Digital Thread

Connecting People, Processes and Products from End-to-End

The Digital Thread is Fundamental to Success

The Digital Thread makes connections to critical information, allowing you to track a product and its digital assets, from concept, through design, manufacturing, quality, and field maintenance. It enables your company to manage digital information and can be a key factor in determining what types of new products and services to provide in a rapidly changing, competitive marketplace.

Companies Need to Embrace Digital Transformation to Meet Tomorrow's Challenges Today

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Product Complexity

Customers want innovative, next generation products that keep pace with marketing dynamics, putting companies under pressure

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System & Process Legacy

Trying to design and manufacture tomorrow's products with yesterday's systems and processes

Digital Thread - System and Process Legacy

Competitive Intensity

Ever-increasing competition and the need for faster delivery and higher quality

Make the Connection with Digital Thread

  • Improve responsiveness to changing customer/market demands
  • Obtain better quality
  • Develop new products/features faster
  • Achieve full lifecycle traceability
  • Connect to products in the field for future innovation
  • Establish the foundation for Digital Twin

Lifecycle Traceability and the Digital Thread

Discover why a Digital Thread is key to achieving full product lifecycle traceability—allowing you to track a product and its digital assets from all the way from concept through design, manufacturing, quality, and service. Learn how this unbroken flow of information will help your organization gain crucial insights that can inform decisions throughout every aspect of the product lifecycle—improving communication and collaboration and resulting in the creation of better products, with a shorter time to market.

Digital Thread and the Aras Difference

True Digital Transformation starts with a Product Innovation Platform. Aras’ platform is unique in its ability to create and maintain the connection to critical applications. The Digital Thread allows anyone, from engineers to maintenance personnel, to follow a product’s digital history and all of its related digital assets—managing information related to products and their configurations across the product lifecycle.

Our customers are seeing significant benefits using the Aras Platform to create a Digital Thread. For example, one major manufacturer achieved:

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Reduction in changes

Achieved by synchronizing the translation of EBOM and MBOM across multiple legacy systems and multiple locations

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Less data entry

Thanks to the ability to greatly eliminate the reliance on spreadsheets and break down data silos

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Reduction in tools

Saw improved information accuracy while realizing simplified user training and IT maintenance