Your Business is Unique

Organizations developing complex products have unique business processes and need to configure their PLM or PDM system to meet their needs.

This can range from configuring an existing application, extending its scope or creating a completely new application. And as businesses evolve they need to quickly adapt their systems in parallel to maintain their competitive edge.


Get the Flexibility You Need

The Aras Innovator® platform was designed to be flexible, allowing organizations to easily customize their PLM and PDM solutions. Additionally, upgrades remain straightforward and easy no matter the amount of customization and are performed by Aras® Support for customers on subscription.

All solutions built on the Aras® platform are fully integrated, eliminating barriers to collaboration and simplifying development and maintenance.

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Benefits of the Aras® Platform

  • Powerful core services ensures business needs are fully addressed
  • Fully integrated set of tools simplifies application development and maintenance
  • Ease of use allows updates to be achieved quickly, maximizing response to the business
The Aras Platform


Compared to conventional PLM systems, which usually require months to customize, Aras Innovator allows businesses to quickly and easily make real-time modifications to solutions using browser-based, drag-and-drop operations. Workflows, lifecycles, access privileges, properties, and forms all based on Item Types and can be easily tailored to fit your exact needs, maximizing the benefits.

The Aras Platform


Many organizations have multiple information management systems that they make significant use of. Aras allows businesses to keep these systems in place by providing solutions that can be extended to cover additional business requirements or integrated with other systems.

And, with the ability to easily create new workflows, lifecycles, and relationships as companies grow and change, incremental benefits can be derived that support business processes, not hold them back.

The Aras Platform


For organizations with unique business needs, the power and flexibility of the Aras® Platform allows them to build completely new applications. These applications can either operate as stand-alone solutions or can be fully integrated with other PDM and PLM solutions from Aras.