Eliminating Prototype Delays

In large organizations and projects involving multiple design partners there are often several different CAD systems in use. This can lead to difficulties when CAD models need to be "assembled" to ensure accuracy and fit.

Immersive 3D Viewing

Digital Mockup provides ultra-high performance 3D viewing and analysis for product designs managed in PDM by providing simultaneous loading and analysis of data from different CAD systems. Decisions can be made based on visualizing the complete product at once while performing important analysis functions.

Key Features

  • Fast 3D viewing for parts and assemblies
  • Automated batch-translation of native 3D CAD data into lightweight representation
  • Works with extremely large datasets
  • Advanced 3D analysis functions including measurement, dimensioning and sectioning
  • Compare parts and assemblies from within Aras Innovator
  • Color code parts depending on PLM status

Kisters Digital Mockup

See how you can interact with your entire 3D product or system design in real time, using Kisters 3DViewStation integrated with Aras Innovator


  • Avoids disruption by allowing every team to continue using their preferred CAD tool
  • Reduces design lead times by eliminating delays and costly errors caused by traditional file translation processes
  • Integrated solution – eliminates error prone manual processes


PLM and PDM capabilities are powered by ArasĀ® Applications which are available on either an Open or Subscription basis.

Enabling Application
Open Subscription
Digital Mockup

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