wanted to combine their EBOM with their MBOM they knew not just any system would do. Watch the video and see how they succeeded with Aras.
Take a look as attendees of Aras' ACE event describe some of their favorite ACE moments this year.
Hear from ACE US attendees as they describe the benefits of attending ACE events and what they find most valuable in attending ACE.
ACE attendees discuss the quality of networking at ACE events with both the Aras team and their peers.
Hear from Aras users as they explain the benefits of coming to ACE and witness some of the best moments from our networking sessions, industry leading presentations and more.
Hear from Akrapovič as they discuss what they find different about Aras compared to other companies in the PLM industry.
Hear Akrapovič explain how Aras' Product Innovation Platform solved their PLM problems.
Hear from Carestream on where their problems with PLM lied and how Aras' Product Innovation Platform solves those problems.
Hear directly from Insitu the problems that existed for them in the PLM space and how the Aras Prodcut Innovation Platform is able to solve those problems.
Find out from Valley Fine Foods where they had problems with their PLM process and how the Aras Product Innovation Platform was able to resolve those problems.
Watch this clip as it shows how Microsoft has used Aras to manage their PLM and empower their IoT by making their product data more valuable.
Hear from users of Aras Innovator as they explain the clear difference between Aras and other PLM competitors.
Watch this presentation where Sonnax explains what makes Aras different from the other PLM companies.
Hear from Aras users as they explain what their company's vision is for PLM in the next 5 years concerning improved efficiency, data management and product development.
Hear from Aras users as they discuss the Business of Engineering and what it means for visibility, traceability and the impact it will have on your company.
Hear from Airbus as they discuss their PDM light need and what they've done with Aras to successfully achieve that need using Aras Innovator.
Watch as BAE Systems discusses their Product Long Lifecycle and how Aras Innovator provides the Resilient PLM they need.
Learn what Airbus' function and technical requirements for a PDM light backbone were, how they assessed PLM solutions and came to the conclusion to select Aras based on a thorough benchmark study.
Watch this presentation from Microsoft as they explain how connecting Aras Innovator with the Internet of Things can improve Product Design.
Watch as Akrapovič explains how Aras provides a manageable and well connected IT system with their SAP ERP IT system.
Hear from Autronica as they explain what they wanted out of a PLM solution and how they decided to go with Aras Innovator after evaluating 5 PLM prospects.
Learn from Akrapovič what they find most effective from the Aras business model such as a constant evolving and flexible platform supporting a variety of different tasks, a unique and compatible subscription model, excellent support from the Aras Support Team allowing for full customization and an overall positive culture fit.
Learn how ECCO used their mission, vision and selection criteria to find a flexible system that could adapt to their business needs, what their selection criteria was in choosing Aras and how Aras is interlinked within their processes.
Watch this presentation from BAE discussing their high-level plan for choosing a PLM system and why they chose Aras Innovator.
Watch this video as Aras customers discuss the flexibility of Aras Innovator.
Watch this video as Aras customers discuss the personality of Aras.
Watch this video as Aras customers discuss the PLM migration process in evaluating Aras Innovator.
Watch this video as Aras customers discuss the PLM migration process to Aras Innovator.
Hear from Carestream Health on the implementation of and the migration to Aras Innovator resulting in better cost and flexibility.
Discover five short tips for implementing PLM from the perspective of TitanX, a member of the automotive industry, with this user presentation.
Find out how Imperial Tobacco Group uses the agile methodology and Aras Innovator to apply PLM within their business process.
Watch as GETRAG explains how they define PLM and their step-by-step implementation approach to PLM.
Watch this presentation as Sonnax explains their need for Aras PLM implementation and what that implementation provided them.
In this presentation Key Safety Systems discusses what makes Aras different from its competitors concerning cost, complexity, practicality, adaptability and how an overall sense of empowerment led them to choose Aras.
Watch as Key Safety Systems explains how they improved their change efficiency with Aras.
Watch as GETRAG shares their PLM journey with Aras - from choosing Aras to the success they have seen using Aras Innovator.
Find out how GE Aviation customized Aras PLM to produce "big wins" across the board for their engineering teams.
Find out how Imperial Tobacco Group realized they were in the PLM world and why they chose Aras Innovator as the right PLM system for them to break down their silos.
Insitu speaks on Aras as a company and how different Aras is in comparison to other Legacy PLM systems.
Hear from Independent Consultant for the PLM industry, Joe Barkai, as he explains his view on why Aras is different within the PLM space.
Hear from Microsoft as they discuss how they were able to quickly and efficiently migrate to Aras Innovator resulting in fast improvements and integrations due to the Aras platform.
Hear from Microsoft as they discuss how they standardized products across all 7 consumer and commercial cloud product lines with Aras.
ACE Europe: Aeronamic talks Aras Innovator - the Manufacturing PLM System (35 Minutes)
Hear from Aeronamic as they discuss using Aras Innovator as they invest in designs of the future with improved tractability, support company processes and remain in control of all of their data as the company scales up by using Process Plans and MPP.
Learn how one of the leading consumer goods private label food companies implemented Formula & Recipe Management with Aras PLM.