PLM That Works for You

To help you bring innovative products to market quickly and support them through the lifecycle at lower cost and risk we've developed a PLM solution based on a unique architecture which we offer via an open/subscription model.

This makes Aras different and means we can offer you a solution that:

  • Adapts to your business, not the other way around
  • Removes unnecessary barriers to collaboration
  • Changes the economics of PLM in your favor
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Adapts to Your Business Not the Other Way Around

Flexible - Aras can be customized to fit your business quickly and changed at any time

Scalable - Performance proven at 250,000 concurrent users

Upgradable - Upgrades are easy and are performed by Aras at no additional cost to subscribers

"Aras Innovator's modelling capabilities...enable solutions to be developed quickly."

"Average response times were excellent."

Logic 20/20

14 years with Aras Innovator
9 major version upgrades

US Army

Removing the Barriers to Collaboration

Single Source of Information - All data is stored once and in the same location, avoiding confusion and errors

Integrated Applications - Users work together and access the same data and processes

Visual Collaboration – Secure social discussions with viewing and markup which extends collaboration to all users

Universal Access - no software license cost allows everyone to be a full-function Aras user

Changing the Economics of PLM

With traditional PLM you face high up-front costs for software licensing and customization. Further costs are incurred every time the system is upgraded. Benefits are delayed until customization is completed and limited by the system architecture.

But with Aras PLM there are no software licensing costs, customization costs are lower and upgrades are included in your subscription. Benefits accrue earlier and increase more quickly due to the unique architecture.