Growing Pains

As worldwide supply networks and multiple manufacturing sites become the norm, increasing system demands are pushing many corporate product lifecycle management environments beyond their scalability limits.

A Scalable Solution

Aras provides a new level of scalability for enterprises with global supply chains and a significant number of PLM users with the Aras PLM Platform.

Aras's architectural design enables scale-out on the file system and Web servers with scale-up on the database by moving non-transactional data to the scale-out servers. This allows for the handling of very large levels of throughput by using frequent, short database transactions.

Scalable by Design

The underlying model-based service oriented architecture (model-based SOA) utilizes a dynamic schema with loosely coupled federated web services designed for scalability, flexibility, and extensibility.

To ensure optimum scalability, Aras employs a scale-out and scale-up approach, where:

  • Application services are hosted on scale-out Web servers.
  • File containers (CAD models & drawings, documents, and other files) are stored in scale-out Vault servers with replication.
  • The Aras database is used to host metadata which is ideal for storage in a relational database server and leads to excellent scale-up capabilities.

Aras PLM Platform supports increasing demands from enterprises to support global supply chains, suppliers, and distributed teams without impacting performance.

Proven Scalability

In recent testing with one million named and 250,000 concurrent users, Aras Innovator running on standard HP server configurations showed strong performance and excellent resource utilization.

Average CPU utilization was consistently below 25 percent and total percentage of CPU utilization never exceeded 30 percent. The average response times were fast across all different user loads tested.

SQL Server 2016 Enterprise

Aras uses Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Enterprise for persistent metadata storage. SQL Server 2016 Enterprise is designed to deliver comprehensive, high-end data center capabilities for mission-critical applications.